13 Ways to Build a Professionally Styled Wardrobe

13 Ways to Build a Professionally Styled Wardrobe

Wardrobe with sliding door
Xelio wardrobe with sliding doors 160 cm – white

To have wardrobe or a clean closet makes it easier for us to find clothes to wear. For this reason, we need to know how to clean the closet properly.

If the wardrobe is always arranged properly, surely the room at home will look more attractive and less cluttered.

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So, how do you make a clean closet every time?

Here are some things you can do wardrobe or your closet at home will be tidier in less than 20 minutes.

1. Empty the Closet

Choose the clothes you want to wear and are rarely used.

The first step in order to your closet is to empty all your closets. So, separate those that you want to continue using for a long time, and those that it is time for you to delete.

After that, collect all the little things that are there, store them in a separate container and then clean them well. vacuumbroom, and cold cold to make it clean again.

2. Tidying Clothes Based on the type

organize a closet
Source: unsplash.com

After separating the clothes to wear, you can sort the clothes by type. Leaving clothes piled up in the same place will only make things worse.

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To simplify the grouping process, separate clothes into categories such as jackets, pants, dresses, clothing accessories. Then, sort them one by one according to the category.

3. Hang Clothes

the correct way to hang clothes
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One way to clean your wardrobe is to hang each item according to its group, such as shirts, jackets, dresses, blazers and scarves. Make sure you use the right hanger so you don’t damage the shoulders of the shirt.

There are a few tips that you can follow from Marie Kondo, namely hang everything in the same direction, and start from the longest article to the shortest article.

4. Using Coordinate Hangers

wooden coat hanger
8 Pcs Wooden Hanger Set – Dark Brown

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To keep your clothes clean, you can choose the hangers according to the material of your clothes. For example, use velvet straps for heavy clothes, or wooden straps for slick fabrics.

organize a closet
Source: unsplash.com

When you read it can be easy, but you can’t just do it when you do it, you know! Piling the clothes will actually make the clothes messy, wrinkled or lose their shape.

You can organize according to the materials of clothing, such as denim and sweater stacked separately.

6. Rolling T-Shirts, Pajamas, and Sportswear In Box Storage

multifunctional clothes rack
Stora 50 Ltr Storage Box 2260c – Green

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In addition to folding the clothes based on their thickness, you can also roll the clothes in half.

Some types of clothing they can accept treatment like this is a cotton shirt, shorts polyesterand leggings, which is thin and flexible. When it is finished, you can put it in the storage box.

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7. Put on clothes Eye level

Source: unsplash.com

To make it easier to find your favorite clothes quickly, you have to store the clothes with a height eye level. This rule also applies to regular clothing that is often worn every day.

Move less used items to the top shelf as soon as possible.

8. Color coding

organize clothes
Source: unsplash.com

Hanging clothes by type is really a safe method. However, you can also sort by color. A very good way for you that are very visual and easy to navigate an article by color.

9. Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Source: unsplash.com

Having a large number of clothes is really difficult, especially if it is mixed with other accessories.

As a solution, try to change the layout of the cabinets vertically and add drawers to organize small items.

10. Add Room Divider

Source: unsplash.com

If you prefer to fold the shirt completely, then it is a good idea to use a divider as a separator. This step is very good to maximize the aesthetic and functional space.

11. Use free space

Source: unsplash.com

After organizing your clothes regularly, you will definitely get free space. Well, you can use it as a place to put jewelry and accessories fashion other

12. Adjust Drawer contents

Source: unsplash.com

In addition to the upper storage area that must be arranged in order, you also need to clean the drawers. With a little effort, your daily routine will be much easier.

There is no more need to search for clothes in a hurry in the morning or to find a place to store shoes.

13. Adopt the Rules In-Out

Source: unsplash.com

The last thing you need to do is adopt the rules in-out, that is, for every new item you buy, you have to remove another item. This method can make the wardrobe looser.

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Product recommendations for tidy wardrobes

To make your wardrobe more organized, you can organize it with the following products.

1. Hanger Blouse

Use it hangers made of quality wood and able to withstand the weight of heavy clothes, such as this one.

The clothes hanger is useful for organizing the wardrobe
Stora Set of 8 Wood and Pvc Hangers – Brown

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2. Shoe cabinet

Shoe racks help organize and organize a collection of shoes and sandals more easily. You can use this shoe cabinet that can accommodate 9 pairs of shoes and has 4 levels of shelves.

shoe rack
Stora Shoe Rack 4 Tiers – white

3. Two-door wardrobe

It comes with a beautiful modern design, furniture This is suitable to complete a minimalist room. This product offering also has a large capacity and a sliding door model to save space.

Wardrobe with two doors
New Sliding Door Hexa Wardrobe – White

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4. Vertical Hanger

To make the house look minimalistic and modern, you can use a vertical hanger, like the one below. This clothes hanger can save space because it can hold 20 clothes at once.

Stora clothesline 4 stems Ylt-0310a

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5. Tier Storage Drawer

This versatile storage drawer from Krishome can be a solution for tiny homes. You can use it to store various personal items or other needs of the area.

How to clean a closet with a level storage drawer
Krishome 4 Tiers Storage Drawers – Beige

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So, here are some ways to improve your wardrobe and product recommendations.

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