13 Types of Arowana Fish, Prices, and How to Care for Them

13 Types of Arowana Fish, Prices, and How to Care for Them

Arowana fish species
Arowana fish species

Did you know that the types of arowana fish are very different? See, freshwater animals that have scientific names Osteoglossidae these come from many different places.

Differences in origin, type and environment make the size and style decorative fish arowana so varied.

Various Banners

Some arowana fish that are commonly kept come from South America, Australia, Asia to Africa. However, in Indonesia itself, this fish comes from Papua and Kalimantan.

So, what are the Types of Arowana Fish?

Interested in keeping this freshwater fish at home? If yes, you can choose one of the following types of arowana fish.

1. Brazilian Arowana fish

Arowana fish species
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Brazilian arowana fish is one of the most popular species in the Indonesian archipelago because of its beautiful silver scales.

Uniquely, this fish has the ability to jump high in the air when it catches its prey, namely insects. This fish is sold at a price of IDR 2 million.

2. Banjar Arowana Fish

Arowana fish species
Source: Flickr

This fish has a nickname banjar red arowana, even if it doesn’t look red. Instead, this fish has orange fins with a yellow tail. Banjar arowana species of fish can reach up to 90 cm and are sold at Rp 2 million.

3. Arowana fish Golden Red Tail

Arowana fish species
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ginkgo100

This Indonesian native freshwater animal that is rare and has an aggressive nature has a price of IDR 4.5 million. When we talk about the size of the body, these fish can grow to 90 cm when they are adults.

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Types of arowana fish golden red tail originating from Riau, Pekanbaru, and other areas of Sumatra with fake colors of blue, green and gold.

4. Super Arowana Fish Red

Arowana fish species
Sum: Nakama Aquatics

As the name implies, arowana ornamental fish super red she has an attractive red body. This fish comes from the Kapuas River and Lake Sentarum, which are in West Kalimantan. See, these two areas are known as their habitat.

In general, this type of fish is divided into 4 colors, namely red blood (red blood), red chili (red chili), orange red (Russian orange), and golden red (golden red). This fish is sold at prices ranging from IDR 2 million to IDR 48 million, depending on the variety.

5. Arowana Black gold

Black Gold Arowana Fish
Source: Green Lake

Arowana fish black gorden spelled out as a very expensive type of ornamental fish, which is around Rp 18 million. You see, this fish is very rare and hard to find, including where it lives in a swampy area in Penang, Malaysia.

In addition to being rare, this fish also has a beautiful color combination of scales, namely gold and black.

6. Types of Platinum Arowana Fish

Arowana fish species
Source: Ikanesia

Another type of arowana fish is the platinum, which has a fine scale texture. To get it, you have to be prepared to spend up to 6 billion IDR per head. Fantastic, right?

7. Arowana Crossback Golden

Arowana fish species
Source: Mega Arowana Fishery

Rare species of ornamental fish cross behind gold it has many names, such as taiping of gold, pbuild up of goldMalay bony tongue, and Malaysians too gold Usually, this fish has an impressive golden color on its back.

This fish also comes from Malaysia, such as Bukit Merah, Perak, Terengganu and Johor lakes. Usually, this fish is sold at a price of about 18 million Rp.

8. Types of Arowana Fish Gardens

Arowana fish species
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Viktor Kravtchenko

This fish originating from Australia and Papua has another name jardini arowana. Its golden yellow body weighs up to 17 kg and is about 90 cm long.

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Compared to other types of Arowana, this fish has a softer palette. Arowana Jardini fish is sold for around IDR 4 million.

9. Types of Green Arowana Fish

Arowana fish species
Source: Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

The green arowana fish has a larger head than other types of arowana. The named fish golden pine These come from many countries in Asia, such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Because of its beauty, the price of this green arowana fish can reach IDR 4 million.

10. Arowana Batik

Types of batik arowana fish
Source: Fatasama

This fish, which has a body pattern similar to that of batik cloth, has a dominant skin of bronze color with a mixture of silver. Beautiful, isn’t it?

No wonder this fish is very popular and the price is quite expensive, reaching Rp 50 million.

11. Black Arowana

Arowana fish species
Sum: CJ Aquatic

This fish is still a relative with silver arowana. However, the difference lies in the black tail. Arowana fish prices black this is about 2.5 IDR to 5 million rupiah.

12. Saratoga Arowana fish

Of the other types of arowana fish, Saratoga is less well known. However, this fish is very popular among collectors. Uniquely, there is a pink color on the lower fin.

13. Arapaima

Arapaima is a rare type of arowana fish
Source: Google Image

Arapaima is the largest type of arowana fish in the world because it reaches 3 meters in length and weighs 200 kg. This fish is included in the category of rare animals that exist only in the Essequibo River and the Amazon River.

When the river runs dry, these animals will roll into a ball and sink into the hole until the water returns. This fish is sold at prices starting from IDR 3 million.

How to take care of Arowana fish?

Of the various types of arowana fish above, which one catches your attention the most? So, if you have decided on the type of Arowana fish you want to keep, see some of the ways of care below.

1. Set up the Aquarium

When buying an aquarium for ornamental fish, choose one that is three times larger than the length of the fish. So, your comb fish can grow well and get more room for movement.

Arowana fish species
Boyu Xf-80 Aquarium And Cabinet Set – white

Price IDR 4 million

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Arowana fish aquarium
Boyu 33 Ltr Aquarium With Led Lights And Ec-400 Pump

Price 700 thousand IDR

2. Maintain the water temperature

Be sure to always adjust the water temperature between 26-30 Celsius to maintain the growth of arowana fish. To get an accurate temperature reading, use a water thermometer. Also, do not forget to keep the pH of the water between 5-8.

Arowana aquarium thermometer
Boyu aquarium thermometer

Price 8 thousand IDR

3. Complete Aquarium Equipment

In addition to the aquarium, you will need additional equipment such as filters, aerators, TL lamps, and heather. Each of these tools has a different function. Therefore, make sure to equip the equipment according to your needs.

Arowana fish species
Aquarium Filter Cata-pure Hydra 4 Pcs

Price 200 thousand IDR

Arowana fish species
Boyu Aquarium Lamp 40 Watt – white

Price 30 thousand IDR

4. Choose the Right Aquarium Decor

Avoid excessive use of decoration. Although it aims to beautify the aquarium, too much decoration can really interfere with the growth and development of the fish. Also, do not use ornaments with sharp edges because they can injure the body of the fish.

Arowana fish species
Aquascape Ornament Aquarium Wood Bonsai Size S

Price 200 thousand IDR

Arowana fish species
Fishland Nautilus Reef Aquarium Decoration

Price IDR 1.2 million

5. Keep the Aquarium Clean

Cleaning in the aquarium is very important. Therefore, make sure to vacuum or trap the soil regularly. In addition, fish waste and food in the aquarium contain sediment that affects the health of the fish.

Arowana fish species
Jbl Aquarium Filter Sponge – Blue

Price 300 thousand IDR

Arowana fish species
Boyu Aquarium Filter Sponge – White

Price 20 thousand IDR

Here are some types of arowana fish and how to care for them at home

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