13 Racks for ornamental plants recommended from used wood and iron

13 Racks for ornamental plants recommended from used wood and iron

decorative plant rack


A number of recommendations for decorative plant racks from various materials can be the best choice to beautify your home.

If you like to grow ornamental plants, of course you need a place to put the plants, right?

Over time, usually the number of plants continues to grow.

Therefore, have a decorative plant rack that can be placed in a number of good places internal neither out of quite important.

Find tips for patterns, designs and materials needed through the following descriptions!

Decorative Plant Rack Recommendations Various Designs and Materials

1. Iron Plant Rack

decorative plant rack


This iron plant rack can be an option if you want to put plants outside the house.

You can also adjust the arrangement according to your needs so that the page is pleasing to the eye.

2. Concrete Shelves

decorative plant rack


Concrete shelves are suitable for bonsai plants because they offer rhythmic colors.

Save these plants in the garden area so that the residence feels more natural.

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3. Shelves for Small Pots

decorative plant rack


This wooden shelf has a minimalist design and is not too tall in size.

Shelves with this model are suitable for small flowers or plants, such as cactus.

If you have small pots, this wooden rack is really worth choosing.

4. Plant shelves Internal

decorative plant rack


The bamboo plant rack with a neat arrangement of plants makes the area in the house more beautiful.

If you look, this bamboo shelf is suitable for plants in flower pots or hanging plants.

5. Black and White Shelves

residential decor


The choice of black and white is known as a classic and it turns out that it can be applied to the shelves of the plant.

You can put plants in pots that have beautiful leaves or are small in size.

6. Plant Shelves As Partitions

residential interior design


You can make iron plant racks or wooden plant racks as living room and family room partitions in the house to limit the space.

Do not hesitate to decorate the ornamental plants internal this with a certain type of flower that has a charming appearance.

7. Wooden shelves to beautify Windows

wooden rack


There is a simple plant rack option as pictured above.

For example, you can decorate your residential or apartment windows with a variety of plants.

8. Using Used Wood

decorative plant rack


You can make this decorative plant rack model from used wood yourself with your level of creativity.

In addition to adding a natural impression, the designs offered look natural and unique.

9. Shelves from unused wood

plants at home


Like previous models, this plant rack makes use of unused and recycled wood scraps.

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You just need to put flower racks and flower pots on it.

10. Use a table as a substitute for a plant

single table


Using a table to be used as a decorative plant will add a natural aura to the room.

Choose a design and model that fits your residential style so that it can show a natural impression.

11. Wooden bench as a minimalist shelf

decorative plant rack


This ornamental plant rack uses a minimalist wooden bench.

You can put this bench as a planter internal or plant rack out of.

12. Install a Shelf on the Wall

wall shelf


If your house is relatively large, making a decorative plant rack model like the picture above is worth practicing.

You can choose hanging plants or plants internal that can withstand the temperature in the house.

13. Using Used Wooden Boxes

unique decor


Using used and recycled materials can be an option to have a flower rack to put beautiful flower pots.

You can repaint this white box or leave the wooden shelf in its original color.

In addition to being multifunctional, the decorative plant racks you make can also be used to store other furniture, such as books or other decorations.


These are a series of recommendations for decorative plant racks that you can choose from.

I hope this article can add information for you, OK!

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