13 names of kitchen utensils and their pictures that you must have

13 names of kitchen utensils and their pictures that you must have

Names and pictures of kitchen equipment

Knowing the names of kitchen tools and pictures is important, you know. How not, we will definitely find or even use when we want to cook.

So, on your own, are you interested in learning how to cook? If so, you must first know the names of various kitchen tools and pictures so as not to make a mistake.

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Sometimes, we also buy some cookware with the same function, so we rarely use it. You certainly don’t want these tools piling up in your kitchen, do you?

What are the kitchen tools you must have at home?

Kitchen equipment is different. So many, sometimes it makes our kitchen messy. In fact, not all kitchen tools we need.

There are only a few kitchen tools below that you need to prepare at home, as follows.

1. Wajan

The name of the first kitchen tool that you should have at home is a frying pan. This kitchen utensil also has many different types and functions, such as for frying, baking, and sautéing.

However, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. The most important thing is choose a pan with quality ingredients, such as stainless steel, cast ironor ceramic, so as not to harm health when using it.

Here are the tips for pans that you can buy with prices starting from 300,000 IDR.

Pan Selma Karen 24 cm
Pan Selma Karen 24 cm

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Krischef 28 Cm Wajan Curling - Hitam
Krischef 28 Cm Wajan Curling – Hitam

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Names and pictures of kitchen equipment
Krischef pan 30 cm with lid

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2. You can

You must have recognized the name of this kitchen tool and are familiar with the picture, right? Yes, it’s a pan! There are many types of pans with different functions, you know.

If you want to make soup, you can use a soup or pot While the pot that I often use to make instant noodles is called sauce pan or casserole

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In addition to these two types, there are other types of pots, such as pressure cookers, steamers and roasters.

Names and pictures of kitchen equipment
Pot Shabu Krischef 28 Cm With Divider

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3. Rice cooker

Like Indonesia, of course, we have the habit of eating rice every day. Therefore, you need to prepare rice cooker or a rice cooker at home.

Rice cooker they have different sizes based on liters. Therefore, be sure to choose the size rice cooker depending on the number of family members in the house so as not to cook too much.

You can buy it rice cooker with a low electrical power to be able to save more electrical energy, such as the following recommendations.

name of kitchen utensil
Rice Cooker Kris 1.8 Ltr – Silver

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4. Kitchen utensil set

Do you know all the names of these kitchen tools and pictures? It’s okay if you don’t know yet. However, you must know the function of these tools. Go ahead, let them know one by one, like the picture below.

kitchen utensils
Set of 6 kitchen spoons with a holder

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In the top picture referred to as skimmer, that works for take food that is boiled or fried.

While the image below is slot lathe, that works to fry the food and drain the oil through the cracks.

Then it is lacquer, that works to collect the soup or sauce. So, there it is spoon to mix or arrange food on a plate and spaghetti server to help lift or drain the spaghetti.

Finally, in the bottom image it is called as whip to mix cake batter or other food ingredients to make them flatten more quickly.

5. Mixer

Do you like making cakes at home? You should be familiar with this kitchen tool dong? Mixer it can help you mix all the cake batter you want to make evenly.

The mixer itself has several types. There are planetary mixer to make a softer and thinner dough.

In addition to this, you can use spiral mixer to mix a thicker and more dough. While that horizontal dough mixer to mix the bread dough, tagliatelle, skin pastels, and others.

You don’t need to have all the tools mixer it’s because you can buy it which already has all three mixing functions at once. However, make sure you buy a quality so they can last a long time, like the following recommendations.

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name of kitchen utensil
Ariete Stand Mixer Retro 5.5l – Hijau

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6. Blender

Blenders are often used to make juice and grind spices. Tips, be sure to choose a blender with two or three different containers.

Thus, you can use this container specifically for certain food ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and meat. Thus, the bacteria or odors that are present are not mixed in a blender container.

Kitchen Utensil Names and Pictures Kels Nova Set 6 Pcs Mini Blender - Red
Kels Nova Set 6 Pcs Mini Blender – Red

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7. Stove

The next kitchen tool that should be in your home is a stove. Currently, there are already many variations of stoves, such as gas stoves laptop, integrated gas stoveelectric stove, induction stove.

With so many choices of stoves, you just have to choose the one that suits your needs and the decor of the kitchen at home. Here are the tips for stoves you can buy.

kitchen appliance names and pictures Kris Induction Stove With Pot 2000w - Silver
Kris Induction Stove with Pot 2000w – Silver

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8. Chopper

This tool can be said to be a mini blender. Its main function is to smooth ingredients and kitchen spices, but with a small force and not as strong as a blender.

The resulting texture is rougher than a regular blender. Well, if you love cooking, this tool is a must have in your home kitchen to make your cooking tasks easier. Here is a recommendation chopper what you can buy.

kitchen utensil names and shapes Ataru Chopper Manual - Grey
Ataru Chopper Manual – Abu-abu

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9. The knife

A knife is also one of the kitchen tools that should be at home to help you cook. However, knives come in different sizes and shapes.

There are special knives for meat, cutting vegetables, peeling fruit, cutting cakes, even for making sculptures on fruit.

Well, you can buy a complete set of knives with different sizes to make them more efficient and make it easier for you to use them.

Kitchen Utensil Names and Molds Kitchen Color Set 6 Piece Virtus Kitchen Knives
Kitchen color set 6 pieces of kitchen knives Virtus

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10. Scar Tool

The name of this kitchen tool is a grater or often called a grater. Usually, this tool is used to grate different ingredients, namely cheese, carrots and others.

The grater itself has many models that can produce different forms of grater, you know. The results of the grid can be in the form of lines, serrations and others.

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Choose a grate with quality materials and not easily rust, yes. So, you can use it for a longer time, like the following tips.

Joseph-Joseph Duo Grater With Container - Red
Joseph-Joseph Duo Grater With Container – Red

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11. Cutting board

The next kitchen tool that should be at home is a board. Usually, a cutting board serves as a base for cutting food. The cutting edges are in many different materials, such as wood, plastic or silicone.

Advice, separated between special cutting boards for meat, vegetables and fruit. This method aims to Minimizing the possibility of bacteria in the meat moving to vegetables and fruits.

To cut the meat, you can use wooden and silicone boards. As for fruits and vegetables, use a board made of wood or bamboo to make it easier to cut, as shown below.

Kitchen Utensil Names and Molds Kitchen Color 39x29 Cm Set of 2 Woldy Bamboo Cutting Boards and Trays
Cooking Color 39×29 Cm Set 2 Pc Cutting Board & Tray in Bamboo Woldy

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12. Scoop rice

From what time does he take the rice rice cooker often use a spoon stainless steel? If you are one of them, stop this habit because it can damage the inner layer rice cooker.

It is better to use a rice spoon made of plastic or wood with a smooth surface. However, make sure you choose the one that is marked food quality to be safe when using, as the following recommendations.

Ataru Rice Spoon with Stand - Green
Ataru Rice Spoon With Holder – Green

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13. Project

You should have recognized the name of the kitchen tool and the picture on it, capable of? Yes, this is a filter that is often used to drain the oil during frying.

Although the shape is the same, but the filter also has many types. Some are specific for oil, sifting flour, and also for washing vegetables and fruits, such as the following.

Krischef Fried Fillet 23 cm
Krischef Fried Fillet 23 cm

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Krischef kitchen sieve 10 cm
Krischef kitchen sieve 10 cm

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So, those are 13 kitchen tool names and pictures you should know. Do you already have all these tools at home? If you haven’t, find a variety of quality kitchen tools only at Ruparupa.

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