13 Best Simple Minimalist Kitchens for Small Homes 2023

13 Best Simple Minimalist Kitchens for Small Homes 2023

simple minimalist kitchen

The limitation of space is not a problem to make a functional and aesthetic simple minimalist kitchen. Check out the inspiration below.

The kitchen is an essential room in the house.

The reason is, this is where the food that will be eaten by family members is made.

The cooking process should be as comfortable as possible so that the result is delicious.

Therefore, having a clean and tidy kitchen is a must.

It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, a simple minimalist kitchen can also be transformed into a beautiful one!

Can’t believe it? Immediately, see the following inspiration!

Inspiration for the best simple minimalist kitchen model in Narrow Land

Space limitations are often an important consideration in designing a dream kitchen at home with the following references on limited ground.

1. Combined dining table and Mini Bar

Small concept with Mini bar

Source: Instagram.com/rumah_pimawola

Despite the limited space, this simple and minimalist kitchen feels very luxurious and classy shiny material in the kitchen set.

Not only luxurious, the placement of accents in this kitchen is minimalist but functional.

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If you look closely, it looks like you can cook like a chef in a restaurant.

2. Dominance of white and light wood

Single white kitchen simple minimalist

Source: Instagram.com/santisusanty

White accents are always the inspiration for the choice in the production of a very minimalist kitchen functional for the kitchen.

It is not only functional, this kitchen decoration is also used as much as possible, so it always looks aesthetically pleasing.

It can be said that this type of kitchen is perfect for those of you who have a very limited budget.

3. Kitchen September letter L with minimalist kitchen ceramics

The minimalist L shape

Source: Instagram.com/rumahputihababu

To maximize the space in the kitchen, use the space with kitchen set the letter L can be an alternative choice for your home kitchen inspiration.

Because this character makes a simple kitchen look very spacious and comfortable, especially if you often have large meals at home.

Coupled with the minimalist kitchen tiles in the form of brick on the wall, it makes the kitchen modern.

The arrangements of the kitchen like the glass square are also very good.

The owner of the house deliberately did not close the storage shelves so that the room does not look cramped.

As with the cooktop that is able to make the kitchen look spacious.

4. White color with Atmosphere Spacious

The color white

Source: Instagram.com/mimihayra

Cooking definitely has a strong emotional attachment to a kitchen.

To make the kitchen more pleasant, the inspiration of the white kitchen with a unique touch to the kitchen can be an attractive choice.

Cool inspirations with wallpaperwith wood accents it seems to match and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Simple Kitchen with Luxurious Wood Touches

Wood luxurious simple minimalist kitchen

Source: Instagram.com/lilspace25

Wood inspiration and white accents are inseparable, one of which is in this home kitchen.

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This is because the combination of the two accents creates a luxurious and modern impression, so that the feeling of the home kitchen becomes more alive.

Not only related to the sense of home, the kitchen is also often used by celebrities to decorate the home kitchen.

6. Concept rustic

Rustic and classic design in the kitchen

Source: Instagram.com/marta_wojtysiak

Not only on minimalism and luxury, the nuances of a simple kitchen with inspiration rustic it can also be imitated you know!

You can also apply decorative accents and antique accessories to classic kitchens at home.

This kitchen is not only related to the aesthetics of the house, but also related to attention to detail.

7. Yellow inspiration

Yellow kitchen

Source: Instagram.com/rumahkuningnyasachilla

In addition to rooms, you can also apply color games to a simple kitchen at home.

Just look at the inspiring examples of yellow accents in this home kitchen, not only aesthetic, but also alive.

Because, psychologically, the use of yellow is always associated with positive emotions.

8. Beautiful Small Kitchen Design Full of Plants

Unique green kitchen concept

Source: Instagram.com/rumahcantikmenawan

If you are a plant lover, you can choose a green kitchen according to your taste.

Not only a single green accent, beautiful shades can enhance it mood while cooking at home.

In general, kitchens with green shades really consider the direction of light to facilitate the cooking process and plant photosynthesis.

9. Blends in with a Large Closet

Kitchen with built-in cupboards

Source: Instagram.com/listiaa

wardrobe and wardrobe they are two inseparable things in the kitchen inspiration section.

Therefore, large wardrobes can be applied functionally and aesthetically.

Property People can combine these great kitchens and cabinets with unique accessories at home.

10. Simple with Striking Colors

Colorful home cooking

Source: Instagram.com/momsathomee

The colorful inspiration of the home kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also produce delicious dishes.

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Because, the combination of white, blue and yellow makes the general atmosphere of the house more lively.

If you have interesting preferences about colors, you can also apply the colors you like according to your needs.

11. Simple minimalist kitchen with The kitchen island

simple minimalist kitchen with Kitchen Island concept

Source: Instagram.com/erry.huisje

In addition to the kitchen design that is the main factor, the kitchen inspiration that comes from accessories and unique accents can beautify the home kitchen.

This can be a very interesting inspiration, especially since the home kitchen looks very unique and different from the usual.

It is not impossible that even used items can inspire unique and interesting kitchen decorations.

12. Minimalist Kitchen Simple Pink Feminine Color

Unique feminine cuisine

Source: Instagram/mom.ayraji

If you have different preferences, then there is nothing wrong with applying a minimalist kitchen with this feminine concept.

This pink feminine element is aesthetically pleasing with very neat decorative elements, which make it easy to apply at home.

You can add screws to wall decorations that blend in.

13. Eclectic Blue

Simple minimalist blue kitchen

Source: Instagram/ @jujupermanaa

Another unique color that you can apply to your kitchen is a decorative blue accent like this picture.

The selection of decorative themes with wood accents seems to give positive energy to the kitchen with flowing elements.

You can apply an open concept with high functionality at home.


It can be concluded that a simple minimalist kitchen is not only a space for cooking, but also a unique decoration that can be interesting.

In addition to decoration and design, you can also provide unique accents attention to detail which is in line with the inspiration of home cooking.

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