12 Ways to Install Vinyl Flooring and Steps, Very Easy!

12 Ways to Install Vinyl Flooring and Steps, Very Easy!

how to install vinyl flooring

No need to fear, let’s find out how to install vinyl flooring and the easy steps for a more attractive home interior right here.

Bored with the atmosphere of the house and want to change it without needing a big budget?

You can start from the simplest way, but it makes a significant difference, that is to change the floor with vinyl.

Many choose this type of flooring, apart from being easy to install, vinyl has high durability and is not easily damaged.

The installation of vinyl floors is also not as difficult as one might expect, not only to disassemble the tiles, you can also do it at home.

If you want to install vinyl flooring at home, see the steps below!

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How to install vinyl flooring and steps

So that you do not fail in the installation of vinyl floors, see the steps mentioned by the account YouTube Rere Wishal the following.

A. Preparation stage

Family room options for vinyl flooring

1. Choose the part of the floor that will be installed with vinyl

The first step is to prepare the plan for the installation of vinyl first as an important priority.

2. Adjust the Vinyl Material according to the Area of ​​the Room

Property People can measure the need for vinyl materials by measuring the layout with a tape measure so there are no mistakes and provide size tolerances to make installation easier.

3. Remove Furniture

Clear space before installing vinyl

After measuring the needs of the floor, you also remove the existing furniture in the room to simplify the installation process, especially when the vinyl is an important coating.

4. Clean the Floor

Cleaning vinyl floors at home

After the floor is emptied, the soil will be clearly visible and must be cleaned before the installation process.

5. Leave the Door

Remove the front door to install vinyl flooring

To make the installation process easier, you can remove the door first, because the vinyl can penetrate the spaces on the sites.

B. Installing vinyl flooring

6. Install Vinyl Flooring Reversely

Install the vinyl upside down

Before gluing, you can put the vinyl upside down.

So, the first way is not to glue the vinyl one by one, or apply the glue first.

Because, this method is really wrong and makes the final result irregular.

7. Pouring Glue Over the Upside Down Vinyl

Bonding vinyl flooring

After the reverse vinyl has been arranged, then you will pour the glue, and smooth.

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8. Coating Compounds to fill the ceramic stucco

Vinyl tile grout

Before moving pWhen gluing begins, make sure all floors are flat and undulating for optimal installation.

If it is not yet, after you have cheated the vinyl, you can start again to install the grout between the tiles.

Compounds serves at the level of the surface of the floor, because the lines or sidelines do not have holes and are confirmed to be flat.

Shut up composed until dry and level the surface again.

9. Pour the glue on the floor that has beencomposed

pour glue on the surface of the floor

Afterwards composed dry, pour the glue on the floor, then the level before gluing the vinyl begins.

10. Vinyl installation process

Stages of the installation of vinyl floors

If it is certain that the glue is distributed evenly throughout the floor, the vinyl floor can be installed.

After the vinyl is installed, tap it with a hammer so that the vinyl adheres perfectly to the tile.

For this, you also have to prepare a wet cloth to remove the stains or glue that has hit the upper surface.

11. Cutting Vinyl with Cutter

Cut the vinyl floor with a cutter

If there is vinyl that is larger in size than the ceramic, you can cut it using it cutter.

12. Process Finishing

vinyl floor finish

When all the vinyl has been installed on the ceramic, the last stage is the verification process.

Check one by one which parts are uneven.

Apply glue to the uneven surface of the tile, and hit it again with a hammer to make it clean.

You can check out the video on how to install vinyl flooring in more detail here:

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It can be concluded that the use of vinyl floors is the right choice to refresh the atmosphere of the house so that it looks attractive.

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