12 ways to install an exhaust fan in the room and steps!

12 ways to install an exhaust fan in the room and steps!

how to install an exhaust fan

Learn how to install it exhaust fan in the room to maintain good air circulation, read more!

Exhaust fan it becomes one of the important devices to maintain the quality and circulation of the air at home.

Not only at home, this device is also widely used in hotels, restaurants, offices and factories.

For the interior, exhaust fan often found in the bathroom and bedroom.

The point is to create air and make the air circulation in the room clean even if the room is closed.

Moving on from that, how do they set up? exhaust fan in the bedroom? Check out the discussion together!

How to install Exhaust fan in the bedroom with the stairs

You can find out the different steps to install the following fan:

1. Determine the type Exhaust fan

There are many types exhaust fan that you can use include:

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a. Mounted on the wall

Exhaust fan type

Source: ACHRnews.com

This type is often installed on the front wall directly outside the house.

This device serves to suck the air in the room and throw it out, so that it is not hot.

b. Window mounts

Window discharge

Source: Mebeljogja.com

This fan is rarely chosen because of its installation in the window and is very complicated, even having to meet the requirements of a thickness of 3 mm – 7 mm.

c. Mount of the roof

Exhaust wall

Source: Homesmart.co.id

For bedrooms, this type is widely chosen because the installation process is easy and there is no need to break down the walls or drill the glass.

2. Pay attention to the sound

If you have chosen the fan you want to use, the sound factor is an important part because it can cause noise.

Property People are strongly advised to choose a fan with a soft sound so that it does not interfere during the rest.

3. Prepare Equipment

Tools for installing a room exhaust fan

Source: Grid.id

In the installation process, Property People also prepares the necessary equipment to support the installation.

Not only the fan, you also need a screwdriver, combination pliers, saw, drill, marker, sandpaper and more.

4. Determine the installation location

placement of chamber exhaust fans

Source: beddodesignconcept.co.id

After knowing the fan used, it is also necessary to know its placement on the wall and the ceiling.

Be sure not to interfere with the placement of cabinets or the use of windows for installation needs.

5. Remove the Electric Fuse

Before installing the exhaust fan, make sure to remove the fuse first by sliding the ON/OFF button on the power meter.

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6. Read the installation rules

After disconnecting the fuse, then read the installation rules of the electronic device to minimize errors during installation.

7. Ask a Technician for Help

For the installation process you cannot do it yourself because it is quite heavy.

It is a good idea to ask an experienced technician for help, so that the installation is carried out correctly.

8. Portraits Outline Exhaust fan

chamber exhaust fan

Source: YouTube/Machine Maker

To be precise, how to install exhaust fan in the room you can draw at the point of installation.

Prepare colored markers, draw on the ceiling, walls and windows.

This image is used to install according to the selected type.

9. Hole the Measured Point

drilling for chamber fan

Source: YouTube/Machine Maker

Then, you can drill holes in them with a drill or saw.

Regarding this, be sure to use safety equipment such as ladders and protective glasses.

To make holes in the points, you will also need a screwdriver, sandpaper, nuts and combination pliers.

Make sure you know how to use the tool according to its safety procedures.

10. Install the Frame

Installing the exhaust fan frame

Source: YouTube / Tukang So invented

After making a hole in the specified part, you can install the frame exhaust fan.

This frame is a grip part so as not to fall.

11. Install Exhaust fan on the Frame

The bedroom fan is ready

Source: YouTube/Machine Maker

When the frame is installed, you can continue with the installation exhaust fan on the frame.

To make installation easier, be sure to clean the inside and outside area.

12. Connect with Connector

If it is installed correctly, the next step is to connect the line with the connector.

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13. Call Exhaust fan

The final stage of the exhaust fan

Source: YouTube / Tukang So invented

The exhaust fan and frame are already installed, so the last step you can do is to install the cover.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts so that they are securely attached.


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