12 Wallpaper designs for the living room wall

12 Wallpaper designs for the living room wall

living room wallpaper

A number of living room wallpaper designs can be installed to beautify the room. It’s time to replace the paint with a beautiful wallpaper.

The options to cover the walls are no longer just to paint the walls or to leave them exposed like exposed brick or concrete.

Other options that can be considered are murals and wallpapers, murals are certainly expensive while wallpapers are cheaper.

In addition to being cheap, wallpaper is also easy to install, even if you can’t install it yourself, there are many wallpaper installation services.

The choice of wallpaper is not only in different colors, but also in different patterns, images and textures.

If you want to put wallpaper in a room, there are many living room wall wallpapers that you can see.

This design of the wall of the living room wall can be adapted to the interior design of the house, so there is no need to worry.

Living room wall wallpaper inspiration

living room wallpaper

1. Wallpaper with marble motifs

Do not be mistaken if the wallpaper for the living room wall is not a broken wall pattern, but a marble pattern.

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This wallpaper beautifies the living room with color combinations turquoise turquoise and yellow on sofa and sofa cushions.

living room wallpaper

2. Leaf patterned

Wallpaper for the living room wall in the form of a picture can be an option, especially if the living room wall is wide enough.

This living room is dominated by dark colors on the wallpaper and nice couchbut offset by the light color of the carpet.

living room wallpaper

3. Luxury living room

If you want to show a living room with a classic luxury design, you can install wallpaper like this.

This wallpaper has a golden tone and a curvy motif, blending well with a low sideboard table.

living room wallpaper

4. Small Motifs

This Scandinavian interior design style living room features wallpaper with small leaf motifs.

The color is also not flashy, this pastel color can certainly be combined with colorful furniture and sofas.

living room wallpaper

5. Textured Wallpaper

This living room wallpaper has a rough texture, like a canvas that also makes a great background.

To give a contrast, place tables, vases, sofa cushions, etc. in a lighter color.

living room wallpaper

6. Feminine with Florals

The floral motifs on the wallpaper for the walls of the living room radiate feminine touch on the room.

Also, coupled with a sofa with furry upholstery and also a patterned cushion sofa that also has a feminine feel.

living room wallpaper

7. Shades of Green Leaves and Forest

Wow, it’s like being in a forest, if you look at the wallpaper for the walls of the living room like this, with motifs of dark green leaves.

In addition, the green sofa, while the other sofas and even the sofa cushions are printed with leaves, is really beautiful, isn’t it?

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living room wallpaper

8. Classic impression in the Living Room

Classic shades are still a favorite of some people, like the design of this living room that uses wallpaper.

Wallpaper motifs like this can be an option for you, don’t forget to give accents through the sofa cushions.

living room wallpaper

9. Luxurious Small Living Room

This living room is really small, but the feeling of luxury can be seen from the choice of gold wallpaper.

Sofa, floor and my belief to put the television also has a color that matches the wallpaper of the living room wall.

living room wallpaper

10. Patterned Natural Stone Wallpaper

Want to incorporate natural shades into the home? Try installing a living room wallpaper like this.

The motif of the wallpaper is in the form of natural stone and is in line with some of the walls and floors.

living room wallpaper

11. Elegant white shades

This living room wallpaper is colored with floral motifs and gives a touch of elegant luxury.

If you really like it White color on the walls of the house, this wallpaper option can be an alternative.

living room wallpaper

12. Three-dimensional motifs

At first glance, the white living room is really monotonous because the sofa, ceiling, walls and curtains are all white.

However, this three-dimensional living room wallpaper gives a different feel to the room.

Hmm, there are also many options for living room wallpaper, you can adjust accordingly interior design home

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