12 Type 36. House Front Garden Design Inspiration

12 Type 36. House Front Garden Design Inspiration

front yard design

Here are the tips and inspiration for the design of the front garden of the type 36, the external appearance of the residence becomes more beautiful and attractive.

A number of ways can be done to beautify the exterior of the house, such as installation modern minimalist fence design.

Or you choose house paint color so that the house looks cooler than the neighbor’s house.

Another option is minimalist front garden which of course can make the exterior of the house more different.

This article will also discuss residential gardens for small houses, which are definitely tips and inspiration.

The presence of the park is certainly an open green space that has many benefits for the residents of the house.

Gardens with plants provide oxygen, absorb toxins, and much more.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will examine the best garden designs, tips and inspiration.

Tips and inspiration for home garden design

front yard design

1. Flowering plant

A beautiful front garden model by placing flower plants, there are different types and types.

When the plants bloom, the garden looks more beautiful and beautiful thanks to the display of various types of flowers.

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Do not forget to make the treatment by providing fertilizer so that the plants can flower.

front yard design

2. Garden decoration

One way to beautify a minimalist garden is to add decorations.

You can add lights, statues, beautiful ceramics, or other beautiful decoration options on the home page.

If the floor is really narrow, you can choose only a few decorations so that this area is not too full.

front yard design

3. Varieties of plants

For the choice of plants, you can put many types and varieties for a modern minimalist front garden fence.

If you have a front garden without a fence, plants with dense leaves can be an option.

Tropical plants can be an option so that the feeling can be like being in Bali or Lombok.

front yard design

4. Putting Water Plants

Simple design of small garden in front of the house which has a small fish pond and also water plants.

If you like aquatic plants, there is nothing wrong with bringing water plants.

By the wayDo not forget to check the pond if you do not put fish because there is the potential to become a mosquito nest.

garden design in front of the house, the front of the house

5. Insertion of Natural Stone Elements

Residential garden ideas that include natural stone elements so that they look more beautiful and natural.

A lot of inspiration for the front garden of a luxury house like this, you can combine a number of types of tropical plants.

There are certainly many natural stone options, choose one that fits the theme of the garden.

front yard design

6. Place the plants in Pots

An easy way to make a small garden in front of the house is to put plants in small or medium pots.

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This is also an easy way to organize a front garden, you can move this pot if you are tired.

Maybe you can move from the front area to the side or back of the house.

front yard design

7. Selection of plants for the garden

You can choose different or the same types of plants for your front garden design.

There are plants that have different variants or types, different leaf colors and different flower colors.

Of course, the selection can be based on favorite plants or garden themes.

front yard design

8. Organize the Garden Naturally

Simple minimalist garden design in front of the house, although you may think that the method is old school.

Modern minimalist front garden design 2014 or house front garden design modern minimalist 2015, seems old school, doesn’t it?

The natural style of the garden is certainly reminiscent of a tropical garden.

front yard design

9. Choose a large Pot

Another option for a residential garden design is to put a large pot like this garden.

Then you can add decorations like natural stone to make the garden look even more attractive.

Remember, if the pot is too big, it will be difficult for you to move it.

front yard design

10. Have Pots of Various Sizes

One way to design a narrow ground front garden design is to have pots of different sizes.

The plants that are placed can be the same, but different sizes, of course, can be a unique choice.

Because the plants grow and develop, you have to move them periodically.

front yard design

11. Minimalist Garden and Wooden Deck

Options landscape front garden minimalist house or front garden of a beautiful simple house, installing a wooden bridge and plants.

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Of course, a minimalist garden in front of a 2021 house or in front of a minimalist garden house, is suitable for the beauty of the residence.

Do not forget to choose a durable wood material for the area out of.

front yard design

12. Blending Different Types of Plants

If you really have a large front garden of land or want to design a luxurious front garden design, try something different.

An example of a front garden, a front garden design, or a front garden model that combines a number of plants.

You can also choose flowering plants or leafy plants, according to your taste.

Hmm, there are also many residential garden inspirations, including a small garden in front of a simple house and a minimalist garden design.

Actually, there are many more designs or styles that vary from a minimalist front garden to a type 36 house or a simple front garden.

Not to forget, the design of the garden in front of the house with a fish pond that beautifies the exterior.


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