12 Simple House Paint Color Options, Keep Your Home Attractive

12 Simple House Paint Color Options, Keep Your Home Attractive

simple house paint colors

There are many choices of simple house paint colors, even if they seem ordinary, the house can still look attractive and make it different from other houses.

If you see exterior painting The house is certainly different, there are those who like soft colors.

Soft color choices like white or colors that tend to be bright are really suitable for modern minimalist homes.

However, if you don’t like the color, there are many choices of simple house paint colors that are more impressive.

Usually, people choose small colors for the interior of the house, but do not hesitate to choose colors that make the eyes dazzling.

It is not surprising if you can find home paint in purple, orange, green and others.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will review simple house paint colors that are suitable for your residence.

Simple choice of house paint color

simple house paint colors

1. Combination of white and purple

A simple exterior house paint color that combines two colors, namely white and purple.

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Purple is the color choice for simple patio paint, an impressive color choice until you are brave enough to apply it.

simple house paint colors

2. Combining Orange and Yellow

Simple home paint color choices that combine orange and yellow, it can also be mustard.

Usually, you can see simple but impressive house paint color combinations like this one.

simple house paint colors

3. Color Gray and Yellow

One of the simple house paint color combinations is gray and yellow, a choice that is also suitable for minimalist house painting.

This minimalist house paint color choice is in harmony with the wood material in the garage, windows and doors.

simple house paint colors

4. Striking Purple

One of the other simple house paint color choices is an impressive purple color like this one.

It could be the house paint color 2020 or minimalist house paint color 2020 that can also be maintained at the beginning of 2021.

simple house paint colors

5. Choose a Light Blue Color

Blue can be a simple choice of house paint color, it can be combined with other colors such as white and red.

A number of these color palettes are also suitable for simple wooden house paint colors, especially since many simple houses are made of wood.

simple house paint colors

6. Combination of Gray and Yellow

Do not hesitate to combine gray and yellow as a good choice of paint color for a simple house.

The two simple house paint colors can also be harmonized with the brown on the doors and windows.

simple house paint colors

7. Soft Gray Color

Gray can be the last recognition of the paint color of the house, of course if you avoid bright colors.

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In addition, you can include other color accents in the latest beautiful house paint colors.

simple house paint colors

8. Choose a combination of two colors

The combination of light brown and white for exterior paint colors 2020 is still fresh for the beginning of 2021.

In fact, you can even combine the same two colors for interior paint colors 2020.

simple house paint colors

9. Combining three colors

The combination of three colors can also be a choice of paint colors for a simple house as seen in this picture.

The simple house paint colors chosen for this house are light green, light brown and white.

simple house paint colors

10. Soft Three-Color Combination

Simple house paint color choices that combine three colors such as white, dark brown and light brown.

In fact, the same choice of color can also be applied to the interior paint color of the house.

simple house paint colors

11. Striking Color Accents

The combination of beautiful exterior paint colors in the form of gray, white and yellow is an interesting accent.

When choosing a simple house paint color, you can include striking color accents like this one.

simple house paint colors

12. There is no need to hesitate to choose a color that looks faded

Part of a simple house paint color is a faded green, combined with brown.

Paint colors that are suitable for a simple house like this can also make the house more attractive.

Well, there are also many simple house paint color choices to be applied at home, you can choose according to taste.

www.lacrymosemedia.com also discussed the options kitchen paint color the right one for your home.

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