12 Recommended colors for living room floor tiles. Beautiful and luxurious!

12 Recommended colors for living room floor tiles. Beautiful and luxurious!

plan of the living room

A variety of colors for the floors of the living room, can complement the decor of the room, because it looks beautiful. Check out some inspiration.

Along with technological advances in the building materials industry, the latest floor tiles now have many patterns and colors.

These ceramic colors can be used in different rooms, especially in the living room.

Of course, a minimalist home design will be even more beautiful if the selection of the right ceramic motif of the living room floor.

NahCurrently Property People are looking for the latest tile color ideas, the site www.lacrymosemedia.com has collected a number of inspirations.

Go ahead, just take a look at the different ideas.

12 Latest living room ceramic color patterns

1. Elegant Black Ceramic

elegant living room ceramics

This latest floor tile color looks elegant and becomes a trend and is requested by many people.

Its elegant appearance makes the ceramic color suitable to be applied to a minimalist home living room.

2. Floor patterns and colors

beautiful living room ceramic colors

If you want a minimalist decoration of the living room to look unique and characteristic, try using this color of ceramic tiles.

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Effect vintage on ceramic motifs, this certainly makes the room decorations add aesthetic. Try looking for tiles with shades like this.

3. Elegant Color Ceramic White

white minimalist living room ceramic

This white ceramic floor application makes the minimalist living room decoration more luxurious and elegant. Wow, that’s really cool.

The bright color of the ceramic also spreads the illusion of a larger room and looks clean, the bright color choices are like that.

4. Ceramics with Terracotta Color

ceramic colors that are suitable for the living room

Do you need ideas to complement the interior of the living room? It seems, the use of this terracotta colored ceramic is suitable.

This floor model gives the impression of a warm and comfortable room, unlike a villa in Bali or Lombok.

5. Luxurious Cream Color Ceramic Floor

minimalist ceramic floor of the living room

The floor of the living room with cream shades looks luxurious with irregular abstract patterns, of course, it can be an option.

In addition to the living room, the cream color also feels good when you use it on the kitchen floors, you won’t believe it.

6. Colorful Hexagonal Pattern

elegant living room tiles

Hexagonal or hexagonal ceramics will make the interior of a modern minimalist living room look more unique and beautiful.

The colors of the colorful ceramic floor also give a cheerful and dynamic impression, the guests will feel at home for a long time in this area.

7. Ceramic Tile Pattern

beautiful tile colors

These floor tiles make the decoration of the room look more beautiful, and it also looks unique, especially with the patterns and colors.

You can mix and match with yellow wooden chairs and other displays, it’s really nice.

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8. Wood Grain Patterned Ceramics

living room floor tiles

This living room with wooden floor tiles looks natural and beautiful, the right choice.

You can choose a wood grain motif that is in harmony with the color of the black leather sofa, so the room looks luxurious.

9. Unique Brown Color

living room floor tiles

The 40 × 40 cm floor ceramic motif now comes in several colors, one of which is this unique brown color.

The decoration of the living room will be more charming with this color plan, especially if it is combined with a white sofa.

10. Luxury Patterned White Granite

luxury living room ceramic model

The granite color for this white living room brings luxury and splendor to the interior decoration, elegant, yes.

Minimalist living room ceramic is also often used in modern luxury residences today, it could also be an option.

11. Natural with Wood Tones

beautiful colored floors with wood shades

If you are looking for ceramics for a nuanced natural living room, wood motifs may be the best choice.

This ceramic with wooden motifs 50 × 5 will make the decoration of the living room of your home more fresh and also aesthetic.

12. Gorgeous Creamy Color

living room floor tiles

The next recommended living room floor ceramic color is beige.

Because it has a neutral feel, the beige ceramic can be combined with a modern purple sofa.


Well, this is the variety of colors for the living room floors, which can make the interior beautiful and charming.

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