12 Promotional product recommendations 12.12

12 Promotional product recommendations 12.12

product 12.12

Approaching double date promo 12.12, of course we have prepared a list of household items to be purchased. The reason is that we can have a lot of goods at a more effective price.

So that this promotional moment is more useful, there is nothing wrong with buying products home improvement to improve the quality of life and occupation, such as tools and other electronic devices.

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Also, we are quickly entering the end of the year. Of course, we all want to welcome the New Year in a comfortable, clean and safe home.

Recommended home products that can be purchased during the promotion 12.12

Therefore, this time, we have a list of recommended products that you can buy during the 12.12 promo.

1. Appliances

promotion of home appliances 12.12
Tactix Set of 31 Pcs Multifunction Tools
Tools with storage box to repair various items.

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Even if it seems trivial, you must provide it tools at home, from screwdrivers to pliers to wrenches. These items can help repair damaged household appliances.

2. Folding stairs

folding ladder promotion 12.12
Fixsteps aluminum folding ladder with 3 steps with wooden pattern
The lightweight and robust folding ladder can accommodate loads up to 150 kg.

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Folding ladders can help you do many things, from changing lights, picking up items from high places, to cleaning the roof of your house. Choose the size of the folding ladder as needed so that it does not take up space.

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3. Emergency light

emergency light promo 12.12
What is the Emergency Light with Torch Function 8 W – White
LED emergency light suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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It never hurts to prepare emergency lights at home. This thing can be a lifesaver when there is a power outage. This way, you can do different activities even if the lights go out.


Krisview Set Cctv Cvi 1080p 8 channels
CCTV with 8 camera channels to enhance home security.

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Home security is a priority. Therefore, you can install CCTV at home for mutual convenience. Choose CCTV with HD resolution, then you can install it inside and outside the house.

5. Trash

trash promo 12.12
Plastic bin Krisbow 12 L – White
A plastic trash can with a minimalist design helps keep the house clean.

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Then, you can buy a garbage can for the house. Use several trash cans at once for each room. Thus, the cleanliness and order of the house will be maintained.

6. Wallpaper wall

promo wallpaper 12.12
Arthome Wallpaper Diy 8 Layers 50 Cm – Blue
Wallpaper with adhesive that can protect the walls from dirt and moisture.

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Do you want to change the atmosphere of the house during the new year? Well, you can change the color of the interior of the house by using it wallpaper. Not just beauty wallpaper it can also protect the wall from moisture.

7. Electric clothes dryer

Electric Product Dryer 12.12
Kels Mst-y90 Electric Tumble Dryer – White
The clothes dryer with UV sterilization is suitable for all types of clothes.

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During the rainy season, clothes get moldy and smelly easily. Well, you can use an electric dryer to make it more practical. Electronic devices it can also kill germs and bacteria that stick to clothes.

8. Air fryer

air fryer
Kris 2.5 Liter Manual Air Fryer – Black
Live healthier by cooking food without oil.

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To improve the quality of life, of course, we have to live a healthy lifestyle. Well, you can start by eating low cholesterol foods. Start cooking with the use air fryer to reduce the amount of oil and fat in food.

9. Diffuser

diffuser promo 12.12
Ataru Rabbit Aromatherapy Diffuser – Pink
An energy-saving diffuser with light and adapter makes the home atmosphere more comfortable.

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In addition to making the home more fragrant and soothing, diffuser it can also make you sleep better. You can wear it diffuser which is equipped with a night light to add a sense of relaxation while resting.

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10. Spray gun

spray gun
Krisbow 380ml Nano Spray Gun Atomizer Disinfectant
Spraying disinfectants, air fresheners, and other liquids is easier with the following tools.

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To keep the house clean, you can spray using disinfectant spray gun. This one tool can also be used to spray an air freshener and disinfectant more practically.

11. Mosquito trap

mosquito trap
Krisbow racket and mosquito trap 2 in 1
Multifunctional mosquito trap with long-lasting UV lamp.

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If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your house, you can use it mosquito repellent electric Choose a mosquito trap that you can use as a mosquito racket to make it more practical and flexible.

12. UV disinfectant

UV disinfectant
Krisbow Uv Disinfection Box with Timer 2 W
UV disinfectant with timer to eradicate 99% of viruses and bacteria.

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Bacteria and viruses easily attach themselves to everyday objects. Use a low-power UV sanitizer to clean keys, masks, glasses, and other items.

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Well, this is a variety of home tools that are useful for the home. You can get all the above product recommendations easily just through it www.lacrymosemedia.com during the promotion 12.12 later.

You can also buy furniture and other household needs through this shopping site. Don’t worry, all www.lacrymosemedia.com products are of high quality because they come from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, namely Informa, ACE, Selma and others.