12 Pictures of Minimalist Houses, Home Building Inspiration

12 Pictures of Minimalist Houses, Home Building Inspiration

minimalist house photo

A number of photos of this minimalist house can be an inspiration for those of you who are thinking of building or renovating a residence.

Inspirations minimalist home design like what is good? Maybe you haven’t decided on the right one yet.

Especially for those of you who want to renovate a house or build your own house in a minimalist style.

Minimalist style is really an option for those who want a simple but still attractive residence.

People know modern minimalist style and also minimalist style, the two are really very different.

In this magazine, www.lacrymosemedia.com provides a number of pictures of minimalist house plans that can be an inspiration.

There are single-story houses, two-story houses, minimalist houses, villa-style houses or vacation homes.

Modern Minimalist Home Image Inspiration

simple but beautiful home photos

1. Minimalist house painted white

This single story home has an exterior with White paintminimalist style can be clearly seen in this residential site.

In addition to being painted in white, some of the walls and pillars of the house apply natural stone that is not bright in color.

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the latest minimalist home photos

2. The combination of several colors on the facade of the house

This last minimalist house image shows a house with a combination of several colors on the exterior.

There are dark gray, light gray, white and orange colors, as well as natural stone applications that embellish the facade of the house.

simple minimalist home photos

3. Luxurious house with pyramid roof

The occupation can look more luxurious with a pyramidal roof or a shield roof than a gable roof.

This picture of a minimalist house shows a house with luxury designthere are lights and decorations in front of the house.

Modern minimalist home pictures

4. Rest House-Style Residential

This design shows an image of a modern minimalist home that is also in the style of a resort or vacation home.

If the land is large, you can design a house so that it looks more luxurious and modern.

3 bedroom minimalist house design

5. Minimalist two-story house

Here is a picture of a minimalist 2-story house for those of you who want to have a beautiful multi-story house.

There is a carport and a balcony in this house painted in light brown, this residence is suitable for the millennial generation.

2 story minimalist house pictures

6. Two-storey house with garden

This minimalist 2-story house with a garden can be an inspiration for those of you who really want an open green space.

You can place big tree or they are in the park so that the house looks nicer.

the latest front view of the minimalist house image

7. Modern Minimalist House

This design shows a picture of a modern minimalist residence with a stacked gable model, it turns out that the gable roof can also look good.

The garden that is presented in front of the house beautifies this house, especially with the design of the fence and the door of the house.

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minimalist house model 2022

8. House with a Minimalist Design

The image of a simple house with a box or cube shape, many architects design a minimalist house like this.

The shape of the design is like basic geometric shapes like squares, circles, or triangles.

Simple low cost house design

9. Minimalist house with a large garden

This is a picture of a simple modern house with big gardensuitable if you have a large area.

The combination of brown and white shows a simple and contemporary home, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Luxury minimalist home

10. Small Minimalist House

This residential footprint is not only small, but also minimalist, of course, to surround the limited area of ​​land.

Minimalist design is a choice for small houses because it does not include decorations that make the house too crowded.

photo of a country house

11. Corner Type Two-Story House

This image of a minimalist 2-story house is a corner-type house, it can be an inspiration if you have a hoek lot.

One of the advantages of the land in the corner is that it has access to a wider view and also access in and out.

minimalist modern residence

12. Modern Minimalist Residential

A truly minimalist home is usually box-shaped, but you can enter it our modern to make it look better.

This last modern home image is also an idea for those of you who are interested in a modern minimalist design.

NahThere are also many minimalist home image inspirations for you, so you don’t have to be confused to choose one.

You can adjust to the funds you have and the land available, of course there is always inspiration.

www.lacrymosemedia.com Design never discussed Minimalist house with 2 floorsanother inspiration for those of you who want to build a residence.

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There is also an article about it modern tropical house designcertainly suitable for the climate and weather in Indonesia.


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