12 Newest 1 Floor Minimalist House Design Photos

12 Newest 1 Floor Minimalist House Design Photos

minimalist-house-design-1-floor with carport

If you are looking for a minimalist 1-story house design, of course, these pictures are the best inspiration and advice to apply.

Minimalist housing is now very popular in the community, because it is considered easy to care for.

In addition, this architectural style is also considered as a suitable solution for the problem of limited land in urban areas.

Well, if you are looking for a minimalist 1 story house design idea, here are some inspirations.

Best 1 Floor Modern Minimalist House Design

1. Simple minimalist home design

simple minimalist house 1 floor

Although it looks simple, the picture of the modern minimalist house is still visible aesthetic with the facade.

This type of house 36 can also have carport and minimalist garden that add to the beautiful front of the residence.

2. Minimalist modern home design

1 floor front view of minimalist house

Who says a minimalist type 45 house can’t have a 1 car garage?

Those who think so would be wrong.

With the right design, a modern 1-story Indonesian house can also have a garage.

3. Beautiful 1-story house

simple one-story house with red walls

(Source: Pinterest)

If you are looking for a minimalist house of 1 story with a beautiful appearance, here is an example.

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You can also have a minimalist front garden, although on a limited plot of land, you can maximize a small garden.

4. Simple Luxury House

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

Natural colored stone material light gray This can make a minimalist 1 story house look luxurious.

Don’t forget to mix and match with the front door of a minimalist white house.

Also add accent lights on the front wall of a modern minimalist home.

5. 1 Contemporary Minimalist House Design Plan

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

Contemporary minimalist housing is also a trend favored by many people, modern house designs.

This example of a contemporary minimalist home design is suitable for those of you who are tired of modern minimalist designs.

6. Simple and Elegant Home Design

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

This luxury 1 story home design has strength in its simple, simple but still attractive look.

You can copy this picture for a simple house in your beloved country, it is really beautiful.

7. Design a House with a Minimalist Fence

white house with iron fence

(Source: Pinterest)

Minimalist house fences are an important element in a modern house.

This model of a house with a minimalist wall will make the house safe and aesthetic.

You can combine roster paths, concrete, with minimalist iron fences, many choices of materials for fences.

8. Minimalist house design without fences

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

This modern minimalist house model without fence is suitable when applied to houses located in cluster.

The design of a house without a minimalist fence will give you an unobstructed view,

With this minimalist 1 floor 3 bedroom house design, you will be even more familiar with the neighbors in the home environment.

9. Tropical Minimalist Home Design

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

This tropical minimalist house image can be your reference if you want a residential model with shades in harmony with nature.

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The presence of a concrete list on the facade of a minimalist house serves as a ‘secondary skin’.

10. Modern Colonial House Design

1 Floor Minimalist House Design Pictures

If you like the colonial type of architecture, this minimalist home design picture could be right, it could be an alternative design.

This minimalist house model is inspired by the modern colonial architectural style, it can be seen by the dominance of white paint color.

11. Simple 1 Floor House

minimalist single story house with front garden

If the land you have is relatively small, then this house design image can be your choice of inspiration.

Despite its limited size, this minimalist residence is equipped with a fairly lush front garden.

12. 1-story house model that Aesthetic

modern 1 floor house

Do you want a residence with a different shape but which still looks aesthetic?

Well, it looks like this picture can be one of your references when building a house.

The shape of the facade looks unique with an asymmetrical design pattern.


It is a minimalist 1 story house design that you can adopt in your first residence.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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