12 magical terrace ideas to become a living room, easy to imitate!

12 magical terrace ideas to become a living room, easy to imitate!

_Terrace Becomes Living Room

Don’t have enough space to make a living room at home? Just turn the terrace into a living room! This is inspiration!

Residents with limited land have to be really extra creative to overcome the lack of space.

Rumah123 has a solution for you who want to separate the living room and the family room, but don’t have enough floor space.

The trick is to turn the terrace into a living room.

Well, what is the result of turning the front porch into an enclosed living room?

Immediately, this is the inspiration for the design of the living room on the front porch of the house, which is compiled from different sources.

12 Inspirations to transform a terrace into a living room

1. All-White Front Terrace Living Room Model

All-white Front Terrace Living Room Model

Source: Instagram.com/zandessy

Living room out of this has a size of 4 x 7 at the trunk.

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According to @zandessy on his Instagram account, the walls of this terrace were covered with moss due to the rainwater from outside.

Finally he renewed the roof of the veranda of this house, so that it would no longer be when it rained.

The paint has been changed to a special leak proof paint out ofnamely Nippon Paint white color.

For the roof, the home owner uses mild steel.

2. Industrial Design Home Front Terrace Ideas

Industrial Design Front Terrace Ideas

Source: Instagram.com/ckkhome

This outdoor living room has an industrial concept, where the asphalt wall is left alone.

The owner of the account @ckkhome as the owner of the house chose the floor from Roman ceramics of hexagonal type with mixed motifs.

The selection of furniture was deliberately made to match the color of the walls.

3. Living Room in the Front of the House with Synthetic Rattan Chairs

Living room at the front of the house with synthetic rattan chairs

Source: Instagram.com/pre.lovedbundahaikal

For those of you who want to have an open living room, you can copy this clever Instagrammer method.

Because it is susceptible to rain. the home owner chose the material of the sofa from synthetic rattan which is waterproof.

pillow The sofa is also made of synthetic leather, so when it stops, it won’t slip.

4. Terrace Ideas Become All-Wood Living Room

Terrace ideas become a living room entirely in wood

Source: Instagram.com/mawarrizk86

Space The limited house makes Mawar add a floor to the terrace of his house.

Before, there was a gap between the floor and the garden.

Now use the additional area for an open living room.

Wooden chairs are the right choice for the area out of.

It’s just that, make sure that the wooden living room chair you choose is a strong wood at all times, like teak.

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5. Lounge in the Front Yard with Synthetic Grass

Lounge in the Front Yard with Synthetic Grass

Source: Instagram.com/yoppi7725

Instead of putting guest chairs outside the house, the owner of the Instagram account @yoppi7725 puts them in the foyer of the house.

To beautify, he added artificial grass.

An excellent color combination of white chair and green grass!

6. The Terrace becomes a Small Minimalist Room

The Terrace becomes a Small Minimalist Room

Source: Instagram.com/srirustiani

Who says small spaces can’t be functional?

Just add two white chairs and a table, this super tiny room can be turned into a living room!

Add patterned rugs and hanging ornamental plants so that there are ornaments that refresh the eyes.

7. Example of a Living Room on a Balcony Terrace

Example of a living room on a balcony terrace

Source: Instagram.com/dedeh_darehdeh

For those of you who have the remaining free space on the balcony of the house, you can also turn it into a living room.

Add a synthetic grass mat, and choose a chair made of plastic to make it more durable.

The selection of chairs that match the color of the walls will be much better.

8. Terrace as living room and function room

Terrace as living room and function room

Source: Instagram.com/novria_opi

Instead of emptying the patio or just filling it with plants, make it a multipurpose room.

In addition to being able to be transformed into a living room, this room can also be used as a play area for children.

Isn’t it a smart way to use the space?

9. Living Room Front of the House with Green Plants

Living room in front of the house with green plants

Source: Instagram.com/dinashabbychic_77

Lovers of green plants can imitate the concept of the outdoor living room of @dinashabbychic_77.

Among the lush ornamental plants, you can place tables and chairs with impressive colors.

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While drink coffee pai-mattina, while enjoying the beauty of your favorite plant!

10. Terrace ideas to become a minimalist rustic design living room

Terrace Ideas Become A Minimalist Rustic Design Living Room

Source: Instagram.com/libria.house

The green of the ornamental plants is very suitable when combined furniture wood like that.

Minimalist rustic lovers, please copy @libria.house’s front garden style!

11. Lounge on the Terrace with Striking Colors

Lounge on the Terrace with Bright Colors

Source: Instagram.com/ruhedoank83

Tired of white or neutral colors?

You can also play with bold colors like this striking yellow.

Do not forget to choose a chair with a dark color such as black, so that there are not too many games of color that dazzle the eyes.

12. The idea of ​​a terrace being a living room equipped with a fish pond

The Terrace Becomes a Living Room Equipped with a Fish Pond


Entertaining guests while listening to the gurgling water from the fish pond?

This combination is definitely a perfect match!

You just need to add a set of chairs and a guest table made of synthetic rattan near a fish pond if you want to imitate this concept.

He is the inspiration for successful Indonesian Instagrammers.

How? How easy is it to imitate?


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