12 Luxury Front Porch Granite Models. The house looks elegant!

12 Luxury Front Porch Granite Models. The house looks elegant!

front porch granite flooring

There are a number of choices of color and granite material for the front porch of a luxury home that will make the residence more elegant. Come on, read here.

The terrace floor is an integral part of the facade of a luxury house.

Choosing the right granite terrace material will make the decoration of the front of the house look more attractive.

This construction material has a number of advantages, such as being known for its strength, namely anti-scratch to anti-slip.

In addition, the colors and patterns of granite floors also come with a variety of looks.

Well, if you are looking for granite ideas for the terrace, take a look at the reviews below.

12 Choices of Luxury Granite Front Porch

1. Types of Black Granite

granite for the terrace of the tropical house

The terrace of this luxurious house has an elegant design thanks to the use of black floors.

The black floors are also in harmony with the white walls of the terrace and the ornamental plants in pots.

2. Natural style granite countertop

floral granite terrace flooring

The front of the house is beautiful with a gray granite floor with a floral pattern, adding an interesting accent.

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The use of the front porch wall of the house with exposed brick material also adds to the natural impression.

3. Granite Warm Cream

examples of granite colors for the front porch of a modern minimalist home

The modern terrace model looks luxurious thanks to the use of cream colored granite on the terrace floor.

The combination of colors of the walls that match the granite floor makes a beautiful home terrace.

4. Tropical Porch Granite Design

Granite front porch minimalist home

The picture of the terrace of a simple house in this country has a sense of luxury, thanks to the use of granite tiles.

Meet the design of the tropical house, which is made to be in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

5. Elegant Porch Granite Model

black gold granite

The luxury home’s black granite front porch with natural patterns also adds to the aesthetic value of the residence.

The combination of beige granite walls with black tile floors adds to the impression of elegance and luxury.

6. Modern Terrace Design

Luxury granite front porch

(Source: Tukanggranit.com)

This 2021 minimalist home terrace model feels modern with a red-gray floor application.

The red granite for the terrace will make the house even more luxurious aesthetic and also elegant, could be the best choice.

7. Single house terrace

granite motif for the last terrace

In addition to the decorative lamps in the form of flowers, the application of granite on the terrace of this house has also managed to provide luxury.

The combination of these interior elements has succeeded in producing a unique image of a modern classic house terrace.

8. Granit Terrasso model

beautiful terrace colored granite

The terrace of this 1-story luxury house looks elegant because it uses natural colored terrazzo granite.

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The ceramic floor material of the terrace is able to mix well with a pair of chairs unique place modern cream.

9. Minimalist residential terrace

Russian granite for the terrace

The right use of granite for the front porch of a minimalist house will certainly make the house feel “expensive”.

Like this 2021 minimalist home terrace model, it looks luxurious with the presence of beige granite floors.

10. Beautiful Terrace Design

granite terrace floor

The impression of luxury and beauty can also be displayed on the terrace of a single beautiful house, there is a combination of several materials.

Just choose the color of granite for the terrace with shades of natural rock, and it is combined with ornamental plants in pots.

11. Granite Color for Minimalist Terrace

color granite sample for front porch

(Source: Icreate.id)

If you are currently looking for a minimalist front porch granite with a natural look, then this gray color may be the best choice.

Gray is really a good granite color to give the impression of elegance and harmony with the front garden.

12. Luxury Home Porch Ceramics

black luxury front porch granite

(Source: Tukanggranit.com)

An example of a granite color for the next beautiful front porch is dark gray with black accents.

You can mix and match these colors with the front porch wall granite on the pillars of a luxurious residence.


Well, this is the variety of granite inspiration for the front porch of a luxury home.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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