12 Luxury Bathroom Wall Ceramic Inspirations

12 Luxury Bathroom Wall Ceramic Inspirations

bathroom tile inspirationsThe right application of bathroom wall tiles will make this room look luxurious. Check out some of the best inspirations.

Are you planning to build your dream bathroom? Do not forget this internal element.

Therefore, the selection of wall tiles will affect the interior appearance of the room.

The function of the bathroom wall tiles not only gives a beautiful feeling.

However, it is also useful to protect the walls from water splashes, so that the walls are not easily moldy.

Now, there are many choices of good bathroom ceramic colors.

You just need to adjust to the style of decoration.

The property site www.lacrymosemedia.com has selected various inspirations that can certainly be the best tips.

12 best bathroom wall tiles

1. Natural Rock Ceramic Model

Natural stone bathroom ceramic design

Natural stone baths are one of the favorite choices of some people, because of the shades that look natural.

NahTo get that feeling you can use this natural stone bathroom ceramic, beautiful isn’t it?

To make it even more beautiful, use this latest black and white floor color.

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2. Patterned Ceramic Combination

a combination of minimalist bathroom floor and wall tiles

The interior design of the bathroom can be created according to the needs and wishes of the residential owner, as in this picture.

For example, this bathroom uses 25 × 40 cm bathroom wall tiles with natural shades.

The stone bathroom tile will give a nice accent to that private area.

3. Natural Motif Ceramics

rough bathroom wall tiles

You can also mix and match ceramic bathroom walls with natural patterns with white ceramic.

This will make the bathroom simple but clean, trying to exude a luxurious decor.

Of course, this will show a unique decoration on the look of a minimalist bathroom, definitely suitable for your home.

4. Design of White and Gray Ceramics

bathroom tile inspirations

If you want to make a simple luxury bathroom, you can use this white ceramic wall.

Match it with the latest ceramic floor color so that the interior of the bathroom becomes more beautiful and attractive.

To find out the price of bathroom ceramics, you can look at the nearest material store or at e-commerce.

5. Wall Ceramic Cream

cream colored bathroom walls

In addition to white, the color of the beige wall will also be interesting to apply.

You can also use floor tiles with the same color and rectangular motif, it also looks nice, right.

The bathroom ceramic model will give a clean accent to the interior decoration.

6. Tile Ceramic Wall Pattern

Minimalist aesthetics of the ceramic bathroom wall

You can make a simple but clean bathroom with the use of tile-patterned wall tiles like this.

Effect vintage will do a simple bath more aesthetic and also luxury, many choices of the best motifs.

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You can see different decoration inspirations aesthetic others that have been discussed by the www.lacrymosemedia.com site.

7. Luxury Patterned Marble

luxury minimalist bathroom wall tiles

For those of you who love a more luxurious style, of course you want a bathroom with decorations that are no less magnificent and elegant.

Well, you can use this model of marble tiles to be applied to the walls of a luxury bathroom.

White marble bathroom ceramic model with natural patterns, often used in 2-story luxury homes.

8. Modern Ceramic Model

bathroom wall granite tiles

This black bathroom tile will give a modern accent to a minimalist bathroom design.

In order not to be monotonous, add bathroom tiles with a color gradation pattern that is always the same, the shades are different.

9. Motif Mozaik nan Unik

bathroom wall mosaic tiles

Mosaic ceramics have an artistic and unique appearance, making them suitable for use in the bathroom.

As in the appearance of this bathroom decoration that looks luxurious with a combination of ceramic mosaics and beige walls.

10. Textured Ceramic Wall

bathroom wall tiles

The white ceramic color will really bring a clean and luxurious impression to the interior of the bathroom, classic color choices,

So that the interior has a more luxurious character, you can choose this textured white wall ceramic.

11. Luxury bathroom ceramic model

the latest models of bathroom ceramics

If Property People want to bring luxury to the interior of the bathroom, then they can use this model of wall tiles.

You can combine it with furniture sanitary white, so the decoration is elegant.

12. Minimalist bathroom style

minimalist bathroom tiles

The modern minimalist white bathroom tile will make the interior look cleaner and more spacious.

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In order not to be tired, you can combine it with gray floors as an accent from the interior.


These are the various inspirations for bathroom wall tiles that bring luxury to the decoration display,

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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