12 Home Garden Ideas That Fit Any Home!

12 Home Garden Ideas That Fit Any Home!

lacrymosemedia – The home garden has many functions. It is not only a place for plants, the garden can also be a place to relax and a place that beautifies your home.

Well, if you don’t have enough yard in front or back of the house to create a garden, you can have a garden next to the house. A place that is not too wide and has an elongated shape may need a little delicate to do it.

However, you do not need to get confused, there is an inspiration for a garden design near the house that the land is quite narrow. Just choose according to your taste. Go check out the list!

1. Garden Side House Vertical Concept


Land that is not too wide or narrow can be a challenge to make a garden near the house. In any case, you can be deceived by making the concept of a vertical garden.

The garden wall can be decorated with plants, such as hanging pots or properly arranged vines. The combination of the two will make the garden more beautiful to look at.

2. Sloping Field Park

If you do not want the concept of a field that is too vertical, you can use the concept of an inclined plane that makes the garden next to the house more beautiful.

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You can plant the fields of the step with colorful flowers or grass. The flat part of the land can be made a road with elongated stone tiles. Sounds interesting, right? Come, try it!

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3. Zen-style minimalist garden


A calming garden can be one of the garden references next to the house that you can try. This type of garden is inspired by Japanese or Zen style houses.

The concept of this park in general uses the dominance of gravel and stone paths. This garden design will be more charming with the addition of miniature statues, wooden bridges, to small bamboos around the garden.

You can also add chairs around the garden so that you can just sit with your family.

4. Garden with Fish Pond

Want a livelier side garden? Adding a goldfish or koi pond may be the best choice. The atmosphere of a fish pond with gurgling water creates a natural feeling of tranquility.

This type of garden is perfect for those of you who want peace in your home. Your days are far from stressful.

5. Path landscaping park


Lansekpa road is one of the interesting models of the garden side of the house. The path can use natural stones with natural colors. This stone path is very suitable to be combined with a fresh green garden.

The color combination of green plants and rocks creates a soothing natural garden atmosphere. This type of garden does not need too much land, so even a narrow area can be used.

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6. Garden with Wall Pots

Wall pots can be an asset to create an attractive side garden. Pots hanging on the wall make the garden more attractive. This type of garden with wall pots is suitable for gardens with narrow and limited plots.

7. Wonderland Concept Park

Still confused about what garden concept next to your house? Just try the wonderland concept. This concept in general is quite an abstract concept but it gives an aesthetic impression.

Paths with serpentine stones can add an endless imaginative impression. For the color combination, you can combine white and gray.

8. Garden next to the house where the cafe is


Do you want to have your own coffee at home? You can make your own in the garden next to the house. A garden with an aesthetic style, with minimalist tables and chairs can certainly make the garden more beautiful.

Well, having your own garden at home, you can at any time while having a nice coffee at home.

9. Industrial style garden

Industrial style gardens are currently one of the most popular garden concepts. This industrial concept can generally be implemented in a narrow area. Even a latrine meter can apply this concept.

10. Minimalist Japanese garden

One of the garden models near the house that can be the next choice is a minimalist Japanese style garden. This park is in the form of cobblestones with white or gray paths. Then they added the bamboo plants to the side of the road.

This concept is perfect for a modern minimalist style home that doesn’t have too many ornaments. With this garden, your home can be more elegant.

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11. Side Garden with Green Fence

A garden with a green fence or plants can make the house look fresher. Tall green plants do not need a lot of space. Your home will look more fresh and soothing with this green color.

12. Garden with Tidy Floor

The reference for the garden next to the house that you can choose is a garden with a well-arranged plan. With a combination of earth tone colored floors and natural in a clean shape, the garden feels beautiful.

Well, those were some references to the garden next to the house that you can apply at home. You can choose according to your needs and compatibility with your home.

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