12 Elegant Interior Paint Color Inspirations

12 Elegant Interior Paint Color Inspirations

Stylish Exterior House Paint Colors

Looking for a stylish exterior house paint color? Check out the inspiration below, go!

When building a dream home, the exterior of course should not go unnoticed.

In addition to choosing a design, you also need to determine the paint color on the outside of the house. Usually, this choice of color is adapted to the taste of each person.

Some people like minimalist colors, others like fresh colors. However, there are also those who like elegant colors.

Well, for those of you looking for a stylish exterior house paint color, check out the inspiration below, OK!

Elegant Exterior House Paint Color Inspiration

1. Navy blue

house color navy

Source: Arcadiadesign.com

The color blue can give a cheerful impression.

If you want to have an elegant residence, you can choose an older color. Such as marina.

In addition to being able to make the house more elegant and luxurious, this color can also give the impression of being fresh and comfortable.

2. Gray

elegant exterior gray house paint color

Source: Mardinata.com

Gray falls into the category of neutral colors. This makes it easier to combine with other colors.

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The minimalist impression can also be seen in the house.

In order not to be monotonous, you can combine gray with other colors. For example, white, navy blue, or dark gray.

3. brown for a unique look

brown exterior house paint color

Source: Insiyurbangun.com

For color lovers brown you can breathe easily. For what, no, brown it can also make the residence elegant and beautiful modern.

brown it’s a bold color. This color can also give the impression of full of enthusiasm and confidence.

color brown often used in luxury residences abroad. So, don’t hesitate to choose this color for your home, OK?

4. Cream

cream house paint color

Source: Hargadepo.com

Do you want to have a home that looks elegant and warm at the same time? You can have a house paint color cream for the outside.

Cream in color softso this color can also give a soft feeling and make the house look shadowy.

4. Peach

peach exterior house paint color

Source: Adipranaindovesco.com

color fishing usually chosen for use in the bedroom. But who would have thought, this one color you can also use outside the house, that’s it.

color fishing it can give a soft impression on the house. But on the other hand, this color can also make the house more elegant.

5. Greens army

Army green elegant house paint color

Source: Rhdesignrumah.com

Green army falling into the category of dark colors. Even so, this color does not give a gloomy impression, cook.

Instead, it is green army to paint the outside of the house can give an elegant impression.

You can combine this color with a neutral color or another brighter color.

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6. Yellow Mustard for an elegant and cheerful impression

bright mustard yellow house color

Source: Popbela.com

Bright colors like yellow can really give a cheerful impression.

However, choose a darker yellow color like mustard it can also make the house elegant.

You can apply the color mustard in part or all of the exterior of the house.

7. Chocolate

neutral brown color for a minimalist home

Source: Edupaint.com

Talking about the paint color for the exterior of the house, brown is the most chosen color.

Like color tone of the earthChocolate can really give a natural and elegant impression.

Usually, this color is chosen in a minimalist type of residence. However, you can also use it in luxury homes.

8. White House Paint Color for an Elegant Exterior

elegant white exterior house paint color

Source: Kompas.com

You can immediately get an elegant and clean impression when you choose white on the exterior of the house.

White is also a neutral color, so don’t be afraid to combine it with other colors, OK!

9. Color Olive which refreshes the eyes

olive color for exterior

Source: Polarumah.com

color olive very suitable for those of you who like the feel of nature. Because this color can give a cool and calming effect.

Olive not only can it be applied to the outside of the house, you can also use it inside the house.

10. Black

black at home

Source: Bangunrumah-jogja.com

Black is really a color that is known to be always elegant. But unfortunately, this color is rarely used on the walls of the house.

The reason is that black is often associated as a symbol of sadness or depression.

But in fact, black can make a house cooler and stand out. This color is very suitable to be applied to industrial houses.

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11. Black and white color combination

Monochrome color in house painting

Source: Bintorobuild.co.id

Black and white are the most popular monochrome colors.

You can not only apply this color to the components of the house, you can also choose this color to paint the exterior walls of the house.

This color can be used in small houses like type 36 or more occupation.

12. Orange and Gray

the colors of the house are orange and gray

Source: Kibrispdr.org

The combination of orange and gray as house paint colors on the outside of the house can also give an elegant impression, that’s it.

You can choose a color composition that suits your taste. Is it orange that will dominate or is it gray?

The gray used can also be darker or lighter in color. Guaranteed, the accommodation will be more interesting!

Well, this is the inspiration for a stylish exterior house paint color.

I hope this information can help, yes!

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