12 effective ways to repel mosquitoes at home

12 effective ways to repel mosquitoes at home

There is no need to ask again, anyone will feel uncomfortable with the presence of mosquitoes in the house. The annoying noise and sting will make the body feel itchy. We are also looking for a powerful way to repel mosquitoes that is effective.

In addition, mosquito bites can cause dangerous diseases, such as dengue and malaria. This is why mothers often worry about their hearts.

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The reason is that children are the most vulnerable figures affected by this dangerous disease. In addition, mosquito bites will make your little one feel uncomfortable and eventually develop a rash that makes an impression on the skin.

So, how do you get rid of mosquitoes at home?

Don’t worry, there are many ways to repel mosquitoes, from traditional methods to chemicals and electronics, that you can do at home.

1. Use Lemongrass

Lemongrass or lemongrass is one of the kitchen ingredients that you can safely use to eradicate these little animals.

The dense aroma that mosquitoes fear also has a myriad of positive benefits for humans. One of them emits a fresh aroma that calms the mind when stress hits.

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How to use it is also easy, just break some lemongrass and put it in a place where there are many mosquitoes. If you want to be more practical, you can try an oil product with lemongrass content that is safe to apply on the body.

Lemongrass oil repels mosquitoes
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2. Use coffee

Coffee grounds are known to be effective as insect repellents at home, one of which is mosquitoes. The reason is that coffee beans have a pungent smell that many insects do not like.

So that the coffee grounds are not wasted, you can try to burn the coffee grounds and spread them around the room. The carbon dioxide emissions released will block and confuse mosquitoes to follow humans.

3. Garlic effectively repels mosquitoes

Just put a few cloves of garlic in the corner of the house to keep mosquitoes away.

If you have children and pets, you can try to bring the garlic to a boil. Then, pour the boiled water into the bottle spray After that, you can spray on the area where mosquitoes gather.

4. Dry the apples

Stagnant water is one of the best places for mosquitoes to breed. It is no wonder that we often find larvae in puddles that have been left for too long.

To minimize this, you can close containers that have the potential as mosquito breeding areas, such as bathtubs, buckets, flower pots, trash cans, etc.

5. Use Lavender Ornamental Plants

It’s not just a pretty shape, apparently decorative plants Lavender can be used as a mosquito repellent. This beautiful purple plant has a spicy aroma.

Just put the lavender plant in the pot. Voila! The house becomes beautiful and free from mosquitoes.

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6. Use air humidifier

Air humidifier serves to regulate the humidity of the air in the room. In addition, now there are various essential oils that you can drop air humidifier, from the oil eucalyptuslavender, tea treeand so on.

Choose an oil with a less spicy smell so you don’t feel bothered by the fragrance. Also, make sure you choose good quality essential oils without a mixture of excessive chemicals.

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7. Install mosquito nets to repel mosquitoes

You should be very familiar with mosquito nets. This traditional method has been a hereditary method since time immemorial. You can try installing mosquito nets on the bed area to stop mosquito attacks.

mosquito net to catch mosquitoes
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8. Repel mosquitoes with cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is known to kill large mosquitoes and their eggs. You can do it by mixing 120 ml of water with 30 drops (1 teaspoon) of cinnamon oil in a bottle. spray.

Then, spray this liquid on the area around the house that often becomes a nest of mosquitoes. In addition, you can also apply cinnamon oil to the skin, but make sure to do an allergy test by putting 1 drop of the oil on the wrist area.

If it causes skin irritation, then you should look for other alternative oils.

9. Clean piles of dirty clothes

Mosquitoes love the smell of the human body. It is not surprising that you often see a lot of mosquitoes on piles of dirty clothes at home.

Before this area becomes a comfortable place for mosquitoes to languish, make sure to always keep your house clean so as not to cause the smells that mosquitoes like.

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10. Use an electronic mosquito repellent

There is nothing wrong with trying to invest in an electronic mosquito repellent. There are two choices of tools you can use, namely mosquito rackets and UV lamps.

How to use it is also practical and easy, just turn it on and make the racket to the mosquito. As for UV lamps, just plug the cable into the socket and the lamp will light up to attract mosquitoes that fly in the area around the lamp.

Both of these devices emit an electric shock that kills mosquitoes. However, be sure to keep this electronic device out of the reach of children and pets.

mosquito trap
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mosquito repellent racket
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11. Avoid dark paint and dim lights

Mosquitoes have a habit of visiting dark places. Therefore, you should avoid using dark paint colors and room lights that are too dim.

There are 3 colors that are believed not to like mosquitoes, namely white, green and yellow-brown.

12. Turn on the fan

Unlike air conditioning, fans can produce wind that makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly into the room. Although it is not very effective, you can use this method to prevent mosquitoes from perching on your skin.

Krisbow classic floor fan 40 cm

It’s 12 ways to deal with stubborn mosquitoes that travel in the house. Thus, you can also eradicate mosquitoes without the need to use pesticides and mosquito repellent sprays that are harmful to health.

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