12 cheap monthly shopping lists with shopping tips. I must know!

12 cheap monthly shopping lists with shopping tips. I must know!

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The organization of a monthly shopping list is very important to do to avoid family financial problems. Don’t let the money to spend on basic needs flow at the wrong time.

Property People, planning for monthly shopping needs are often seconded by some people.

In fact, considerations in the purchase of basic needs, especially those related to the needs of the kitchen and home, should be prioritized.

Not a few families make mistakes when determining the priority scale in determining the monthly shopping list.

This results in unfavorable financial conditions, that’s it.

For example, the main needs of the kitchen and the house are removed when necessary while the payment day is still long enough.

Of course you don’t want that, do you?

So, you have to prioritize your monthly shopping list.

So, what are the monthly shopping lists or shopping lists that you need to prioritize for your needs at home?

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12 monthly shopping lists by priority

1. Rice, oil and seasonings

monthly shopping list

Rice is a necessity that should be on the main monthly shopping list.

If necessary, buy the best quality rice even if the price is a little more expensive.

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In any case, to find the finances of the family to be frugal, it is advisable to buy rice per month as needed.

The reason is that it is not impossible in some moments that you eat food outside.

After that, don’t forget to buy other kitchen necessities like oil, spices, etc.

2. Vegetables and Fruits

The next monthly shopping list that should also be a priority is vegetables and fruits.

Especially for vegetables and fruits, buy in quantities that are not too much.

The reason is that not all vegetables and fruits can last a month even if they are put in the refrigerator.

However, judging by the required budget, you should prepare funds for the following month.

3. Fish and Meat

fish in the market

Fish and meat are important for you to include in your monthly household shopping list.

The reason is that fish and meat are great sources of protein and are good for the bodies of the residents of the house.

4. Accounts

Like fish or meat, eggs are also an important necessity and are recommended to always be in the kitchen.

In addition, eggs can be processed for different cooking needs.

Not only that, eggs also have a fairly long shelf life.

5. Instant Noodles and Bread

monthly shopping list

At times, instant noodles are needed either as a substitute for rice or for other purposes.

Meanwhile, you can also prepare bread every day for breakfast.

Both foods need to go inside list monthly expenses.

6. Frozen foods

It is not impossible because of your busy schedule, you have to cook an easy or simple food.

Well, if so, then it is important to save food frozen in the refrigerator.

For example, sausage, nuggetand so on.

Besides being easy, the food frozen It also contains a lot of food that the body needs.

7. Laundry soap

laundry soap in the supermarket

Not only related to food, another basic need that should be included in the monthly shopping list is laundry soap.

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Whether it’s laundry soap, dishes, air freshener.

When choosing soap, choose one that is on sale or at a low price.

8. Bath Soap and Accessories

Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and other supplies are very important for family members or residents of the house.

Try to choose toiletries that are suitable for the needs of a month, also in terms of size.

9. Fabrics

The presence of tissues in the house is also very important.

Of the different types of tissues, buy the ones you really need.

For example facial tissue, toilet paper, kitchen tissue.

10. Vitamins and Medicines

monthly shopping list

Vitamins and medicines should be purchased every month, especially for those of you who have high mobility.

Also provide the equipment in the first aid kit.

Especially for drugs, always pay attention to the expiration date, yes.

11. Facial Cleansing Liquid

Facial cleansing liquid or everything that should support facial care are included in the monthly shopping list that should not be forgotten.

The reason is that facial hygiene is an important factor when you do your daily activities, whether you go to work or other activities.

12. Snacks

You can also include monthly shopping in the form of snacks list, that’s it.

This can save expenses, time and energy so that when you want snackjust take the available stock.

Tips and ways to save money on monthly shopping

1. Arrange Priority Scale

monthly shopping list

source: mommiesdaily.com

You need to understand the priority scale to determine the monthly shopping list, Property People.

The reason is, not all these needs must be purchased directly at the beginning of the month.

There are some items or food that can only be purchased when it is really needed.

Therefore, set the priority scale with careful consideration.

2. Registration of the monthly shopping list

It is highly recommended to register a monthly shopping list so that the items purchased are really in accordance with what has been planned.

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Do not let yourself buy unnecessary needs because you are tempted by the cheap prices.

Registration from the beginning will be important to determine the most effective shopping costs.

3. Attention when shopping

The right time to buy can determine spending more sparingly.

The reason is that supermarkets often offer products at discounted prices at certain times.

For example, like the end of the month, holidays, or other big days.

Choose shopping times during off-peak hours to avoid queues and crowds.

4. Compare Prices

Because monthly shopping often requires a fairly high budget, it is a good idea to start by comparing prices between one supermarket and another.

Usually every supermarket gives unexpected discounts at certain times.

So, don’t hesitate when you want to buy, first compare the prices.

5. Take advantage of the Discount Card

Not infrequently shops or supermarkets provide discount cards to customers.

Well, you can use it if you feel it is the right time to use a discount card.

The reason is that the discounts offered are usually very tempting.

6. Pay with Cash

Paying monthly shopping using alias cash cash for some people it is the best choice.

This is because not infrequently many people are frantic when shopping and paying with a debit or credit card.

7. Do not bring children

You can apply this last tip if you feel that your child can make your monthly shopping list more inflated, while on the other hand you save money.


Here is the monthly shopping list with tips to make shopping more efficient, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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