12 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

12 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween costume for kids
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October 31st is Halloween which is often celebrated by many countries, including Indonesia. In general, many people hold program Halloween wearing unique costumes, even for children.

At school, children will be asked to wear costumes Halloween fun to liven up the party. Is your child one of them?

Various Banners

Yes, calm down, there are many customs Halloween that can be an option and can make your child a star at the party Halloween.

Costume recommendations Halloween Interesting son

Well, this time, we have a costume recommendation Halloween funny and interesting boy.

1. A sweet witch with a broom

This cute witch costume is sure to make your child a star at the party Halloween. Wear a beautiful dress in black or with red accents accompanied by a black robe and a conical magician’s hat.

Then, add a small broomstick that fits the size of your child’s body to make it look more charming, like this one.

Kids Halloween Costume Artpro Mimi Witch Costume Size 8
Artpro Mimi witch costume size 8

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2. Cute Vampire

Who Said Vampires Were Scary? You can turn your favorite child into the cutest vampire at the Halloween party. Wear a long-sleeved white shirt and long black pants.

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Then, add a cap with black on the outside and red on the inside. To make it look more like a vampire, you can buy a toy vampire denture or add red lipstick to make it look like blood around its mouth.

Kids Halloween Costume Artpro Vampire Boy Costume Size 8
Artpro Vampire Boy Costume Size 8

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3. The pretty red-haired girl in the hood

Have you ever told a fairy tale about the little red riding hood to your beloved child? If so, you can choose a red hooded girl costume for a Halloween party. Wear a dress with a combination of white, red and black.

Add a red hat or scarf that covers your child’s head. To make it even sweeter, use the basket as an accessory as well stocking white color

Kids Halloween Costume Artpro Costume Ridding Hood Size 8
Costume Artpro Cappuccetto size 8

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4. Elegant red witch

Costume Halloween Crimson Demons are also interesting. To create this look, use a red dress that has a hood. Also add some accessories, such as magic wands, conical hats, and so on.

kids halloween costumes Kiddy Fun Witch Robe Costume
Kiddy Fun Costume Witch Robe

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5. The children’s leopard dress

The leopard is one of the wild animals and looks scary. It is not surprising that this is one of the customs Halloween the most Favorite. You can choose an all-brown dress, then combine it with a coat or leopard dress.

Add tiger ear headbands to make it even more adorable, like the following.

halloween costumes for kids Kiddy Fun Costume Black Leopard
Kiddy Fun Costume Black Leopard

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6. Costume Halloween red devil

This demon costume is scary. However, this can be a Halloween costume idea that makes your child look cute. Wear a red dress with a devil’s wand and a headband as accessories.

In addition, you can also choose a demon costume that has a cute tail on the back of the dress.

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Kiddy Fun Costume Devil
Kiddy Fun Costume Devil

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7. Brave pirate Halloween costume

Does your child like pirates? If so, you can choose a pirate outfit for him. Wear a long-sleeved white shirt and a pirate cape, and wear shoes boots in black and a captain’s hat.

As accessories, use a toy sword and an eye patch.

Artpro pirate captain costume size 8
Artpro pirate captain costume size 8

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8. Cool Batman

Who said party Halloween do you have to wear spooky costumes? You can give a Batman costume to your beloved child. Wear a black outfit with a bat-style cape, and a Batman mask that covers half of your child’s face.

Artpro Black Bat Costume Size 4
Artpro Black Bat Costume Size 4

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9. Beautiful snow white dress

Style costumes princess it can also be the good choice for your child’s Halloween party, you know. One of the costumes that you can easily find in different shops or e-commerce it’s snow white.

Snow White’s dress is identical in blue and yellow with a touch of red. Your baby will be a beautiful princess at the party Halloween that he will attend.

Snow White Artpro costume size 6
Snow White Artpro costume size 6

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10. Female superhero

Who says women can’t be superheroes? You can choose a cute female superhero style outfit like this one. Add a nice mask and cape to make her look even more attractive.

Artpro Super Fighter Costume Size 8
Artpro Super Fighter Costume Size 8

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11. Elsa Frozen costume

The character Elsa from the Disney movies Frozen it is often a favorite of children, especially children. It is not uncommon for them to fantasize about being this beautiful and firm figure of Elsa.

You can give this Elsa dress for them to wear to the party Halloween later, you know.

Kids Halloween Costume Artpro Elsa Costume Size 6
Elsa Artpro costume Size 6

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12. Unicorn Kids Halloween Costume

You can also make your child a cute and adorable figure by wearing this unicorn costume in a party Halloween later

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This adorable dress is made of soft material and is comfortable for children to wear. They can also refine their creativity at the same time by modifying their costumes.Make It Real Unicorn Hoodie Blanket

Make It Real Unicorn Hoodie Blanket

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How, no? The 12 kids costume ideas above are fun and cool, right? Make your child really shine at the party Halloween using appropriate and attractive costumes.

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