12 2nd Floor Laundry Ideas for Minimalist Homes

12 2nd Floor Laundry Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Laundry room 2nd floor

There are many ways you can make the 2nd floor laundry room comfortable to use. Go ahead, check out the minimalist rope inspiration below.

The room for drying clothes is one of the important areas that must be owned by a residence.

The limited floor space of a minimalist home is often an obstacle to doing laundry.

Therefore, residential owners have to find a solution to be able to provide a clothesline, safely so that people do not see them.

For those of you who own a minimalist 2-story home, you can actually make a clothesline on the top or second floor.

If you need ideas for designing a functional 2nd floor laundry room, here are some inspirations.

12 Functional Laundry on the 2nd Floor

1. Japanese-style drying area

Design of the 2nd floor with an iron hook

The clothes line in this Japanese-style house looks functional thanks to the presence of a hanging iron rack, just order it in person. customs.

In this way, you can dry large amounts of clothes effectively, without worrying about rain.

In addition, you can also dry the current model of transparent nightgowns without being seen by strangers.

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2. Minimalist Clothesline Model

minimalist tents of the 2nd floor

If your small 2-story house still has enough space, you can wear a closed dress like this one.

The minimalist laundry room on the 2nd floor is equipped with wide windows, so light can enter and help dry clothes.

There is also the latest iron clothes dryer model, which can dry more clothes.

3. Laundry with Laundry

2nd Floor Clothesline Design

The minimalist laundry comes with a functional design that makes it easy to wash clothes.

In addition to having a washing machine, the narrow area of ​​this minimalist laundry room is also equipped with a clothesline made of hollow iron.

4. Drying Area and Iron Room

Laundry room on 2nd floor

The laundry room on the top floor will support you to get clothes clean quickly and efficiently.

You can see that the room is equipped with a washing machine and an ironing room made in one area.

The drying room on the 2nd floor of this model is certainly very suitable when used in a type 36 house.

5. Drying Rack with Hanging Rack

Laundry room on 2nd floor

It doesn’t matter if your simple level house is classified as having a narrow area, take advantage of the existing vertical area.

Just use a hanging clothes rack to make your clean clothes dry perfectly, pair firmly.

6. Drying Near the Staircase

Laundry room on 2nd floor

To facilitate your access to dry clothes, it seems that the design of the 2nd floor clothesline could be the right choice.

You can use the cross section of the hollow iron rack to hang clean items freely.

7. Laundry Elegant

Laundry room on 2nd floor

Minimalist laundry aka laundry room It looks elegant thanks to the minimalist application of monochromatic color tones.

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Although the minimalist laundry room is narrow, it looks comfortable because of the selection of the right paint color.

You can use white wall paint combined with a black minimalist tile floor, the results are really cool.

8. Drying with Relaxing Table

clothing line design

Placing a table in the laundry room of the iron dryer adds comfort when doing laundry activities.

Property people can wait for the laundry to finish while read books and enjoy coffee.

A wide-opening glass window will allow sunlight into the area, thus helping to dry the clothes.

9. Clothesline model with partition

ironing laundry design

You can also make a minimalist dress with a divider as a barrier with the adjacent area.

Thus, the division of the room does not become harmful and can optimize its function, as well as the beauty of the room.

10. Simple drying area

Laundry room on 2nd floor

It doesn’t always have to be designed to be expensive, you can also bring a simple laundry room like this.

Just enjoy the part roof house to be used as a clothesline above, an open space that is often found in Indonesia.

11. Minimalist clotheslines

minimalist tents of the 2nd floor

Although simple, this clothing line looks aesthetic with the use of artificial grass and a number of ornamental plants in pots.

The presence of a folding clothes line on the wall makes it easier for the owner of the house to dry clean clothes.

12. Minimalist 2nd Floor Clothesline

Laundry room on 2nd floor

This minimalist laundry and drying design looks charming with a natural concept.

The use of wooden floor tiles is able to present an aesthetic drying room.


Well, it is a variety of inspirations for a dress on the 2nd floor, suitable for a minimalist home, design according to the size of the room.

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