11 Ways to take care of ornamental plants at home. Easy going!

11 Ways to take care of ornamental plants at home. Easy going!

how to care for ornamental plants at home

Check out the reviews on how to care for indoor ornamental plants at home, of course, so that the plants can develop well even in a closed room..

Decorative plants internal becomes one of the options to beautify the interior of the room in the house.

The room becomes livelier, the atmosphere becomes better because of the presence of plants.

Also, a number of ornamental plants internal it has beautiful flowers, beautiful leavesand fascinating form.

Decorative plants internal it also provides oxygen, makes the occupants of the house happier, and more.

Like other plants, these ornamental plants also need to be properly cared for in order to thrive.

There are a number of things that must be considered so that the plant develops well and does not get damaged.

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tips for caring for ornamental plants at home

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Tips and how to take care of indoor ornamental plants

1. Observe the planting media

Usually, ornamental plants internal Use a small or medium pot as a planting medium.

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Before the planting medium is filled with plants, turn the soil in it into humus or fertile soil.

The easy way is to give manure or compost so that the plants get good nutrition.

2. The recognition of the characteristics of the plant

Each plant certainly has a different character. Some need water, some don’t.

Some need regular maintenance, some are not spoiled. You should know all that.

3. Counting the amount of water when watering

Plants need water to grow and develop, but the water needs must be properly adjusted.

Water works to keep the soil moist and also keeps the plants from drying out.

Don’t forget when make water to ornamental plants internalthe water does not stagnate.

Stagnant water will cause the roots of ornamental plants to rot internal it becomes rotten, the plant may die.

Water regularly in the morning and evening. Give adequate amount of water.

4. Adjusting the ornamental plants Internal with room temperature

Each plant needs a different temperature to survive in the room of the house.

Therefore, we must look for plants that can grow at room temperature so that the treatment process becomes easier.

Find out in advance about the information about the choices of ornamental plants internal according to your wishes.

During the dry season, you can use air conditioning so that the plants can take air according to the temperature of the room.

5. Give the sun

Decorative plants internal still need supplies sunlight to continue to grow.

Plants need the sun for the process of photosynthesis, so you have to provide the sun.

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It can be put the plants near the windows or remove the ornamental plants internal out of.

6. Try to keep the humidity of the air

When the air conditioner is turned on, it actually reduces the humidity in the room.

Decorative plants internal does not receive the temperature according to the temperature of the room, then it can dry.

The solution, you can put a cup full of water. As the water evaporates, the humidity in the surrounding air increases.

indoor ornamental plant

Source: Architecturaldigest.com

7. Do not move the plants too often

Decorative plants internal requires adaptation when placed in a room of the house.

Therefore, do not move the plants too often because it can be a feature of a different room.

Some are different with access to the sun, some are not close. Or something close air conditionersome don’t.

8. Apply Fertilizer Regularly

Plants need nutrients from fertilizers to grow well, even in pots and at home.

Even if the soil has been fertilized, additional fertilizer should be applied regularly.

This fertilizer can be in the form of manure or compost, avoid the use of unnatural fertilizers.

9. Changing the planting media periodically

The plants will grow every time, so you have to periodically change the planting media or pots.

After some time, the plant will be bigger and need a bigger pot.

Use a bigger pot when the plant starts to grow. Find pots with irrigation system good.

10. Cleaning of ornamental plants Internal Routinely

Even if you are at home, ornamental plants internal definitely exposed to dust or other impurities.

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Do a regular cleaning of the plants, especially on the leaves to make them beautiful again.

Just use a water sprayer to remove dust and other debris from houseplants.

11. Do Pruning Plants Regularly

The plants had a process of growth and development, the process of molting, and others. The leaves will turn yellow and dry.

Well, immediately trim the leaves that start to break and also the flowers that have dried so that the plants are maintained.

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