11 ways to kill the most powerful weed

11 ways to kill the most powerful weed

The presence of weeds in the garden environment is an unpleasant condition because it can damage other plants. Therefore, Pins may need some way to kill the annoying grass.

Here are some ways to prevent weeds from growing again, using materials you have at home. However, there are also methods that ask Pins to buy specific products that claim to be effective. Check out a range of ways to get rid of weeds here, yuk

Use Grass Herbicides

One of the most effective ways to kill weeds is to use grass herbicides. Grass herbicides have been proven to get rid of weeds or weeds around the house.

The trees will disappear at the roots and will not appear in a short time. If you prefer things that are made from natural ingredients, Pins can cook using natural ingredients without harmful chemicals.

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Salt sprinkling

Another way to eradicate weeds in the garden or in the home garden is to sprinkle salt. You just need to sprinkle the salt on the places where the weeds grow.

The function of the salt is to absorb the water content in the weeds so that the grass dies and dries up. However, you have to pay a lot of attention, Pins, do not let the salt get on your favorite plants. This will cause the death of the plant.

Use gasoline

Who would have thought that Pins could use gasoline as a way to kill weeds? You can mix gasoline with other ingredients to produce natural herbicides, namely salt, diesel, soap and area fertilizer.

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The combination of these ingredients is quite effective in removing weeds in a simple garden and they do not grow on the sides or near the plants. How to use it also tends to be easy. Just spray the mixture of gasoline and dry grass.

The use of this liquid can also reduce the nutrients in the soil, so it is better to use it in a certain capacity.

Water with Baking Soda

The sodium bicarbonate solution can not only clean the stains in your favorite bathroom, you know. This solution is also effective for removing weeds around the plants.

The active ingredients in baking soda are able to bring the normal pH in the soil to the normal pH. This is what causes the plant to die quickly. Pins simply water the solution on the weeds. In this way, your minimalist garden will be free of weeds, eh.

Using boiling water

For Pins that prefers anti-complicated eradication, boiling water can be a solution. This is because you don’t need to buy or mix time solutions.

First of all, bring the water to a boil. When it is done, you can water the part of the grass that you want to remove. This method is powerful enough to eradicate the walnut grass so that it does not grow again. In addition, this method is quite economical, but you must be careful not to get it on the skin of the body.

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Spraying Kitchen Vinegar Only

Vinegar is a substance that contains up to 5 percent acetic acid. Acetic acid belongs to a class of substances that are effective in damaging young plants with immature roots. How to use kitchen vinegar to kill weeds is also quite easy.

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You just need to mix the vinegar with the soap for uniform dishes. When you have, spray the solution on the weeds that interfere with the view.

In addition to the front yard and the back of the house, you can eradicate the weeds between the paving blocks with vinegar. Remember to cover the flowers and plants in the garden so they don’t get sprayed.

Covered with Cement

If you still find a place that is difficult to get rid of weeds, Pins can cover that part so that no more weeds can live. The trick is to cover it with concrete.

After that, Pins are required to regularly clean the yard and see if any grain is accidentally thrown into the space. Seed waste can turn into weeds if care is not taken. you know.

Did you know that bleach can be used as a weed killer? In fact, you just need to pour the bleach directly on the weeds around the house and wait two days at most. After that Pins can remove the plant easily.

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Using Mulch and Old Newspaper

Mulch is a plant cover material that Pins can use to kill weeds. In any case, you need to use this material with the newspaper to prevent the growth of grass.

First of all, prepare several layers of used corn and put mulch on the outside. This is to prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds. In this way, the herbs that are at risk of being present in your flower garden will not grow.

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Bath soap solution

Unbeknownst to him, the bath soap that Pins uses every day is useful for eradicating weeds. You just need to mix the bath soap with vinegar to taste.

After that, the mixture of vinegar and bath soap can be put in a bottle to make it easier for Pins to use. Then, spray a mixture of soapy water and vinegar on the weeds that Pins finds both in the yard and outside of Pins house.

Use sulfur solution

If near the Pins house there is a cane that bothers you, try to eradicate it with a sulfurous solution. How to eradicate this alang alang grass can be rarely heard. In any case, you can dissolve 4 liters of water, 2 kg of salt, 2 bottles of vinegar, and 3 ounces of sulfur to kill this weed.

After that, boil all the ingredients, except the vinegar and mix until the uniform distribution. When it boils, mix with vinegar and wait 12 hours. If it has been more than 12 hours, put the sulfur solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the weeds to kill them.

Nah, which was a collection of ways to extinguish weeds that Pins can apply to beautify the home garden. Hope useful, yes!

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