11 Ways to get rid of leeches at home in the rainy season. Easy going!

11 Ways to get rid of leeches at home in the rainy season. Easy going!

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ohDon’t let it go eh Your house is infested with leeches. However, if this happens, just follow these 11 effective ways to get rid of leeches.

Leeches or pacet are often considered disgusting and fun by some people.

Because these animals have a physical form similar to worms.

The difference is that leeches are black and fat.

Also, leeches hurt and suck blood from your body if they stop.

The flowing blood could not stop quickly.

Don’t let that happen!

How can you suck the blood of leeches?

Leeches have juices at both ends of their bodies, but only one end has a mouth.

This mouth serves to suck blood because it looks like a saw.

They have an anticoagulant in their saliva that prevents the blood from clotting and makes it easier for them to continue sucking.

Leech bites are not dangerous or painful, just annoying.

However, the clever tactic of the leech is that it can suck the blood of its victim without causing pain.

This is because leeches have natural pain relievers, like anesthetic drugs in the medical world.

Not only humans, leeches can suck the blood of animals.

It’s terrible, Property People!

Nahnuisance animals like this should be expelled without losing any more.

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Find out what ingredients you can use as a way to get rid of leeches below.

11 Effective ways to get rid of leeches at home

1. Use Salt


In addition to being beneficial for the health of the body, you can use salt to eradicate leeches that enter the house, you know.

The salt can kill because of its hard skin permeable

As you know, leech skin has a slippery surface.

It is this surface that tends to be very sensitive to salt.

The leech’s skin of moisture will be damaged by the reaction that is treated by the salt when it sticks to its skin.

How to kill leeches with salt is very easy.

Simply sprinkle salt all over the surface of the leech’s body.

When the leech is sprinkled with salt, a process of osmotic pressure occurs that pulls moisture from the leech cells in exactly the same way as bacteria.

Usually, when exposed to salt, the leech will immediately shrivel and appear painful.

Salt can also be used as a way to eradicate leeches in fish ponds.

Within minutes, the leech will die immediately eh!

2. Use Gasoline to Repel Leeches

The next way to kill leeches is to use gasoline.

Simply pour gasoline over the entire surface of the leech’s body.

A few moments later, the leech will immediately writhe in pain.

3. Using Pesticides

Pesticides are a great way to quickly repel and kill leeches, you know.

In the world of agriculture, leeches are also pests that can damage the development of agricultural crops.

Therefore, most of the pesticides on the market are used as leech repellants.

Spray pesticide liquid on the body of the leech.

This chemical liquid directly poisons his body.

4. Cut and Burn Leeches

Leeches include invertebrate animals or have no spines.

They are able to survive even if they have been weighed until they are flattened or penyet.

Therefore, the last way if it fails is to cut the body of the leech in two parts.

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If it’s too scary for you, you can burn it on a hot flame.

5. Dry in the sun, the perfect way to get rid of leeches

You have to start by catching live leeches.

Leeches are often in damp and low-light places.

One of the economical ways to kill leeches is to take advantage of the hot sun.

You can use leech oil as medicine, you know.

Place the leech on a zinc or metal object, then dry it in the sun.

Over time, the leech will release the oil, this is a sign that the leech is powerless until it dies and becomes a carcass.

6. Use Coconut Media

young cook

The use of coconut media can be profitable for you.

The trick is to prepare an old coconut and then make a hole.

After that, put 5-6 leeches in the hole.

Cover the hole with a cloth or mosquito net so that the leech can live even if it is in the coconut shell.

Finally, keep the coconut in a shady place for 1 month.

The leeches inside will eat each other to keep each other alive.

Nahleech residue is what you can take and then dry in the sun to get the oil.

7. How to get rid of leeches with eucalyptus

eucalyptus oil

When out in nature, small accidents can happen sometimes.

Like being bitten by a leech.

When you are bitten, use eucalyptus to water the leech on its body and mouth.

Before long, the leech will release the bite on its own.

8. Orange water

The next way to get rid of leeches is simply to use lemon juice.

The taste of fresh oranges was not liked by the leeches.

Use a very acidic orange juice and then pour it on the leech’s mouth so that they release their bite.

9. Cigarette Butt Fire

No living thing can withstand the heat of fire, including leeches.

Attacking the fire of the cigarette in the body of the leech, it will be defeated by releasing its bite.

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10. Bug Spray

nah for you no those who like to climb mountains should not forget to bring bug spray.

Insect spray is very effective to discourage them from biting.

To avoid leech attacks, spray this insect repellent on your clothes.

11. Use Sunblock

When you are alone survivors or adventurers who dare to swim in wild rivers, do not forget to bring a sunscreen or sunblock.

This method of eradicating leeches can be used when you are in the water.

Because, leeches do not like the fragrance produced by sunscreen.

Tips for Stopping Blood from Leech Bites

The wrong way to remove leeches can cause swelling and continuous bleeding.

Quoting from bacaterus.com Use these ingredients to stop bleeding from leech bites.

1. It is Batu

it's beaten

source: silotek.com

Take an ice cube to stop bleeding from a leech bite.

Then compress the wound with ice cubes, then clean the wound with clean water.

2. Bandotan Leaves

Bandotan plants are a type of agricultural weed that grows wild near rice fields.

The way to stop blood with bandotan leaves is to take a leaf, then roll it slowly without tearing the leaf.

Place the leaves on a wound that is still bleeding.

If the blood is still floating, repeat this method up to 2-3 times with a new sheet of bandoton.

3. Tea Dip

Soak the tea bags in cold water.

Press the tea bag to drain the water.

Then, compress the scar that is still bleeding with tea bags for a few minutes.


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