11 unique gift exchange gift ideas for under IDR 110K

11 unique gift exchange gift ideas for under IDR 110K

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Many activities can be done to celebrate Christmas. One of them that should not be missed is the moment of exchanging gifts with loved ones.

Despite the many unique Christmas gift ideas, finding an affordable and memorable gift can be difficult. So, you should know when is the best time to buy Christmas gifts.

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Fortunately, there are many shopping sites online which provides attractive offers before Christmas, such as double date promotions. Taking advantage of this moment, you can buy Christmas gifts for those closest to you more effectively.

Unique Recommended Gift Exchange Gifts that can be purchased during the Twin Date promotion

To make the gift exchange even more memorable, here is the inspiration for a unique Christmas gift under Rp 110 thousand that you can buy during the promo.

1. Table Lamp Gift Exchange Gift Multicolored

multicolor lamp unique gift exchange
O Multicolored Table Lamp
Aesthetic decorative lights for desks and rooms.

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In addition to lighting, this decorative lamp can also beautify the table and is suitable for a room with a bohemian feel. With its minimalist design, this lamp can also be used as a night light.

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2. Gift Exchange Gifts Pouch Make Up

unique gift exchange gift bag
Ataru Set 3 Pcs Cosmetic Pouch Squared – Abu-abu
Bag for makeup tools, accessories and toiletries suitable for travel needs.

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In addition to its main function as a place make up, bag This can be used to store accessories and toiletries, making it suitable for both men and women. This Christmas gift can also be used for the needs to travel.

3. Smartphone holder

a unique smartphone gift exchange gift
Ataru Slim Smartphone Holder – Hitam
Smartphone holder that you can fold and suitable for all types of smartphones.

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The next unique gift exchange gift idea is smartphone support. This one thing can help support smartphones to stand in the right position. Therefore, your hands will not feel tired to hold smartphones for hours.

4. Fans Portable

portable fan gift exchange
Memoo 2 Watt Rechargeable Portable Fan – Pink
A simple portable fan with wear resistance up to 1 hour.

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We all know that Indonesia has hot and humid weather. Well, you can become a fan portable as a gift in exchange for gifts. This fan has a rechargeable battery and is comfortable to hold.

5. Facial Massage Tool

facial massager gift exchange gifts
Ataru Jade Facial Massage Tool – Green
Facial massager with ergonomic design and easy to use.

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Facial massage tools can help improve blood circulation, shape facial muscles, and reduce inflammation. double chin. This item is suitable for you to make as a gift exchange gift, especially for friends who like to do facial treatments.


6. Sheets

gift exchange of sheets
Sleeplite 120x200x30 Cm Seprai Polyester Flower
The soft and smooth sheets are comfortable on the skin.

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You can give this Christmas gift to a friend who just moved house. Instead, choose sheets with a smooth and cool texture on the skin. Make sure the sheets are mite proof and easy to clean.

7. Backpack travel

unique bag gift exchange
Ataru folding backpack – pink
A lightweight, foldable bag.

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If you have friends who like to travel, you can give them a bag as a gift exchange. Choose a waterproof bag with a large compartment so you can store a lot of things.

8. Straw Eco-Friendly

ecological straw Christmas gift
Ataru glass straw set with detergent
Reusable glass straws to help protect the environment.

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You can invite your loved ones to adopt an ecological lifestyle by giving them a straw ecological. Thus, you can help reduce plastic waste in the surrounding environment.

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9. Christmas dolls

Christmas doll gift
Noelle Boneka Animated Dog Walking With Glasses Christmas
Cute and sweet Christmas dolls are suitable to make as gifts for loved ones.

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This 30 x 15 x 90 cm doll can move and make a sound when the button on the ear is pressed. With cute accessories and a smooth texture, this doll is perfect for you to make as a memorable Christmas gift.

10. Christmas decorations

Unique Christmas lamp gift exchange
Noelle Christmas Decoration Lights Christmas Curtain Star 38l – Warm White
Decorative Christmas indoor lights with warm white light to make the Christmas atmosphere more pronounced.

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In addition to the above items, you can also give Christmas decorations, like the decorative star-shaped lamp above. The lamp is intended for use internal so that the Christmas atmosphere in the house will be more felt.

11. Tree light

tree lamp unique gift exchange
Noelle Decorative Lamp Blossom Tree 40cm 30l Christmas
Decoration of tree lights to enliven the Christmas event at home.

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This tree has a size of 30 x 30 x 40 cm, so it is suitable for you to put on tables and shelves. In addition, you can find 30 LED lights white hot on the tree which makes it more unique and charming.

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Well, this is a unique gift idea to celebrate Christmas. You can find all these great gifts through www.lacrymosemedia.com.

Don’t worry, all the products on this shopping site are from famous brands that belong to the Kawan Lama Group, such as Informa, ACE, Selma, and many others.