11 simple ideas for decorating a teenager’s room

11 simple ideas for decorating a teenager’s room

simple teenage room decor

Simple strict decorations of teenage bedrooms can still be made comfortable. How? Check out the review ideas in this article, OK?

If you want to have a room that can help improve the quality of sleep, it doesn’t always have to be a big room.

A room design of 2 × 2 meters can also bring dreams and the best quality of sleep. here we go.

Indeed, one of the challenges of having a minimalist room is to transform the room so that it is comfortable when you are in it.

Therefore, you can use a small mattress for teenagers, which will certainly make the room more flexible.

The simple decoration of the room should also be considered if you want a rich interior aesthetic.

If you are confused about how to arrange a room to make it look beautiful, here are different inspirations that you can use as inspiration.

Different simple ideas for decorating narrow bedrooms for teenagers

1. Lesehan Bed Room Model

simple teenage room decor

This simple bedroom image feels comfortable thanks to a bed that is on the floor, the room seems wider.

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A simple living room will allow the owner to obtain a relatively fresh air circulation.

2. Pillows for comfort

simple teenage room decor

Several ways can be done to bring a sense of comfort to a minimalist teenage design aesthetic.

One of them put a lot of pillows on the bed and also complete with a thick warm blanket.

3. A Room with a Small Carpet

simple teenage room decor

The minimalist design of the room of 3 × 4 meters is even more comfortable with the presence of a small rug on the floor.

This small carpet area can also be a warm place to hang out, for your favorite cat.

4. Room design with decorative lights

simple teenage room decor

Do you want to have a romantic teenage room design in Korean style? Try using a beautiful decorative lamp, easy isn’t it?

The warm yellow light certainly presents a feeling of a comfortable room for rest after activity.

5. Teenage Girls Room Style

minimalist room

This simple minimalist teenage bedroom design has a cross bed in the middle of the room.

With this arrangement, the owner always has enough space for prayer or other activities.

6. Minimalist room model

simple teenage room decor

This minimalist design of 2 × 3 rooms feels comfortable and fresh, due to the presence of many indoor ornamental plants.

The placement of the plants also makes the decoration visible aesthetic. You can take this minimalist bedroom idea.

7. Child’s room style

unique decor

This simple minimalist design of the teenager’s bedroom feels comfortable with parquet floors.

It fits perfectly with the concept of a cross bed, which will surely improve the quality of your rest every day.

8. Monochrome Room Style

simple teenage room decor

Like black and white? It seems that this monochrome design of narrow rooms is right for you, the right color choice.

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Do not forget to add a glass mirror, yes, to give the illusion of a wider space. Mirrors also make the room bright.

9. Bedrooms with Beds

room with additional frames

One of the problems with a 3×3 room design without windows is the limited space to store things.

Thus, using a minimalist wooden bed with a couple of drawers will help you store different items.

10. Simple and inexpensive room design

simple and inexpensive room designs

source: instagram.com/rumahimoet

You can choose to decorate a strictly simple teenage room by adding a touch of hanging photos to give an interesting and unique impression.

If necessary, add a few posters that reflect your personality, for example concerts of ideal artists, idol musicians, etc.

11. Narrow room decoration Aesthetic

narrow aesthetic room decor

source: instagram.com/hestynoviane

Decorations for bedrooms in a simple style, even if the size feels tight, it can also be deceived by adding minimalist elements.

You can use the picture above for inspiration, Property People.

For example, store guitars around the bed area or decorate hangers with an aesthetic appearance so that the room feels elegant.


Therefore, they are a variety of simple decorating ideas for narrow teenage rooms that you can get inspiration from.

Hope useful, yes.

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