11 Simple But Luxurious Bedroom Designs, The Best Inspiration

11 Simple But Luxurious Bedroom Designs, The Best Inspiration

simple yet luxurious bedroom designs that are aesthetic-

Image: Instagram @mey_meryntan)

There are many simple, but luxurious, more aesthetic models of bedrooms that you can use as a reference. Let’s take a look at the following inspirations.

To achieve comfort and quality of sleep, the decoration of the bedroom must be well considered.

Not only on the quality of the mattress, but also including the choice of paint color for the design of the wall of the room that can bring peace.

The application of lighting also plays a role, in order to achieve a room design aesthetic.

The pictures of fresh rooms are also more and more complete, with the presence of various ornaments on the walls and in the corners of the room.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com has compiled various inspirations for charming simple yet luxurious bedroom designs.

Well, instead of being confused about how to get a comfortable and luxurious bedroom interior, you can see an example in this article.

11 Best Simple Minimalist Bedroom Designs 2022

1. Patterned Room Wall Inspiration

simple but luxurious room model with wall decoration

Source: Instagram @vella_velz

room design aesthetic This is beautiful and attractive, because it uses floral wallpaper.

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This room also feels comfortable with a lesehan mattress, and the presence of a small round rug on the side.

2. Minimalist room style

3x3 bedroom design for husband and wife with a Lesehan mattress

Image: Instagram @rumah_mungil_asn

The decoration of the narrow bedroom can look clean with a minimalist concept and the dominance of white.

Design of a teenage bedroom simple This is more interesting thanks to the presence of wooden elements that become accents for the room.

3. Stylish with Wallpaper

simple but luxurious room model with wallpaper

Photo: Instagram @adhe_rasyha

A simple room will radiate its beauty, if you use the right wallpaper, choose the right motif.

Like this modern minimalist room, it has a beautiful appearance thanks to the aesthetic room wallpaper that can be a substitute for wall painting.

4. Ethnic Room Model

traditional room

Source: Instagram @rinaomahlearning_75

If you like interesting traditional and ethnic shades, maybe this room model can be the right choice.

To get the perfect bedroom wall design, aestheticYou can hang a batik cloth or other traditional cloth as a decoration.

5. Minimalist room style

black and white room template

Photo: Instagram @ummufaaza

The decoration of a small room feel spacious and calming, with the choice of white wall paint, the good choice of neutral colors.

This simple but elegant room is even more charming in a combination of white and black colors that are perfect for you without time.

6. Minimalist Industrialist Model

Minimalist industrial design of the child's bedroom

Photo: delsonsherman.com

This simple picture of the wall of the room brings a feeling of the interior with an industrial minimalist style, also simple but attractive.

This simple but fresh room is suitable to be applied to a narrow modern house, only to present a concrete wall.

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7. Feminine in Pink

simple pink teenage room decor

Source: Instagram @rumah_putih_abu

If you are looking for ideas for the design of a favorite girl’s bedroom, maybe this can be an example.

Applying a pink interior theme will make the Korean style bedroom design look feminine.

8. Bedroom with Natural Feel

a beautiful simple yet luxurious room model

Sum: Instagram @hestinovitadewi

The minimalist inspiration of the room can look interesting, with the right decoration thematic application, as in this picture.

For example, a teenager’s room with natural green shades is decorated with a number of ornamental plants internal so much more beautiful

9. Modern minimalist room design

Minimalist room 3x3

(Source: Instagram @asriarthadaya)

This modern minimalist luxury bedroom comes in an aesthetic and warm decoration.

This is due to many show ornaments and also the use of natural wood parquet.

10. Simple Aesthetic Room

aesthetic luxury room

(source: Instagram @kamarmungil)

This minimalist 3×4 room design feels natural because it uses a lot of wood material.

The modern minimalist room is more and more felt home with the presence of a soft minimalist white carpet.

11. Like Aesthetic Simple

Simple Korean bedroom design

(Source: Instagram @dekorasikamarminimalis)

Aesthetic Korean style room decor has become a trend and is loved by today’s youth.

Well, if you want to make a simple decoration of a teenager’s room, then this picture can be a reference.

The use of LED room lights with a dark yellow atmosphere makes the area more comfortable.

Thus the variety of simple but luxurious bedroom models that you can make home decoration ideas.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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