11 Pictures of Letter L’s House in a Homey Village. Make yourself at home in the Village!

11 Pictures of Letter L’s House in a Homey Village. Make yourself at home in the Village!

The letter house

The house of Letter L in the village is the favorite choice of many people. Although it is simple, but comfortable to live. Check out the different inspirations!

If you have grandparents in the country, you need to feel the atmosphere of living in the country.

Or maybe, you come from a small country.

Of course, it is common to see simple house models in the country.

Usually, the model of the front of the house in the hometown has its own distinctive style, namely the pyramid-shaped roof.

In addition, the pictures of simple l-letter houses are usually equipped with a large front page.

Well, here are a variety of Letter I home design inspirations that can be your reference when building.

11 Letter L house in Kampung yang The house

1. Minimalist house model

a picture of a letter house in the village

This Leter I house is designed in the latest minimalist style, and uses a combination of white and black on the facade.

The residence has the latest Leter I house terrace model that uses natural rock walls.

The design of the 3-room letter house will remind you of your grandmother’s home in your hometown.

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2. Occupation with Carport

letter house in the village

Although it seems simple, it does not mean that a simple house design in a village cannot have a car garage.

For example, this simple house plan that still has enough land to build carport.

So that the front of the house in the form of 6 × 9 l is more aesthetic, you can add a minimalist canopy roof in the carport.

3. Tropical House Design

the core form of the letter l the house in the country

The print of the house of 7 × 12 meters Leter L looks in harmony with the tropical environment in the country.

The beautiful terrace of the simple house has a minimalist front garden that is quite beautiful and spacious.

4. Simple House Design

3 bedroom letter house design

The shape of the terrace of the house Leter I in this country can be used as a living room outside, and can receive non-formal guests.

The size seems wide, so it is comfortable to function as a living room on the front porch of the house.

This front design can also be used for a simple house in the newer country.

5. 1 Story House

Simple L letter house design

The model home with a side door provides easy access to the rear of the residence.

The owner can go directly to the kitchen when he comes home from the market, so he does not worry when the guests come.

6. Garden Model in Front

the latest terrace model of letter l house

The shape of the terrace of the Leter I house in the village feels beautiful and fresh, thanks to the presence of a garden in front.

The terrace of the beautiful simple house is even more complete thanks to the presence of natural rock walls, making a beautiful accent.

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7. Type of house design 36

2 bedroom house design in the village

This type of house 36 feels luxurious thanks to the application of ceramic tiles on the front porch of a minimalist house, it looks simple.

The designer terrace of a 2-bedroom house in a yellow village makes this residence charming and characteristic.

8. Multi-storey Luxury Residential Model

Letter L model house front view

The design of this 2-story Leter house looks charming with a combination of white, gray and black wall paint as an accent.

This multi-storey residence also has a large garden in front of the house, so it certainly feels more comfortable.

9. Modern 2 Story House

simple minimalist home design

This elegant modern minimalist 2-story house will be the center of attention of the neighbors in the village.

In addition to the design looks luxurious, the terrace model of the house is also magnificent with natural stone pillars.

10. 3 bedroom Letter L home design

3 bedroom letter house design

If the Property People needs an idea to make a simple model of a minimalist house in a country that looks luxurious, then this picture can be a reference.

This residence comes with the latest Leter I house terrace model that uses andesite stone material on the walls.

11. Elegant L-shaped house

letter l model house front view

This simple home design looks elegant because it uses a combination of beige wall paint with natural stones.

The presence of decorative lights on the walls is also able to add to the aesthetics of the 1-story building.


Well, these are the different pictures for L’s house in the village. In your opinion, which residential design is more comfortable?

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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