11 Inspirations for the design of a room of 2×2 meters. The best recommendation

11 Inspirations for the design of a room of 2×2 meters. The best recommendation

Camaro 2x2

Discover some design inspiration for a room of 2 × 2 meters, starting from the bedroom, the work space, the relaxing room, to the prayer room.

House prices are more expensive, so don’t be surprised if the size of the house is even more minimalist than the old one.

If the size of your house is type 36/60 or 36/72, then the area of ​​the room is only about 2 × 3 meters.

If you have a house of type 36/72, then there is a remaining land behind the house that can be used as a room.

The area can be two rooms with a minimalist size, about 2 × 2 square meters.

A room of 2 × 2 meters can be a child’s room, a work space, a place to relax, a prayer room, or anything else.

Do not be mistaken, a room of 2 × 2 meters is not spacious, but it is enough for a place to rest, work or other activities.

property page www.lacrymosemedia.com will present the inspiration for a room of 2 × 2 meters summarizing different ideas.

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Inspiration for the design of the room of 2 × 2 meters

Camaro 2x2

1. Workspace and Lounge

You have a profession that can work from home, just turn a room of 2 × 2 meters into a work space.

There is a work desk to put a laptop and other work equipment, plus a chair.

In addition, there is also a piece of furniture to rest for a while and even a shelf to put it on

Camaro 2x2

2. Children’s bedrooms with bunk beds

A room of 2 × 2 meters is enough to be the child’s room and also a place to study to be able to concentrate.

The trick is to make the beds, the top bed while the bottom is a study area.

This step is to move into a room that is really small so that you take advantage of the vertical space.

Camaro 2x2

3. Put the bed

This design is perfect for a girl’s bedroom with shelves to put dolls, magazines, books and more.

So that the room is not too crowded, you can put the bed under looking for a low bed.

This is to go to a room of 2 × 2 meters that is small so as not to look crowded.

Camaro 2x2

4. Bunk Bed with Storage Rack

The design of a cot bed with storage shelves like this can be an inspiration for the child’s room.

Children sleep on top, while the bottom is a place to store clothes or books.

Do not forget to add decorations to make the child’s room look more festive so that the child feels at home in the room.

Camaro 2x2

5. Minimalist Bed Size

If you have a room of 2 × 2 meters and it is a child’s room, choose the smallest bed.

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This minimalist bed is enough to be a place to rest, while the rest of the space is to put a wardrobe and a study table.

Soft pastel colors can be a choice for bedroom painting, if you don’t like white too much.

Camaro 2x2

6. Double bed in the 2 × 2 room

I don’t want to have a cot, but I choose double bed?

It could be, put the two smaller beds.

If the child is used to sleeping with his brother, a room design like this can be realized, even if there are drawbacks.

You can’t put a wardrobe or a study table because the room is full of two beds.

Camaro 2x2

7. Two double beds in a minimalist room

This design is also the same as the previous design, placing the two smaller beds in a room of 2 × 2 meters.

It’s just, maybe you can find a small table between the two beds.

Or it could be that this 2 × 2 meter room becomes a guest room if there are relatives from out of town.

Camaro 2x2

8. Musala at home

The room of 2 × 2 meters can be transformed into a small prayer room at home for family members.

You can introduce a prayer room if the mosque is very far from the house or there are guests who want to pray.

The size is certainly enough for many people to pray together in this small prayer hall.

Camaro 2x2

9. Work space for two

This design shows a workspace for two people as well as a fairly spacious rest room.

If you and your partner often work from home, this design can be an inspiration for a room of 2 × 2 meters.

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There is a shelf on top and also a table to put things on too day bed aka bed rest.

Camaro 2x2

10. Place to play and Rest

A room of 2 × 2 meters is enough to be a play area for children and also a rest area.

There are areas like day bed which can be used to rest, while the bottom to put toys and books.

While the rest of the room, leave it open to place a carpet as a children’s play mat.

Camaro 2x2

11. Living Room and Work Room

If you visit often and also often work from home, just make this room of 2 × 2 meters to meet the needs of both.

This room design accommodates two day bed enough for rest and also work space.

When there are no guests, you can work in this comfortable room, it is really nice to have a multifunctional room.


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