11 good and fair ways to get rid of cats without injury

11 good and fair ways to get rid of cats without injury

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Several ways to get rid of the village cat have been done, but still it does not work? This means, there are many things that must be considered. Avoid tort, do it naturally!

Friends of 99, cats are one of the most popular animals in the world.

It is considered an expensive animal and a favorite of many people.

Because of his favorite, the number of cats grows without control.

Nahthis is where it becomes a big problem.

As the population increases, the presence of cats becomes even more disturbing.

Not all of them are friendly, especially stray cats who sometimes carry disease-causing germs and bacteria.

This is where we need to apply how to get rid of cats properly.

But remember, don’t be rude!

How to get rid of a good and real cat?

See below.

11 ways to get rid of stray cats from home

1. Spreads a smell that cats do not like

how to get rid of a cat

Similar to other annoying pests, like mice and cockroaches, cats don’t like certain smells.

Uniquely, we actually like this perfume because it smells good and smells good, so it doesn’t matter when we diffuse it in the house.

These flavors include:

Although some people consider the smell of lemon to be very delicious, it is often used as a room freshener, unlike domestic cats.

Basically, cats don’t like strong smells because they feel strong on the nose.

Nahone of which is not pleasant is the smell of lemon.

Similar to lemon, menthol can be said to smell like a refreshing aroma for some humans.

However, it is inversely proportional to animals, especially cats.

Menthol here can be exemplified as balm, wind oil, eucalyptus oil, and other scents that contain menthol.

Yes this yeah not only cats, but not a few humans avoid when the smell of chili is so strong.

Especially if these effects can affect the eyes to cause pain.

Usually, the smell of chili comes out when you or a family member is cooking at home.

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2. Using Chicken Wire

how to get rid of a cat

Maybe you’ll think about putting up chicken wire as a barrier fence…

But it turns out, not so!

The chicken wire, on the other hand, is placed by making a base right on the ground…

Or some places that are often passed by the village cat.

In fact, cats hate walking on chicken wire.

His voice is loud and can break the silence around him, even making the village cat run away.

If you have this, your home is safe from the ambush of these bad animals.

3. Put Plants That Cats Hate

plants that cats hate

Some plants emit odors that cats do not like, one of which is coleus canina.

Not only cats, other animals, such as dogs, can also escape if given this plant.

Other recommendations are rue, lavender and pennyroyal.

You can put it in your yard, either combined with other plants or stand alone.

4. Install Electric Wire Fence

garden fence

Installing an electric wire is another effective way to get rid of cats.

But remember, the fence arrangement should not be in high voltage.

It should be noted that we do not aim to hurt the stray cat, but only to make the unfortunate with the least possible tension.

Cats are basically animals that are sensitive to external stimuli…

Even if you welcome him a little harshly, he may feel uncomfortable, so in the smallest environment, a stray cat reluctantly enter the house.

Again, remember yes…

Do not regulate high voltage electricity!

5. Spray Water

how to get rid of a cat

Cats will be helpless when sprayed with water.

There are many ways to do this, one of which is to buy a small water gun.

You can also use a water device as a plant sprinkler in the yard.

The trick is to install it timer automatically when the cat entered the house.

Or even easier, now there is a technology that makes the device sensitive and turns on immediately when the steps of the cat feel like sneaking through the yard.

6. Use the Sound devices

how to get rid of a cat

How to get rid of this cat is really effective and does not interfere with humans.

Yes, install ultrasonic devices around the house.

The tool can make a sound that irritates the cat.

While it is on, the man will not be disturbed…

Because the sound is outside the range of our auditory ability.

Only some animals can hear this sound, for example cats, dogs, bats.

The motion sensor can detect the presence of intruders and emit high-frequency sounds that can scare cats.

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You can also make your own noisy device by putting marbles or pebbles in an empty can that can upset the cat when it walks on the fence.

Or, use a sensitive buzzer or wind chime that makes a sound when the cat vibrates.

7. Commercial Cat Repellents

how to get rid of a cat

There are many commercial cat repellants that you can use today.

The drug is in powder form, it usually contains the smell of urine from other predators that cats fear.

Or, it could be the aroma of vegetable and fruit species that were described above.

These commercial cat repellants are also usually in granular form.

The way to use it is to spray it around the area where the village cat lives.

Some of these cat repellent products, you should choose carefully.

Some contain harsh chemicals, some are organic.

As a suggestion, choose a commercial cat repellent with natural or organic ingredients.

However, do not let the domestic cat get sick and even die around your home area due to intense exposure to drugs that contain harmful substances.

Go on. back to original purpose…

Here, we will not hurt the cat, but only chase it.

8. Cleaning the House Area Around

how to get rid of a cat

It is not impossible, if the cause of the village cat that often visits the house is your own negligence in maintaining cleanliness.

You have to understand that a hungry cat will do anything to get food…

One of them is to dismantle the garbage at home.

If you don’t take out the trash, it means you have to get rid of this bad habit.

From now on, clean your living environment from food waste.

At any time, food waste can invite stray cats to enter your home.

Also, try to sweep and pay attention to the environment…

Are there any traces of the stray domestic cat?

Yes, traces can be footprints or even the smell of excrement

If there is, then immediately to be cleaned.

Clean until it is completely gone, you need to add spray freshener.

Like other wild animals, cats will mean the power to defecate in that place.

Through house cleaning efforts, your steps in implementing how to get rid of cats will be open.

9. Close the Narrow Gap

how to get rid of a cat

The next way to get rid of the cat is to close the narrow space where the animal is smuggled.

Pay attention to the fence and small spaces, does the native cat fit into it?

If so, cover it with a special medium, such as a wooden board or use the remaining chicken wire on top.

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Do not forget the access from the yard!

So what if a cat sneaks through the roof?

Although it is a little difficult, but try to climb and cover the access.

Usually cats take advantage of tiles that are less sticky than others.

If the cat has fallen from the plate, it is time for you to act to close the access to the roof.

Even if he can climb, when he discovers that there is no access to go down, the village cat will give up and refuse to climb again.

10. Fear of Lydia

I'm sorry people

Cats are basically afraid of flat, hard and long objects…

Call cucumber, bamboo slices and others.

Why did it happen? Yes, it was predictable right…

It is a natural instinct that cats are afraid of snakes, reptiles with slippery scaly bodies.

If you saw a snake, the cat can escape!

So what does the stick do?

Although it is not very similar, it turns out that the shape of the stick can resemble a snake if it is shaken by hand.

Just scare the cat by waving a stick, no need to hit it.

In addition to the snake’s movements, the sound caused by the blow of a stick can also disturb the peace of the cat.

11. Put a bottle of water

water bottle

How to get rid of this village cat is unique and you must try, Friend 99.

Yes, put water bottles in places where cats travel.

This effort is not commonly made by the people of Indonesia, but it is recognized as effective by the Japanese population.

It is believed that bottled water makes stray cats like to come, rummage through garbage, steal food and even defecate in front of your house.

This can be difficult to explain…

But as we know, cats hate water and the presence of the bottle can be a threat to him.

Especially when the bottle is exposed to the sun, the water will sparkle and make the cat run away.


Friends of 99, reminded again that how to get rid of cats should be done as reasonably as possible.

The point is, they are also living beings that should be taken care of and should not be injured.

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