11 free home design apps with the most comprehensive features

11 free home design apps with the most comprehensive features

To make a house more attractive, you do not need to use the services of an architect, because you can do it yourself. This is because currently there are many home design applications that can help you design your home well.

For those of you who want to renovate your home space, here are 10 home design apps that can be used on Android or PC.

Home design app for android

  • Home design application Planner 5D

Planner 5D is quite a popular application, currently more than 10 million people use Planner 5D. Through this application you can create very realistic house designs in 2D and 3D modes, users can also design each room in the house in detail, interestingly this application can be used in online neither offline. The Planner 5D application can be downloaded from here.

  • Home design application Room planner

Room Planner is a very realistic home design application, this application has also collaborated with the furniture supply company IKEA, so you can immediately use the furniture sold in IKEA. Room Planner also has features that are very easy to understand so that it can be easily used. If you are interested in downloading Room Planner, you can try it here.

  • Home design application Interior Design Ideas Houzz

Another home design application is Houzz Interior Design Ideas, this application provides 20 million designs that can be used as inspiration, from living room designs, bedrooms to bathrooms. You can also mix and match any room design to your heart’s content. Houzz Interior Design Ideas can be downloaded from here.

  • Home design application Creator of the plan

If you plan to make a home design in the form layout You can use the Floor Plan Creator, using this floor plan creator you can make a very accurate house design, because it is equipped with a distance calculation. Check it out this if interested, download the plan creator.

  • Home design application 3D Outdoor / Garden house design

For those who want to make a complete house design with a garden, garage or inner court can use Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden. The use of this application is quite easy because it provides a variety of features that can help you decorate, such as the characteristics of the types of plants, pools, canopies and others. The Home Design 3D application can be downloaded from here.

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Home design app for pc

  • Home design application DreamPlan

    DreamPlan is a very useful home design application, whether you are building a small or large house. DreamPlan provides a variety of templates that can be used easily even for those who are designing a house for the first time.

  • Home design application SketchUp

Another design application for PC is SketchUp, the application can be used for both Windows and Mac. SketchUp can allow someone to draw a house in 3D and then print it. SketchUp can be downloaded from here.

  • Home design application Sweet home 3D

For those who design a house for the first time, you can use the Sweet home 3D application, this application is very easy to use here you can make a house design in the form put out and 3D.

  • Home design application Home from me

Home By Me is a design application developed by Dassault Systèmes SE, the features offered by this application are quite complete, because there are many choices of ornaments to create attractive homes. Click this if you want to download Home By me.

  • Home design application Roomstyler 3D planner

Other application options are Roomstyler 3DInterestingly, this application can be used immediately without downloading, how to use it is very easy, through this software, the plan to have a dream residence is already in sight.

  • Home design application Homestyler

Homestyler is quite a well-known home decoration application, through this application you can build a house or design a home room freely. The method is very easy, you just need to take a photo of the room, then the design can be combined with the application.

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Advantages of Using the Home Design Application

  • The process of making a design with a home design application is easier
  • Using a home design application is also more time efficient
  • The home design application is equipped with features from A to Z, allowing you to design entire rooms