11 Effective Ways to Eradicate Termites Naturally until they are destroyed

11 Effective Ways to Eradicate Termites Naturally until they are destroyed

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Termites are one of the most dangerous pests for homes because they can cause a lot of damage. If you have a termite attack, we overcome it by exterminating the following termites.

This pest is very annoying.

The reason is that they are always present in a complete colony with the termite queen when they nest in the house.

As a result, wooden furniture, books, documents and tickets are often damaged by termites.

Before that happens, it is better to understand how to get rid of termites properly so that the house does not collapse and become a termite nest.

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11 effective ways to eradicate termites to extinction

1. Dry the book under the sun

dry books

Source: thesamikhsya.com

The first way to get rid of termites and should not be missed is to secure the books.

Dry the books periodically in the sun so that the books are not damp.

Hot sunlight can be a natural termite exterminator because termites don’t like it, because they don’t want to nest in that place.

In fact, sunlight can also kill termites.

2. Make a cardboard trap

If you want to defeat the enemy, find out information about them, including their location

The easiest way to detect the presence of termites is to make a cardboard trap.

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You just need to wrap the cardboard and store it in a place that you suspect is a termite nest.

If there are wood termites or subterranean termites, in a short time the termites will move into the wet cardboard.

Next, you just have to choose the right termite extermination method to destroy them.

3. Lower the room temperature

Sometimes, how to get rid of termites can not only rely on termite exterminator drugs.

You also need to know how to get rid of termites with an easy manipulation, for example, by adjusting the temperature of the room.

Termites don’t just hate light and heat, they hate extreme cold too!

You can use this as a profitable and easy way to get rid of termites.

Just put the wooden furniture that can be attacked by termites in an air-conditioned room and set the air conditioning to a low temperature.

In this way, wood termites or wall termites will disappear immediately. Very practical, right?

4. Using Nematode Worms

how to get rid of termites

There is a species of worm that is quite unique called a nematode worm, have you ever heard of it?

This worm is really a parasitic worm in the garden, but on the other hand it can also be used as a natural termite exterminator.

With the help of nematode worms, the entire termite colony from the parent to the eggs will be completely cleared of these worms until nothing remains.

Effectively used as a way to get rid of termites on walls!

5. Use boric acid

Several chemicals have been proven to be effective termite exterminators, one of which is boric acid.

The way to use it is to spray or coat different furniture in the house with boric acid.

So that the results are maximized, you can use this chemical anti-termite drug repeatedly until the termites are reluctant to eat the furniture.

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6. Flush with soapy water

The next way to get rid of termites that you can try is to use soapy water.

This chemical termite exterminator is certainly very easy to obtain when compared to other chemical liquids.

The use of liquid soap serves to disrupt the breathing flow of termites so that they die more quickly.

How to use it is quite easy because you only need to spray liquid soap all over the wooden furniture damaged by termites.

7. Camphor storage

You can also eradicate termites with camphor, that’s it!

This chemical has been proven to be a powerful and effective anti-termite drug.

The naphthalene content in camphor is deadly to small insects, such as termites.

Not only this, eradicating termites with camphor at home can also eradicate various other insects, such as cockroaches and ants.

Just put a handful of camphor in the wooden furniture at home, the termites are guaranteed to be reluctant to approach.

According to some people, this method of eradicating termites with new lime is the most effective compared to other methods.

8. Widen Ventilation

how to get rid of termites

The eradication of termites should not only use termite exterminators, cook.

Although this method is quite simple, it is very important to do it.

Usually, the house becomes damp due to the lack of air flow and light entering and exchanging in the house.

That is why you need to add or extend the air and light ventilation in the house.

You need to make sure that the atmosphere of the house and the furniture are no longer damp.

If you have done this, the temperature of the room will be more extreme and the termites will not be defined.

9. Repair Broken Ceramics

Did you know that you can make your home termite free by repairing broken or damaged tiles.

This method of getting rid of termites may seem trivial, but it is really important for you to try.

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The reason is, from the cracked ceramic water vapor can escape which then makes the air on the walls and in the house more humid.

If this is the case, it will surely be a disaster that attracts termites into the house, right?

10. Seal Wall Cracks

termites on the walls of the house

Apart from the cracked ceramics, the cracked walls also need to be repaired immediately, right, Friends of 99!

Cracked walls can also be an attractive entry point for termite armies to unknowingly invade your home.

If this is the case, you will definitely find it difficult to find the right and instant termite exterminator so that the effects do not get worse, right?

Go ahead, close it right away and fix the cracked walls to make sure the house is completely termite free!

11. Dry Furniture

As with books and documents, you also have to dry the furniture at home often so that they are not damp.

This method of getting rid of termites applies to cabinets, tables, chairs, and many other furniture in the house.

Furniture or furniture made of wood is really very susceptible to damage from wood termites.

If the wooden furniture has been damaged by termites, any termite control will no longer be useful.

That’s why the best way to get rid of termites in wardrobes and wooden furniture is to dry it.

When it dries, you can simultaneously inspect the furniture, maybe something is damaged or needs repair.


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