11 Cool and Cozy House Paint Colors

11 Cool and Cozy House Paint Colors

Talking about house paint colors is never boring. There are many cool house paint color references that you can apply to your home.

Of course, choosing a house paint color is not a trivial thing, but it requires precision in determining the right color. Don’t let the house paint color you choose create a bad impression when seen by the eye.

Choosing a cool house color certainly provides good benefits for the residents of the house. This is because the fresh color of the paint of the house can give the impression of being shaded and cold so that it adds to the comfort of the residents.

So, what are the house paint colors that make a fresh impression? Read on for the following article review!

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1. White

white house paint color
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The color white is one of the most used house paint colors by the residents of the house. In addition to providing a bright color, the white color is considered to add a cool effect and shade.

In addition to giving a fresh impression, white can also give the impression of a larger room. In fact, the white paint color is very easy to combine with other furniture colors such as black, gray and green.

2. Greens

green house paint color
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The color green is very synonymous with the color of trees and the calming natural atmosphere. It is not surprising if you use green as a paint color for your home, it will produce a shady and cool atmosphere that will increase your comfort.

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To give it a much nicer atmosphere, you can add a few ornamental plants around the room. In this way, the feeling of the lush and beautiful nature will be more and more radiated throughout your home.

3. Pastel yellow

pastel yellow house paint color
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Yellow is really one of the colors that is quite extravagant and catches the attention. But you can use this pastel yellow color as the main paint color for your home with a mixture of slightly older furniture colors.

Pastel yellow will certainly create a different impression when compared to yellow in general. Pastel yellow house paint colors can give the impression of a calmer, cooler color with additional bright accents.

4. Cream

cream bedroom paint color
Photo: Freepik

The color that can refresh the next room is the color cream. This color in general has an impression that is almost similar to white, which can make the impression of a wider room.

Using color creamOf course, you need to match the colors of your furniture so that the atmosphere of the room becomes more lively and dynamic. In addition, you can also use it wallpaper as an alternative to using color paint cream.

5. Light Purple

purple house paint color
Photo: Pixabay

Light purple is a paint color that can brighten up a room. In general, this color is used for women’s bedrooms. However, you can also apply it throughout your home.

To add a minimalist and elegant impression, light purple can be combined with furniture in white and pastel colors.

6. Rose

pink house paint color
Photo: Freepik

This color is known as the female color. This is because most of the users are women. However, it is possible if you use pink as the basic color of your home.

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In addition to giving a fresh impression to the whole room, you can easily combine pink with other colors. However, you need to know which colors are suitable to be combined with this color. Do not let the colors you combine destroy the harmony of the color.

7. Light gray

light gray house paint color
Photo: Freepik

Another cool house paint color is light gray. Light gray is generally rarely used as a room or house facade color. However, you can use this color to achieve a cool and relaxed effect.

In addition to this, light gray is quite easy to combine with other colors of furniture. So, after having the impression of a fresh room, spacious and elegant at the same time.

8. Tosca

tosca room paint color
Photo: Freepik

There are also many residents who do not use the Tosca color as their main house paint color. In fact, the Tosca color can give the impression of a home that is more pleasant and bright.

Not only that, the Tosca house paint color gives you the impression of an elegant house while maintaining a natural impression. In any case, you need to combine the color of tosca with a neutral color so as not to damage the general harmony of the color.

9. Burgundy

burgundy house paint
Photo: Freepik

Not just house paint colors burgundy it gives you the impression of a luxurious home. In addition, when combined with ornamental plants that add to the shadowy and beautiful atmosphere.

Even so, there are still many who have not applied the color burgundy this as their house paint color. Therefore, you can try it on the accent color of the door or window to add a fresh and luxurious impression.

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10. Lilac

lilac room
Photo: My move

Currently, the use of lilac house paint is increasingly used and favored by millennials. The lilac color itself expresses things that are feminine, romantic, and even elegant.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you use this color as the basic color of your home, it creates the impression of a fresh and elegant room. You can also complement it with home decorations that have pastel colors to give a bright impression in every corner of the room.

11. Blue Sky

room color sky blue
Photo: Qanvast

If you like blue, you can use the right sky blue paint to make your house look fresh. The blue color is very good when combined with many other bright colors like white.

By using the blue sky, you will get a shady and comfortable home atmosphere for your eyes to see. For those of you who like luxury, you can use a slightly darker blue color.

Here are some cool house paint color inspirations that you can apply both inside and outside of your home. Of course, choosing the right house paint color can make the room in your house feel cooler, shaded and comfortable to the eye. I hope this article is useful for you!