11 Avitex paint color inspirations for the living room, so good!

11 Avitex paint color inspirations for the living room, so good!

avitex paint colors for living room

For property owners who are still confused about the choice of house paint colors, the following Avitex paint color choices for living rooms can be the best inspiration. Check out the tips here!

The living room is an area that is often the focus of visitors who come to the house.

A beautiful, stunning and fresh living room can impress anyone, here we go.

It is not surprising that the owner designed the living room to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

NahTo create this impression, you can apply the living room paint from Avitex wall paint.

Avitex wall paint is an interior paint acrylic emulsion of styrene resin which makes the paint adhere perfectly.

The advantages of this brand of paint include antifungal, mercury-free and finish Matt.

Go ahead, take a look at the Avitex paint color inspiration for the best living room below!

11 Avitex paint color inspirations for the living room

1. White (A1501)

avitex paint colors for living room

Sum: blibli.com/Mitra10 Official Store

White is a popular Avitex paint color for living rooms.

The white color gives the impression of minimalism and clean, here we go.

NahAvitex offers white (A1501) that you can apply in the living room.

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Besides being minimalistic, white can also make a room look more spacious.

You can also choose an attractive bright white (900) or super white (SW).

2. Chrysan White (A44544)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: avianbrands.com

The recommended Avitex paint color for the living room is chrysanthemum white.

This color gives a soft impression that makes the living room look minimalist.

White chrysanthemum is perfect when combined with other neutral colors.

In fact, you can combine it with wood accents on the home furniture.

3. Ash Gray (093)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: shopee.co.id/mitra10bahandinding

Planning to apply the monochrome concept in the living room?

Go ahead, choose the gray Avitex paint color.

Ash gray color is a gray color that is not too flashy.

NahThis color is very appropriate when combined with black or white.

4. Modern Gray (675)

Source: avianbrands.com

Unlike before, modern gray is a paint color for a large living room.

The color is quite dense so it is suitable for a large living room so it doesn’t look cramped.

Not just a color, you can apply the modern gray as one of the color combinations of the living room paint at home.

5. Light Cream (A44195)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: shopee.co.id/mitra10bahandinding

The paint color inspiration for the next living room is light cream.

Avitex offers cream (A44195) or light cream (831) colors that can be adapted to the concept of the living room.

This is a new color that is suitable for a minimalist living room because the color is not too flashy.

6. Green Bay (260)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: monotaro.id

For those who are interested in bright colors, the green bay (260) may be the right choice.

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Avitex paint colors for this living room give a cheerful impression, here we go.

Although it is bright, the green bay color from Avitex does not give a sticky impression.

You can apply this color to a small design living room.

7. Skyway (602)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: tokopedia.com/hokkygratissby

Next is the sky, Avitex paint color for a simple living room.

These colors include light blue that can be combined with neutral colors.

One of the light gray color combinations is white which gives a modern feeling.

8. Salted egg (776)

Source: avianbrands.com

Salted egg color is one of the newest Avitex paint colors.

Salted egg paint is the right color for a pastel themed living room.

Not only the living room, you can apply the salted egg color to paint the room.

9. Blue Harmony (600)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: bhinneka.com

Another color recommendation is blue harmony (600).

The blue harmony includes a bright blue color and is quite striking.

If you like contrasting shades, there is nothing wrong with choosing blue for the living room.

10. Cream (040)

avitex paint colors for living room

Source: avianbrands.com

Cream is a fairly popular Avitex paint color, Property People.

Many choose cream colors because they give a soft impression.

To make this impression, pay attention to the combinations of paint colors of the living room according to the desired concept.

11. Dark ivory (N31-003)

Source: avianbrands.com

Avitex paint color recommendation for other living rooms is dark ivory.

Dark ivory is a dark gray color.

Dark gray color can be an option for industrial houses.

Interested in applying this color in the living room?

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Go ahead, check the price of Avitex varnish immediately according to your needs.


These are the Avitex paint color recommendations for the living room.

So, which one do you choose?

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