11 11.11 Promotional Products You Must Buy

11 11.11 Promotional Products You Must Buy

promotion 11.11

The date of the twins has always been a day that many people have been waiting for. After the 10.10 promo, now we enter promotion 11.11 atruparupa.com. Don’t worry, we have provided recommendations for the best 11.11 promotional products.

Well, on this double date of 11.11, www.lacrymosemedia.com presents #B11GDeals which provides various tempting offers for you. There are many discounts and cashback interesting things that can make your purchase cheaper.

Recommendations for the 11.11 Promo Products atruparupa.com

Go ahead, see what 11.11 promotion products you should buy this time.


Information 50x50x40 Cm Bean Bag Square – Pink

1. Bean Bag

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Recommendations for 11.11 onruparupa.com promo products that you should buy are bag of beans. This bench with a flexible shape, can follow the curve of the body when you are on it. Not only that, the look of the family room can be more aesthetic, lho.


Brino sliding door wardrobe – white

2. Sliding Door Wardrobe

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Do you want to change the wardrobe at home? This is the perfect time to buy a new wardrobe. The price of this beautiful sliding door wardrobe is up to 50% off, you know. This multifunctional wardrobe is equipped with large mirrors that make the bedroom spacious.

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Hudson Class 1 Ltr Electric Kettle – Black

3. Electric kettle

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If you are a coffee and tea lover, then you must have this tool. Don’t worry, the electric kettle offered by Kels is BPA free free and made of materials polypropylene which has automatic protection if overheat.


Oakland Fabric Sofa Sleeper – Gray

4. Sofa bed

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With a couch bed, living room or family room can be multifunctional. You see, this soft sofa can turn you into a bed. UTo return the promotion of 11.11, the price of this sofa is discounted up to 50%.


Shelf for 4-level storage carts 38x26x86 cm

5. Multipurpose car

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Well, because the items at home are not scattered, you can use this versatile kitchen cart with 4 levels. You can use this trolley in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom.


Sleeplite 120×200+30 Cm Polyester Sheet Set Livia Stripe – Blue

6. Sheets

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The right sheets can make us comfortable when we sleep. For those of you who want to add a collection of sheets at home, then you can choose an offer Sleeplite This is made of polyester.


What is the cordless vacuum cleaner – white

7. Vacuum cleaner

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Different from vacuum cleaner Another great thing, this vacuum cleaner is small, so it is practical and easy for you to store. Although it is small, the suction power is still strong and able to reach hard-to-reach areas.


Bloome 2-Door Wardrobe with 6-Tier Shelf

8. Closet

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In addition to its modern design, this cabinet can be used to store documents or other valuable objects because it can be closed. In addition, its simple white appearance can make the room look beautiful.

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Topaz Guest Table with Storage – Gold

9. Multifunctional guest table

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The guest table above has a futuristic and functional shape. You can not only put things on the table, but also inside. With this table, the look of the living room will become more modern.

10. Cutlery set

Ruparupa.com twin date promo
Appetite Set 12 pieces of ballerina tableware

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Beautiful cutlery can support the dining atmosphere, especially when hanging out with family. For this reason, you need a cutlery set with a charming design so that it can be used in formal dinner events with the family.

11. Fireproof safe

double date promo
Krisbow Mini 17nef Iron Safe 13mm – Black

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Do you have a lot of valuables at home? If yes, then the security of the house should be increased by presenting this safe. Despite its compact dimensions, this safe is able to safely store many valuables.

So, these are the 11 products you should buy during the 11.11 promo.

You can save money with the existing 11.11 promotion. In addition to being cheaper, the products offered are also of very high quality, you know.

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Shopping site online It also sells various furniture and home furnishings from well-known brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Selma, Toys Kingdom and Informa.

You can also get many other attractive offers, oh. Come, buy now and don’t miss out!