100 English animal names and meanings

100 English animal names and meanings

animal names in english animal card

From childhood, children should not only be taught to recognize letters and numbers, but they also need to know the names of animals. Also, animals are living things that can be our friends.

If we keep animals at home, be it dogs, cats or rabbits, so do we need to involve the child in the treatment. By By knowing the names of the animals, your little one can love these animals more.

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Well, we can also teach him the names of animals in English so that he can increase his vocabulary.

Without further ado, check out the English animal names below, let’s go!

Animal names from the letters A – J

1. Alpaca: alpaca or alpaca

2. Alligator: crocodile

3. Ant: ant

4. Antelope: antelope

5. Monkey: monkey or ape

6. Grandfather: baboon

7. Bat: bat

8. Bear: bear

9. Bee: bee

10. Bird: birds

11. Buffalo: bull

12. Butterfly: vocabulary

animal names in english
Source: unsplash.com

13. Camel: I wanted

14. Cat: cat

15. Caterpillar: caterpillar

16. Catfish: catfish

17. Centipede: centipede

18. Chicken: chicken

19. cockroach: cockroach

20. Cow: cow

21. Crab: crab

22. Crocodile: crocodile

23. Crow: crow

24. cricket: cricket

25. Deer: deer

26. Dog: dog

27. Dolphin: dolphin

28. Donkeys: Donkeys

29. Dragonfly: dragonfly

30. Duck: duck

31. Aquila: eagle

32. Eel: eel

33. Elephant: elephant

34. Fox: serrigala

35. Firefly: firefly

36. Fish: fish

37. Flamingo: flamingo

38. Fly: to fly

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39. Frog: catak

40. Ferret: fox

41. Gecko: gecko

42. Giraffe: giraffe

43. Goat: goat

44. Goldfish: goldfish

45. Goose: goose

46. ​​Guinea pig: groundhog

Animal names in English
Source: unsplash.com

47. Hedgehog: mud

48. Horse: horse

49. Hippopotamus: kudanil

50. Insects: insects

51. Iguana: iguana

52. Medusa: Medusa

Animal names from the letters K – Z

53. Kangaroo: kangaroo

54. Komodo dragon: komodo

55. Ladybug: beetle

56. Lemur: frog

57. Leopard: leopard

58. Lion: element

59. Lizard: lizard

60. Monkey: monyet

61. Mosquito: mosquito

62. Mouse: mice

63. Octopus: octopus

64. ostrich: ostrich

65. Otter: otter

66. Owl: owl

67. Oxen: buffaloes

68. Oysters: hunt

69. Panda: panda

animal names
Source: unsplash.com

70. Panther: panther

71. Parrot: parrot

72. Peacock: peacock

73. Pig: babi

74. Dove: dove

75. Shrimp: shrimp

76. Quail: quail

77. Rabbit: rabbit

78. Raccoon: raccoon

79. Rat: rat

80. Rhinoceros: rhinoceros

81. Scorpion: scorpion

82. Horse: sea horse

83. Sea urchins: pig’s hair

84. Shark: shark

85. Sheep: sheep

86. Shrimp: shrimp

87. Snail: snail

88. Snake: ular

animal names in english
Source: unsplash.com

89. Spider: double

90. Squid: cumi-cumi

91. Starfish: starfish

92. Swan: goose

93. Tiger: macano

94. Tortoise: kura-kura

95. Turtle: kura-kura

96. Wasp: man

97. Wolf: wolf

98. Whale: whale

99. Worm: worm

100. Zebra: zebra

Well, that’s 100 animal names in English and their meaning. Go ahead, learn and multiply your child’s English vocabulary by learning the names of animals.

Learn animal names through thumbnails

So that your child can know more animals, you can teach the names of these animals to your child with dolls, miniatures or animal cards, you know.

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