10 wedding gift ideas with a budget of IDR 700,000

10 wedding gift ideas with a budget of IDR 700,000

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Marriage is one of the most sacred and happy moments in a person’s life. Usually, the closest people will attend the wedding bringing special gifts.

Of course, getting a memorable wedding gift will be an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds. However, we sometimes get confused about choosing the right gift, especially with a limited budget

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Wedding gift ideas IDR 700,000

Here are gift ideas with a budget of IDR 700,000 that you can give for the weddings of friends and relatives.

1. Sheets and Blankets Wedding Gifts

wedding gift
Sleeplite 180x200x30 Cm Set 5 Pz Seprai Polyester Stripe Earth

Price Rp 219 thousand

The best gift ideas to give to new couples are room appliances, such as sheets, blankets and pillows. You can provide sheets and blankets made of quality polyester that are cool and anti-mite.

2. Cookware Wedding gifts

kitchenware wedding gift
Set of 7 kitchen utensils Sofia Selma – white

Price 299 thousand IDR

Kitchen utensils can also be a useful wedding gift idea for couples who are about to move into a new home. Choose a set of kitchen utensils consisting of pots and pans, and quality food qualitysure, and non-stick.

3. Wedding gifts Air fryer

wedding gifts
Klaz 2.5 Ltr Low Fat Air Fryer – Hitam

Price 749 thousand IDR

You can also give air fryer This capacity of 2.5 liters as a wedding gift. With a kitchen jar stainless steel no stick, air fryer it is easy to clean and can produce food that is rich in flavor and not greasy.

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4. Air purifier

air purifier wedding gift
Kels Sapphire Air Purifier – White

Price 549 thousand IDR

Air purifier It can also be a wedding gift. Choose an ergonomic air purifier that measures 22.1 x 15.6 x 15.6 cm that is equipped with 2 stages of filtration, namely a HEPA filter and UV light to help kill germs.

5. Neck Massage Tool

wedding gift massage tool
Portable Neck Massager – Red

Price 541 thousand IDR

This portable massage tool is ergonomically designed to follow the shape of the neck and can help improve blood flow. Don’t worry, this neck massager with 7 massage modes makes no noise.

6. Facial steamer

facial steam
Kels Paris Facial Steamer – white

Price 429 thousand

Having healthy skin is definitely everyone’s wish. You can give facial steam as a wedding gift. Choose facial steam which has a water tank capacity of 85 ml with a power of 260 watts.

7. Table

Kris Set of 12 dinnerware – Blue Dot

Price 349 thousand IDR

Give a set cutlery The aesthetics will certainly make the dinner of the newlyweds even more special. To be healthy and durable, you can choose tableware made of SNI standard porcelain.

8. Pair of Hoodies

wedding gift ideas
Ataru Size Xl Basic Hoodie – Black

Price 173 thousand IDR

To make the spouses more friendly, give 2 hoodie with the same model for them to wear. Make sure hoodie comfortable and can make you look more stylish when you use it.

9. Vacuum cleaner

wedding gift
Blast Vac Pro V02406 vacuum cleaner

Price 679 thousand IDR

Vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner It can also be a wedding gift. You can choose a vacuum cleaner with a tank capacity of 200 ml, and it has 13 complementary accessories.

10. Photo Frame with Fabric Decoration

wedding gifts
Arthome Set of 7 Photo Frames with Canvas – Brown

Price 139 thousand IDR

Although simple, photo frames can also be memorable wedding gifts. Thus, they can capture various important moments at home. You can provide multiple photo frames with different sizes.

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So, there are many special wedding gift ideas that you can go through variety.

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