10 ways to win a lustful cat, without the need for mating

10 ways to win a lustful cat, without the need for mating

how to deal with cat lust

Find out how to deal with lustful cats at home, you don’t have to worry because it can be avoided without the need to marry the fur baby.

For those of you who have kept meowing long enough, you usually already know the cat’s puberty cycle.

It’s a different case, if you just take care of it feather childremember that these animals also have puberty.

Like other living beings, cats go through puberty, a period when their reproductive organs are ready to mate, become pregnant and give birth.

Quoted from the page Merdeka.comfemale cats experience the lust phase for the first time at 6-10 months of age.

While male cats begin to lust at the age of 10-12 months, the cats themselves have a long life of up to 15 years.

The cat’s estrous cycle can be once a month, but there are 2-3 months, the process lasts 4-5 days.

If you are starting to raise a cat, it is time to know this phase and how to deal with the lust of cats.

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This is important because cats can be noisy, throw tantrums, run away, and so on, which should be avoided.

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tips for overcoming lustful cats

Source: Seniorcatwellness.com

How to overcome passionate cats at home

1. Sterilize Cats

The easiest way to deal with this is of course neutering, whether on male or female cats.

The sterile method in this cat is to remove the reproductive organs in cats, namely the testicles (male) and ovaries (female).

2. Separate male and female cats

If you have several cats of different sexes, try to separate the males and females.

If possible, you should enter animal cage and make sure you don’t go out of your way to try to mate with the opposite sex.

3. Put a Warm Holder on the Reproductive Organs of the Cat

The next way to deal with lustful cats can be to put a hot seat on the reproductive organs that are sensitive.

You can put a warm pillow, a warm blanket, or something else so that cats who want to mate can be more relaxed.

4. Put the Cat in the Isolation Room

Worried, the pet cat ran out of the house and searched my country to marry, just try to close it.

You can put it in an isolation room, it can be a cat cage or one of the rooms of the house.

5. Using Feliway diffuser at home

The next way to deal with lustful cats is to use feliway diffusersort of air diffuser for animals

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This equipment can spread a scent that makes the meow calmer, is no longer eager or want to mate.

hot cat in the house

Source: Thesprucepets.com

6. Cleaning Litter Box Routinely

When cats are in heat, they usually leave marks or traces of urine left on their feet litter box.

Of course, you should clean this litter box more often so as not to provoke other types of cats to come.

7. Give sedatives

If the cat is still in heat, just try to give it a sedative to make the cat calmer.

It’s easy, just put a drop in the cat’s mouth, but it’s really difficult because the animal’s meow is fierce.

8. Put on a Calming Aromatherapy

Make no mistake, there is aromatherapy that is calming for cats so that it can reduce the level of lust.

The smell of catnip can calm the meow or you can give it catnap right to your favorite cat?

9. Pay Extra Attention to Cats

The easiest way to deal with lustful cats is to give them extra attention to the fur baby.

Cats need more treatment because usually their behavior can make the owner nervous.

10. Give Injections of Estrogen and Progesterone Levels Regulating Hormones

If the cat is still difficult to tame, you can take it to the vet for a hormone regulation injection.

However, keep in mind that your pet’s hormones may be disturbed, of course, it deserves more consideration.

Well, that’s how to easily deal with lustful cats at home, you can try different suitable solutions.


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