10 ways to take care of Betta fish to be healthy, easy!

10 ways to take care of Betta fish to be healthy, easy!

How to take care of Betta fish

Do People Keep Betta Fish at Home? Find out how to properly care for Betta fish below, go!

The Betta fish is one of the freshwater aquarium fish that is currently kept by many people.

There are many reasons why someone chooses to keep this type of fish.

Starting from to fill free time, relieve stress, to make the room more beautiful.

Regardless of the reasons of each individual to keep fish with Latin names Betta Fish In this case, the care of the betta fish should not be done without care.

If not, the fish that are kept will die.

So, how do you properly care for Betta fish?

The right way to care for Betta fish

how to care for betta fish so they don't die

Source: Livescience.com

1. Choose the Right Container

The Betta fish is a type of freshwater fish that can survive in a tank.

Instead, choose a container with a diameter of 20 x 15 x 15 cm or one that can hold up to 3 liters of water as a new habitat for the betta fish.

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This was chosen so that the betta fish can move more freely.

2. Pay attention to the type and volume of water

Paying attention to the type and volume of water is another way of caring for Betta fish that is important to do.

As you know, Betta fish are classified as freshwater fish.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use tap water or wells that have been rained for a day.

Meanwhile, the ideal volume of water to keep Betta fish is about 40-60 percent of the aquarium.

3. Clean the Aquarium Routinely

how to care for Betta fish in an aquarium

Source: Aquariumcoop.com

When you clean the water, you should not throw away the whole water. However, always leave some water first.

If the Property People replace the water as a whole, the fish can actually be stressed because they have to adapt to the new environment.

Instead of throwing away the whole water, it would be better if you leave some water and fill it with new water according to the predetermined volume.

The most ideal time to change the water in the pool is 2-3 times a day.

4. Feed the fish regularly

Betta fish is a type of carnivorous fish.

This means that betta fish can be fed worms, insects, mosquito larvae, pellets, egg yolks, and the like.

Feed the fish twice a day.

5. Bask in the Sun

The next way to care for betta fish is to dry it in the sun.

The goal is to kill the bacteria and fungi found on the skin and container of the betta fish.

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The right time to dry is from 8 to 10 in the morning, for 30 minutes.

6. Give Special Salt to the Aquarium

Special functions of the salt to balance the osmosis in the body of the Betta fish.

In addition, salt can also help in the healing of wounds.

To use, you just sprinkle the salt up to 0.1 percent of the aquarium water.

7. Give Methyl Blue

If the tail or fin of the Betta fish is broken, the way to treat it properly is to give enough methyl blue to the aquarium water.

This methyl blue can help speed up the recovery process in betta or tail fish fins.

8. Treat Betta Fish When Weak

The way to treat sick betta fish so they don’t die later is to treat them with ointments and medicine. tetrachlor.

The trick, you can add a few drops of methyl blue, medicine tetrachlorolive oil and salt in the water.

Then, stir until smooth and put the fish back in the water.

9. Don’t Stress the Fish

So that the fish are not stressed, you can build a comfortable ecosystem for pet fish.

The method is very easy, you can make a fish aquarium similar to its natural habitat, providing rocks, aquatic plants, or ornamental plants in imitation of the average water in the aquarium.

10. Separate the Betta Fish

When Property People keep several betta fish, it is best to separate the female and male betta fish when it is not mating season.

Not only that, the male Betta fish should also be separated from other types of fish.

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So, there are many ways to care for betta fish that are easy to do.

Hope useful, yes!

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