10 ways to store vegetables in the refrigerator to make them last longer. Easy, really!

10 ways to store vegetables in the refrigerator to make them last longer. Easy, really!

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To save time, many choose to buy vegetables in bulk at once. However, few people really understand how to properly store vegetables in the refrigerator. Here is more information!

Regardless of the type, in general vegetables have a high water content in them.

Therefore, if you store it for too long, it will be easily damaged and rot.

To avoid this risk, there are several ways to store vegetables in the refrigerator that you need to know.

This is important so that the vegetables at home last longer and maintain their quality.

10 Ways to store vegetables in the refrigerator correctly

1. Sort Vegetables Before Storage

how to store vegetables in the refrigerator

Tips for storing vegetables in the fridge first is, sort the food ingredients you buy first.

Even vegetables from the supermarket should have yellow and brown parts.

Remove this part so that the damage does not spread to other areas and cut the root vegetables.

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2. Wash and Dry Vegetables Before Storing

After buying vegetables, immediately wash each part with running water and anti-bacterial soap.

So that all the bacteria and dirt that pop out of the surface

Bacteria and soil are one of the factors that accelerate the decay process.

After washing, remove and dry the vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator.

3. Wrap with Perforated Paper or Plastic

fresh vegetable storage tips

The next way to store vegetables in the refrigerator, do not put vegetables in airtight containers.

Plants still need oxygen to survive, so it’s best to use paper or perforated plastic to wrap them.

The paper will prevent the temperature of the refrigerator from soaking into the vegetables while the perforated plastic will allow for air flow.

For the mushrooms, they must be wrapped in paper, because they are easily wet and rotten if they are wrapped in plastic.

4. Separate vegetables and fruits

The next tip for storing vegetables in the refrigerator is to separate the storage from the fruit.

Fruits can produce ethylene which accelerates the ripening of fresh food ingredients.

In the end, this will cause the rotting process to occur more quickly in the vegetables.

If you want your vegetables to last three days without rotting, store them in a special shelf area.

In addition to fruits, you also need to separate vegetables from onions.

5. Try to Store Vegetables in Whole Form

The next important point is to store the vegetables in their healthy form.

Do not cut too early, as this will cause it to dry out and rot easily.

You only need to cut the roots so that the vegetables are clean.

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If you have to store vegetables that have been cut, place the container in the area freezer

6. Check the temperature in the refrigerator regularly

The way to store vegetables in the refrigerator so that they last longer is to always check the temperature.

A good temperature for storing vegetables is 1-4 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature is higher, bacteria grow easily and make the aroma and taste of vegetables so unpleasant.

7. Check the Condition and Quality of Vegetables Periodically

how to store vegetables in the refrigerator

When you store vegetables in the refrigerator, you can not leave them out for more than a week.

Some vegetables, such as eggplant and cucumber, only last five days in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, the maximum storage period for tomatoes is three days at cold temperature and five days at room temperature.

If you store more than this, the vegetables will slowly turn yellow, or even rot.

If this happens, remove the problem area immediately so as not to contaminate other plants.

8. Arrange vegetables according to their type on the shelf

Refrigerators usually have 3-4 storage shelves, so make good use of them to organize vegetables by type.

For example, put green leafy vegetables, such as kale, mustard, and spinach on the bottom plate.

The temperature here tends to be stable, so it is safe for vegetables that are more prone to rot.

So on the middle shelf store vegetables with low water content, such as carrots, cabbage, beans and long beans.

Next on the top shelf, store vegetables with a high water content such as cucumbers, chilies, eggplants and peppers.

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These tips for storing vegetables make it easier for you to check the condition of the vegetables in the refrigerator later.

9. Remember, not all vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator

There are some vegetables that cannot be stored in the refrigerator.

For example, tomatoes, because cold air can prevent the ripening process of tomatoes.

Even if you put the tomatoes in the refrigerator, separate them from the cucumbers.

The gas in the tomatoes will cause the cucumbers to roll quickly.

Then the basil leaves, because they easily burn and not fresh.

You should also keep the cooking spices outside, because the humidity in the refrigerator can cause the structure to become mushy.

So potatoes, you should store them in a darker and cooler place so that the starch is preserved,

10. How to Store Vegetables in the Refrigerator with Containers

how to store vegetables in a container in the refrigerator

If you want your vegetables to be arranged more cleanly, you can use a container.

However, this only applies to vegetables with hard stems, such as broccoli or carrots.

First, wash the carrots and broccoli, then peel or cut the parts you are going to use.

Put it in a tightly closed container and put it in the refrigerator.

Next, select the section freezer to store so that the vegetables last longer.


These are some tips on how to store vegetables in the refrigerator for you, Property People.

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