10+ Ways to prevent floods that you can do at home

10+ Ways to prevent floods that you can do at home

how to prevent flooding at home in several ways

If you know how to prevent flooding, you can do it to minimize losses. Check out the full review below.

Floods are one of the problems that often occur in Indonesia and have not been solved until now.

Well, in addition to providing flood emergency equipment, you must know how to prevent and overcome floods to minimize the impact of leaks.

In addition, the high intensity of rainfall in many areas often aggravates the impact of floods.

Therefore, there are several efforts that you need to make to prevent the flood conditions from worsening.

Launching from different sources, here are ways that you can do at home with the surrounding environment.

The right way to prevent flooding at home

how to prevent floods you can do at home

Source: cnbcindonesia.com

1. Diligently Clean the Drains

The first way to prevent flooding is to regularly clean waterways.

You can work together with the residents around the house to clean the culverts and make sure the water flows properly.

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This will help the water flow process faster and reduce the intensity of flooding that is not too severe.

2. Dispose of Trash in its place

how to deal with flooding at home

Source: Sumsel.kemenag.go.id

Disposing of the trash in its place is the most effective way to prevent floods from coming to your home or neighborhood.

The reason is that most of the floods occur because of the numerous blockages resulting from the accumulation of garbage in one point.

Standing water is also more difficult to retreat and flooding will last longer in your environment.

3. Have a garden at home

Having a garden at home is a way to make water infiltration so that the rainwater that falls immediately returns to the ground and is absorbed by the roots of the tree.

The hydrologic cycle or water cycle that runs well will produce stable conditions and prevent flooding.

In addition, the presence of a garden at home also makes the residence cooler and more beautiful.

4. Apply Paving Block

The next way to prevent flooding is to create alternative recharge using paving block.

Instead of closing all roads with asphalt or concrete that is difficult to absorb water, you should use it paving block.

This building material is able to drain the water that comes down from the sky to filter into the ground.

Interestingly, the current flooring model is increasingly varied and can adjust to your residential needs.

5. Avoid building a house by the river

how to deal with flash floods

Source: grid.id

Not building houses on the banks of the river can also be a way to face the land.

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Because, some severe flooding conditions can cause landslides.

In addition, buildings on the banks of rivers or streams are more prone to flooding, especially if the drainage system is not smooth and can reach the area around the river.

6. Make Biopore Holes in the home environment

how to deal with flooding from the government

Source: bukalapak

The next way you can do it is to make a cylindrical bioporous hole vertically.

These holes are usually 100 cm deep and are installed in places where water gathers, such as yards, near trees, and ditches.

The purpose of installing biopores is to reduce the risk of flooding so that rainwater is more easily absorbed by the soil.

7. Build Tall Houses

Building taller homes can also be a way to prevent flooding from entering the home, that’s it.

This method is usually effective if you live in a place prone to flooding.

Instead of piling things, you should build a higher house or build a terrace house.

8. Use Sandbags for Flood Barriers

how to prevent brain flooding

Source: Kompas.com

You can make sandbags as a way to deal with flooding at home.

You can put some sandbags between the house and the basement so that the flood water flows into the basement.

Instead, you can choose a bag that is good and not torn to make it safer.

9. Avoid Illegal Logging

As you know, illegal logging makes it more difficult for rainwater to seep into the ground.

Thus, avoiding illegal logging can prevent floods and minimize adverse impacts on the environment.

10. Install Block of grass

The same as paving blockbenefit block of grass is to increase water infiltration.

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Block of grass can increase the amount of water entering the soil with the presence of grass on the sides blocked.

11. Create a barrier at the door of the house

The way to prevent the last flood is to make a barrier in front of the house.

You can make a wall on the door or edge to prevent water from entering the house.

Because of the floods

Flood disaster is something that is difficult to avoid in Indonesia.

In fact, some areas are quite severe conditions during the rainy season.

There are several causes of flooding that you need to know about, including:

  • Heavy rain.
  • Snow and ice melt.
  • The dam or dam is broken.
  • Ocean waves come ashore like storm surges


It is the right way to prevent floods that you can do at home.

Hope useful, yes.

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