10 ways to organize a living room to feel more aesthetic and spacious

10 ways to organize a living room to feel more aesthetic and spacious

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Arrange the living room to make it look more spacious and really comfortable no it’s easy to say. But don’t worry, everything will be smooth if you know the following essential things. Go, see how to organize a living room to make it look comfortable and functional as in the following review!

In general, the living room is an important space that will make a first impression for people who come to the house.

Not only for visitors, sometimes the living room can also be a meeting area with family or relatives.

In this way, if the living room is not well organized, it is possible that the whole house will be judged to have the same condition.

In fact, the arrangement of the living room also describes the nature of the owner of the house, that’s it.

Therefore, you should not underestimate the layout of the living room in your residence.

In addition, there are many ways to organize a living room that is seen by the different types and functions of the needs of the room itself.

Go, see how to arrange the following living room so that the living room in your home feels comfortable and pleasing to the eye!

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10 Ways to organize a living room to make it more aesthetic and spacious

1. Using furniture that makes the room more spacious

living room

The first way to organize the living room is to meet the furniture needs for the living room.

In fact, the need for living room furniture for each person is different.

This is due to the lifestyle of the home owner.

For people who like to socialize, they often invite guests to come and use some furniture to make the room feel spacious.

But for people who are lonely and like to stay at home, they usually fill a lot of furniture to support their needs while they are at home.

2. Provide Comfortable Seating

living room sofa

It is undeniable that the presence of seats, such as sofas and chairs, is mandatory in the living room.

For those of you who often receive guests and spend time there, the right arrangement of the living room is to use a sofa chair that has cushions.

However, if the living room at home is rarely used, you can use a rattan chair or a minimalist chair, Property People.

3. Choose a Functional Storage Area

living room

When choosing decor, make sure you also have a storage area to house things, yes.

You can present a small shelf or closet, Property People.

The presence of a storage area will certainly make it easier for you to organize the living room so that it always looks clean and tidy. home.

4. Adding additional furniture

living room

In addition to some of the furniture above, you can also add additional furniture that suits your needs.

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If you often watch TV in the living room, you can add a TV table.

So, if you like to drink coffee, you can put it coffee table over there.

5. Choosing the Right Wall Color and Pattern

living room

How to organize the living room will not be separated from the color and pattern of the wall that you will apply to the living room.

The reason is, the wall is the dominant element that will influence the atmosphere and atmosphere of the room.

For a living room that is often visited by guests and family, you can avoid bright colors and excessive patterns.

The reason is, these elements will give the impression of being hard and become too tiring for the eyes.

So, use soft colors, such as white, to make the room feel comfortable.

6. Using the Right Planvinyl

The next arrangement of the living room is to choose the most comfortable floor material possible, such as warm materials and not too hard.

The general choices are parquet floors and vinyl.

However, many also want to bring luxury to the living room with the use of materials such as marble or other hard materials.

7. Use the Best Lighting

living room

The function of lighting in the living room is not only to facilitate the activity, but it can also enliven the atmosphere of the room.

Well, if you do a lot of activities, such as discussion and reading books, the use of bright white lighting will be a very good choice.

In addition to using the light from the lamp, you can also take advantage of natural light sources by opening the curtains from morning to evening.

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8. Using additional decorations


The living room feels more comfortable if you can add additional decorations.

You can choose decorations that can support the comfort. such as floor rugs and soft sofa cushions.

In addition, you can use artistic decorations such as statues, vases, for posters press to create a visual aesthetic in the living room area.

9. Add Wall Decorations

Wall decoration

A plain living room wall will certainly be more beautiful if you add an aesthetic wall decoration.

But don’t just make the decorations, make sure the size is not too small.

In addition to being less visible, decorations that are too small do not have a significant effect in the living room.

If you want to hang a painting or other decoration on the wall, make sure that the size is at least 2/3 of the sofa of the living room.

10. Select Focal Point room


The last way to organize the living room is to determine the focal point so that it can help organize the layout of the furniture.

For example, if the living room is dominated by beige, choose a wooden table with a touch of green as the focal point of the room.


I hope the review is useful, yes.

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