10 ways to get rid of bed lice and their eggs quickly!

10 ways to get rid of bed lice and their eggs quickly!

how to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs and their eggs can be a very annoying problem in the home. If you are looking for ways to get rid of bed bugs, check out this article!

The existence of bed bugs or what can also be called mites cannot be underestimated.

Bed bugs often hide in beds and live by sucking blood at night when a person sleeps.

These flat, brown insects are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide gas emitted by humans.

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How to get rid of bed fleas completely

1. Check every corner of the house

bugs or mites

First, start by identifying the source of the bed bugs.

Check the pillows, mattresses and beds, check them too furniture who was in the room.

Signs that there are bed bugs or mites around you:

– Spots like rust marks on sheets or mattresses indicate that there was once a mite that was crushed to be crushed

– Black handles, like marking spots, indicate the mites that excrete on the mattress or the sheets.

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2. Mattress drying

drying bed

Source: Balipost.com

The simplest way that can be done is to dry the mattress with pillows and cushions.

Dry in direct sunlight because mites are susceptible to high temperatures.

But make sure that when you want to move the mattress, keep it away from other articles in the room so that the fleas do not move.

3. Use Liquid Vinegar

white vinegar to get rid of bed bugs

Vinegar is not only useful as a food ingredient, but also serves as a way to get rid of bed bugs and various other insects.

Just spray the white vinegar liquid on the mite nest, and the mites will die.

4. Use Salt Water Mixture

salt water to eradicate bed bugs or mites

Another natural way to get rid of bed bugs is to use a salt water mixture.

Just mix clean water and salt in a 1:1 ratio, then put it in a bottle, and spray it well on the flea nest.

5. Use Durian Skin

durian skin

Source: Beritagar.id

Durian skin has a very pungent smell that bed bugs do not like.

Place the durian skin near the flea nest, and the bed bugs will die by themselves.

6. Use Candles

candles to get rid of bed bugs

Candles can also be used to repel bed bugs.

The method is very easy, drop the hot melted wax in the space where the bed hives are.

7. Insecticide Spray

bed bug insecticide

Source: Lazada.com

One way to get rid of bed bugs with chemicals is to use insecticides.

Use a flea exterminator with a poison level that is not too strong.

Spray it on the surface of the mattress and do it periodically until the time for the mite eggs to shake.

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This is done so that no new generation of mites can develop.

8. Spray a mixture of kerosene and camphor

camphor to eradicate bedbugs

Source: healthyliving.natureloc.com

Mix kerosene and camphor in a bottle, then spray on areas that are nests of mites.

9. Sprinkle Silica Gel

Source: Survasullivan.com

The contents of a bag of silica gel are porous granules made synthetically from sodium silicate.

You can use the silica gel from the items you just bought to get rid of bed bugs.

Sprinkle on the silica gel and the bed bugs will stick around and die. However, avoid this method if you have small children or pets at home!

10. Wash and dry clothes at high temperature

washing machine

Remove used clothes immediately before going to the washing machine.

Then, wash the clothes with hot water, and dry over high heat.

In addition to clothes, this also applies to other sleeping equipment such as sheets, pillows and cushions, blankets and covers.

These are 10 ways to get rid of bed bugs that you can apply at home.

Hopefully after trying a number of methods above, you will no longer be disturbed by its presence.


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