10 ways to get rid of ants more effectively with natural ingredients

10 ways to get rid of ants more effectively with natural ingredients

how to get rid of ants

How to get rid of ants can be done with natural ingredients such as pepper, vinegar, cinnamon and lemon.

One of the insects whose presence is not wanted at home is ants.

Although they do not carry diseases like rats, cockroaches, lizards, or even flies, the presence of ants is still a nuisance.

Of course yeahants tend to have a different behavior than flies that often travel to dirty and dirty places.

It’s just that, because you can’t tell if the ants have passed through a bad place or not.

Because they do not interfere with your activities, you may be wondering how to get rid of ants more effectively.

There is no need for chemicals that must be bought outside, just use the ingredients at home.

Immediately, let’s check how to get rid of ants with the following natural ingredients!

10 Ways to get rid of ants so they don’t come again with natural ingredients at home

1. Kapur

Chalk contains calcium carbonate that can repel ants.

Draw a line with chalk in an area frequented by ants, they don’t even bother crossing the line.

2. Lemon

lemon to repel ants

Ants do not like the sour smell of lemons.

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Therefore, you can use this method of getting rid of ants.

Put the lemon juice in a spray bottle, and spray the lemon juice in the door and window openings.

You can also spray it on areas frequented by ants.

You also drip lemon juice into any holes or crevices where ants enter.

3. Oranges

Like lemons, ants do not like the sour smell of oranges.

You can squeeze lemon juice and spray it on a certain area, or put orange peels in places where ants are common.

4. vaseline

vaseline to repel ants

Source: Webmd.com

Have you ever heard of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? Yes, this is known as a skin care product.

But who would have thought, vaseline also considered effective as an ant repellent.

The smell and texture of the sticky gel makes the ants not dare to approach.

You can apply vaseline to a place frequented by ants.

For example, such as cat food containers, table legs, cabinet legs, and other places.

5. Pepper

Ants really hate pepper or peppers because of the spicy aroma.

Sprinkle pepper in the areas where the ants have entered your home, this will help get rid of the ants.

Even ants will no longer dare to enter your house when they smell the pepper.

6. Flour

flour to repel ants

Flour can also be used as an ingredient to repel ants.

Sprinkle flour on paths frequented by ants.

They will find it difficult to discard the line of flour that has been sown and choose to leave it.

5. Garam

Using salt to remove ants from your home is the cheapest way to do it.

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Mix the salt with hot water, then spray the solution in the corners of the house.

Guaranteed, the ants do not have to be present in the area that has been sprayed.

8. White vinegar

the use of white vinegar

Basically, ants hate sour smells, be it from oranges, lemons or vinegar.

Put in a bottle a mixture of white vinegar and water, then shake.

Just a little splash, the ants will run away.

7. Cinnamon

Don’t want to make your house smell sour just to keep the ants away?

You can use cinnamon and cloves, in addition to scenting the room, you can also clean the ants.

It is believed that cinnamon acts as a natural repellent because ants cannot smell strong.

10. Betel leaf

betel leaf

sum: Green Ocean

Betel leaf is known as a traditional medicine that can cure various diseases.

But apart from this, betel leaf is also considered effective in repelling ants.

How to use it is quite easy.

Just place a few betel leaves in a place frequented by ants, and the ants will avoid these spots.

Here are 10 ways to get rid of ants that are proven effective.


Using the methods above, you do not need to remove the ants by hurting them.

I hope that is helpful!

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