10 Ways to Clean Cement Traces on Ceramics, Guaranteed Effective!

10 Ways to Clean Cement Traces on Ceramics, Guaranteed Effective!

how to clean ceramics from cement stains

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After building or renovating a house, concrete often remains attached to the tiled floor. Therefore, you have to know how to clean cement marks on ceramics that are effective so that the house looks clean.

When building or renovating a house, work on the floor often leaves cement on the ceramic surface.

These stains are easy to clean if the concrete is still wet, but it will be more difficult if the concrete is dry.

The remains of cement on the ceramic also make people who step on it feel uncomfortable.

This is because the ceramic surface will be contoured and irregular.

In addition to being uncomfortable, of course the floor of the house looks less clean and beautiful, right?

To fix this, we will see how to clean the ceramic after construction in the following review.

10 ways to remove traces of cement on ceramics

1. Use Baking Soda

how to clean cement on ceramic

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The first way to remove cement from ceramics is to use it baking soda or baking soda.

In fact, other stubborn stains will be removed with baking soda.

There are two ways to clean the cement on the ceramic what you can do with baking soda.

First sprinkle baking soda powder directly on the concrete and let it sit for some time.

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Then, brush the floor that has been sprinkled with baking soda until the stain disappears.

Second, dip a cloth or sponge into the bowl containing the baking soda.

Then, scrub the ceramic area with the sponge on the ceramic area that has cement residue.

When finished, wash with hot water until the tiles are clean again.

2. Pour the Liquid Vinegar

how to remove traces of cement on ceramics

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The second way to remove cement marks on ceramics is to use vinegar.

Like baking soda, you can use it in two ways.

First, sprinkle the vinegar directly on the area of ​​the floor affected by the cement stains.

Then, leave a few moments and mop the remaining cement.

Second, mix the vinegar solution in a spray bottle full of water.

Once mixed, spray the solution onto the concrete surface and rub gently.

3. Apply lemon juice

how to clean ceramics after construction

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Lemon water is known to have a high level of acid, so it is an effective way to remove cement marks from ceramics.

The trick, you just need to apply lemon water to the surface of the cement in the floor and leave it for a while.

Then, clean the remaining concrete with a mop or a broom on the tile floor at home.

Even so, you also have to be careful with the use of lemon, because its high acid content can also damage the ceramics.

4. Rub with Belimbing Wuluh

how to remove traces of concrete on the floor

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In addition to lemon, starfruit can also be used as a way to remove cement from ceramics.

You just need to rub the starfruit into the old cement area on the ceramic to strengthen the ceramic surface.

After scrubbing for a while, do not forget to brush the surface of the floor with a brush.

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In any case, wet the brush with water first, because the structure is softer and will not damage the ceramic.

5. Sprinkle salt

how to remove cement stains on ceramic

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Another way to remove cement stains on ceramics is to use salt.

The application method is easy, you just need to sprinkle the salt on the old concrete.

After that, leave the salt overnight and brush with a ceramic brush or a sponge.

If in the first test the remaining cement on the floor is still visible, repeat this method several times until the ceramic surface is completely clean.

6. Use the remaining shredded coconut

how to remove cement stains on ceramic

Source: Haibunda.com

The remaining coconut can also be used to remove cement marks on ceramic floors.

You just need to rub the coconut on the ceramic surface that is exposed to the cement.

After that, the same as the others, let the coconut dregs sink for a while.

Then, clean again with a mop, floor brush or sponge until the remaining cement is completely gone and clean.

7. Apply HCL solution

how to clean ceramic from cement with HCL

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HCL solution or hydrochloric acid can also be used to remove traces of cement on ceramics.

For its application, you just mix the solution in a bucket full of water.

After that, just mix a few spoons of HCL.

The very high acid content in HCL can damage the floor surface if used too much.

It is also a good idea to use gloves when rubbing the solution on the concrete.

8. Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide

Source: Tribunjatim

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical used to remove traces of cement on ceramics.

Before applying this ingredient, you must mix the hydrogen peroxide with the white flour.

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This is designed so that the liquid hydrogen peroxide agglomerates and turns into a paste.

After it is formed as a paste, apply the material to the area of ​​the ceramic that is affected by the cement until it is completely covered.

Leave it overnight and wash with cold water the next day.

9. Rub with a Pumice Stone

how to clean cement marks on ceramics with pumice stone

source: filterairlaut.co.id

Before using pumice to deal with residual cement on a tile floor, you should be careful.

Because the hard surface of pumice can also damage the surface of the ceramic floor.

Be sure to rub only on the affected area of ​​concrete.

So, before using the pumice stone, first soak the stone in hot water.

It’s also a good idea to use rubber gloves when sanding the pumice stone into the rest of the concrete.

Make sure the pumice and cement are wet so they don’t damage the floor tiles.

After the concrete surface begins to look eroded, clean the floor surface with a cleaning fluid.

10. Diligently Clean Ceramic Floors

Diligent cleaning of ceramic floors on a regular basis is also a way to clean traces of cement on the ceramic.

You should regularly sweep or mop the ceramic so that the remaining cement is eroded.

It will also keep the ceramic surface clean and shiny.

If you are diligent in cleaning the tile floor, the cement residue that sticks to it will gradually disappear.


This is how to clean cement marks on ceramics that you can do at home.

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