10 Variety of Studio Designs Studio Type 21

10 Variety of Studio Designs Studio Type 21

Currently, there are many types of apartments with Studio Apartment Design Type 21 available in many large cities. It is a type of apartment that has an area of ​​about 20 to 30 square meters. It is called a studio apartment because the apartment has only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

lacrymosemedia – Pins, you know that studio apartments are often maximized so that the space in them can be used as a variety of other rooms, such as the dining room, the kitchen, the living room or living room to the storage areas . These are 10 Types 21 Studio Studio Designs that Pins can do as a reference.

1. Apartment 312 Square Feet

It is an apartment designed by Polish architect Ewa Cherny. In this apartment, most of the most used elements are wooden elements. Give a warm and bright impression with the right lighting selection.

The room is placed at the top to provide privacy for the owner of the apartment. On the stairs leading to the bedroom it doubles as a staircase and also a place to store clothes, books and so on.

This apartment has a dining area, kitchen and space to work or watch TV. The large amount of space in this apartment is due to the placement of the bed on the top, making the lower part of the apartment seem wider.

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2. Air B’ NP .Apartment

This studio apartment, designed by Positive Collective, has one bedroom and one bathroom. The layout of the space seems looser without partitions that close between the parts of the room. To insulate the bedroom space, a modified pegboard is used with a table with a function as furniture that is useful as a storage area.

This apartment is suitable for you guys who want a simple and concise apartment without needing a lot of space. For clothes storage, there are only wooden shelves with open hangers.

3. Tiny studio apartment

Swan Architecture has created a small studio apartment that is recommended for you ladies. With the dominance of red and white wall colors and furniture, this apartment looks chic for one or two people.

It consists of 1 bedroom and a living room separated by a block wall that also functions as a storage area.

The arrangement of the interior design in this apartment really maximizes the narrow space so that there is a lot of other space with various other multifunctional furniture. There is also a bathroom that is hidden to make the apartment more spacious.

4. Taipei Tiny Studio Apartment

This apartment, which is dominated by gray color, apparently uses stainless steel material for some of the furniture in it. With a surface of about 32 square meters, who would have guessed that in the apartment you will find, a bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

This apartment design made by Cloud Pen Studio uses a storage rack or a closet to become a partition that covers the bedroom so that the privacy of the apartment owner is more awake.

5. Versailles apartments

It is a type of apartment designed by Catseye Bay. Having a lot of multifunctional furniture makes this apartment with an area of ​​about 36 square meters have about 5 rooms in it.

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Inside the apartment you will find many parts of the room made of wood. In addition, the apartment is designed to be comfortable to use paying attention to air circulation and lighting by placing several windows in strategic points.

6. LifeEdited studio apartment

The area of ​​this apartment is quite spacious, which is about 40 square meters. And with the selection of the type of multifunctional furniture placed in it, this apartment looks even simpler but still exclusive.

The actual concept of this apartment is One Size Fits All which has the type of furniture that can be easily moved.

The furniture used in this apartment designed by Graham Hill has a simple design but double function with the white majority to give an exclusive impression.

7. Madrid studio apartment

At first glance, this apartment seems narrow and quite simple with the choice of two floors to put all the necessary space. The room at the top of the apartment can be reached with a ladder attached to the wall.

At the bottom of this MYCC design apartment is used to place a single bed and there is also a higher area to be a place to study or work. Lighting and air circulation are quite good with the placement of large windows on the roof of the apartment.

8. Taipei studio apartment

This studio apartment made by A Little Design is built on an area of ​​22 square meters. The interior arrangement and the maximum use of multifunctional furniture make this apartment comfortable and spacious even though it only has an area of ​​22 square meters.

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On the walls of the apartment there is a storage cabinet made of wood that serves to store various items. In addition, the kitchen cabinet also looks integrated with the wall with a classic white color.

The bedroom in this apartment is located on the balcony with a wooden staircase that also functions as a storage area for goods.

9. Micro apartment

This mini apartment built on a very limited plot, which is only 13 square meters, looks very simple but practical. Consisting of a room that has a bed, kitchen, bathroom and living room, it turns out that it can be occupied by two people.

10. Chelsea Tiny Apartment Apartment

This New York apartment was designed by Rick Joy. This type of 21 Studio Apartment has a small size that has an elegant, luxurious and exclusive look.

The bed area is accentuated with curtains around it so that it can provide privacy to the owner. Shades of gray give an elegant impression to this apartment room.

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