10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men, Guaranteed Romantic!

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men, Guaranteed Romantic!

Valentine's Day gifts for kids
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Valentine’s Day is near, but still confused about what gift to give your friend? If yes, now you don’t need to worry! There are many items that can be used as Valentine’s Day gifts for men that you can give.

The most important thing is that you have to know exactly what their hobbies, likes, or needs are. Of course, the gift you give will be very useful and the doi will love it even more.

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What are the Special Gift Ideas for the Child?

Don’t bother looking anymore fall valentine For couples, we have some recommendations for gifts that you can give, as follows.

1. Footwear

valentine gifts for men
Dr. Kong Size 42 Sports Shoes C72012e3 – White

Only 960 thousand IDR

Do you want a gift from you that can always accompany your activities as a couple? Shoes can be a great Valentine gift idea for your girlfriend.

Before buying shoes, make sure you know your feet. So, choose quality and comfortable shoe materials so that your groom feels comfortable wearing them every day.

2. What

valentine gifts for men
Ataru shoulder bag for men – navy blue

Only 60 thousand IDR

WHO Which is often the place where your boyfriend’s things are kept when you travel? Well, giving a bag can be a great gift suitable for couple Then, your friend can bring the item himself.

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First of all, decide first whether you want to give a bag for work or for a trip because both have different specifications.

For work, you should choose a bag that is big enough to fit your laptop, books, water bottles and other office items.

As for tourists, you can give waist bag or a sling bag that can store a number of items, such as a mobile phone, power bankand wallet.

3. Wallet

gift ideas for boyfriends
Ogon Stockholm Card Wallet – Black

Only 150 thousand IDR

Have you ever heard that a man rarely changes his wallet? If your friend is one of them, then this is a golden opportunity to buy a wallet on Valentine’s Day.

In any case, before you know in advance that your partner prefers a long or short wallet. Usually, men’s wallets use a folding model.

When your partner prefers to carry cards instead of cash cashin order give gifts as a card portfolio can also be the right choice.KYou can choose colors that are neutral and impressive coolsuch as black, gray and brown.

4. Jacket

valentine gifts for men
CVC Alph Hooded Jacket Size XL – Black

Only 410 thousand IDR

Valentine’s Day gift ideas the next guy is hoodie or a soft and comfortable jacket. Although it seems simple, this gift can become the item that he will use more often later.

You can choose a jacket, sweater, or hoodie sweet and light.Choose neutral colors to make your partner look cooler, such as black, white and gray.

However, if you want to make it look more cute and cheerful, choose bright colors, such as yellow, pink and light blue.

5. Clocks

gift watches for children
Imoo Smart Watch Z6 4g Emerald Green

Only IDR 3 million

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Make the watch like simple valentine gift. So, your partner is always on time for a date or because you don’t forget the time when it’s too exciting to play. game.

You can choose watches with different materials, such as leather, stainless steeland gum. Choose a neutral color so that your groom can use it in different activities.

6. Coffee

gift advice
Madison Kels coffee 600 ml

Only 190 thousand IDR

Does your friend like coffee? Instead of frequently buying coffee outside, it’s better to make it yourself, so it’s healthier, right? Coffee machine or a coffee machine that you can make as the right Valentine’s Day gift. Choose a coffee machine that is easy to operate.

In addition to this, you can also give them quality coffee powder to make the coffee atmosphere more pleasant.

7. Headphones

gift ideas for girlfriends
Ataru Wireless Earphone Tws Sa35 – Hitam

Only 140 thousand IDR

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men are also very interesting headphones. This item can also be used in different activities so you can accompany your girlfriend all the time.

Be sure to choose headphones which is convenient and has mic in a clear voice. That way, when your girlfriend needs to talk about something meeting and while playing gamethe sound can be heard clearly.

8. Sports Equipment

sports equipment
Berwyn Karet Dumbbells 20 Kg

Only IDR 1 million

Idea Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids this is perfect if your friend likes it sports. However, you have to know his favorite sport.

For example, if you like to lift weights, you can buy a tool dumbbells rubber, as follows. In addition to this, they can also give you sports clothes, which absorb sweat and are made for comfort.

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9. Action figure

mainan action figure
Star Wars Goa E9 E3016 Action Figure

Only 80 thousand IDR

With advice Valentine gift for boyfriend this time is suitable if your partner has a lot of display action figure.

So, to make him love you more, help him complete his collection. Your girlfriend will definitely be very happy to know that you support her hobby.

However, make sure you know in advance what they like, like figure Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, or something else.

10. Voucher Game

gifts for men
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Currently looking for a simple gift for girlfriend? Ki can give voucher game like a Valentine’s Day gift, you know. Also, if he likes to play online game.

You can buy it through different sites top game and e-walletwhich you can usually buy from 10,000 IDR.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men that you can give to your partner. Do not forget to also adjust to their needs and preferences, so that it becomes more meaningful.

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