10 useful Christmas gift ideas for office friends

10 useful Christmas gift ideas for office friends

Christmas gifts for office friends
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Christmas day This is the moment many people have been waiting for. At this celebration, we can gather with the closest people to eat together and exchange gifts.

Apart from friends and family, gift exchange events can also be done with office friends. Although it is not as easy as finding gifts for loved ones, you can give items that are useful for everyday life.

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That way, the Christmas gifts will be more memorable for the friends in your office who receive them.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Office Friends

Instead of being confused, consider the following Christmas gift ideas for office friends.

1. Christmas gifts Organizer Desk for Office Friends

office desk organizer christmas gift
Desk Organizer – Black
The minimalist organizer is suitable to be placed on the office desk.

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A messy desk is certainly unsightly. So, you can give organizer desk for office mates. Thus, they can store documents neatly and prevent loss office supplies.

2. Laptop Stand Christmas Gift for Office Friends

support laptop office friend Christmas gift
Zimo Smart Stand Computer Desk – Chocolate
A minimalist computer desk can accommodate a load of up to 30 kg.

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Next, you can give a laptop stand as a Christmas present. This one object allows the laptop to be in a position that is at eye level to prevent neck pain.

3. Neck pillow Christmas gift for office friend

Christmas gift neck pillow for office friends
Passport Cover – Blue/grey
Pillows that can adjust the contours of the neck.

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Neck pillow can also be a Christmas gift idea, you know. In addition to being useful for to travelThis pillow can also provide support for the neck when working and resting.

4. Lunch Box Stainless steel

Christmas gift stainless steel lunch box
Ataru Stainless Steel Marble Dining – White
Lunch box with an insulation layer to maintain the temperature of the food.

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Many people have already started doing WFO. If your office is one of them, you can give a lunch box stainless steel as a Christmas present for a friend at work. This lunch box can keep the temperature of the food warm for a longer time.

5. Bottle Tumbler

Christmas present in a bottle
Ataru 480 Ml Vacuum Flask Tarsier Bottle – Gray
The tumbler bottle is made of food grade stainless steel that is safe for everyday use.

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In addition to the lunch box, you can also give gifts drinking bottles tumbler for co-workers. Choose tumbler quality food quality equipped with insulation to maintain the temperature of the drink for hours.


6. Notebook

office notebook
Ataru Notebook Cork Cover Abstract
A simple and minimalist notebook, thick and not easily torn.

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The next Christmas gift idea is a notebook. This book can be used to just write a journal, write down important things in meetings, and write down ideas while working.

7. Headphone

christmas gift for office friend headphones
Ataru Earphone Braided – Hitam
Headphones with clear audio quality.

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Headphone it becomes a must-have for employees. Especially if you often attend online meetings. Make a Christmas present, choose headphones with good audio quality and able to reduce noise from the outside.

8. Card Wallet

Christmas gift card wallet
Ataru Rfid Slider Card Wallet – Black
A lightweight and waterproof card wallet.

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Today, many people use cards to make transactions. Not surprisingly, card wallets have become a very popular Christmas gift idea. Choose a wallet with RFID protection so that the card information cannot be scanned illegally.

9. Shoulder bag

Christmas gift shoulder bag
Shoulder Bag Layout – Yellow
A shoulder bag with a fashionable design and a large storage capacity.

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christmas gift for office friend shoulder bag
Shoulder Bag Layout – Black
The shoulder bag is made of quality PU leather so it is more durable.

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For female friends, shoulder bags can be the right choice of Christmas gifts. You can choose a bag with a spacious compartment to accommodate a laptop, wallet, smartphonesand other accessories.

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10. Place ID Card

ID card kado natal
Ataru ID card holder with Zip – Viola Clara
Versatile ID card holder and comes with an additional zipper.

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The ultimate Christmas gift idea is ID paper. In addition to storing ID cards, you can also store access cards and e-money inside This card holder is also equipped with a zipper to store banknotes and coins.

There are a variety of Christmas gift ideas for office friends that you can choose from. You can get all the above recommendations through www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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